Waterton Enterprises

One Line Pitch: A simple and innovative technology that would allow commercial real estate funds and operators to capture accurate equipment information and provide data/analytics to both owners and advisors in order to optimize decarbonization decision making and resources

Business Summary:

Commercial real estate is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Many of the largest real estate investment funds, who often own hundreds or thousands of individual properties, have committed to decarbonization targets and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets. There is a large and growing industry of specialized energy advisory and engineering firms who work with these real estate owners to plan and implement decarbonization strategies and projects. One of the main issues facing this effort is a lack of data and tracking capability to help prioritize and optimize the actions that can be taken to maximize decarbonization efforts for commercial real estate. Without a detailed accounting of the equipment, GHG footprint, remaining useful life, and other data points on individual equipment and systems within real estate assets, it is very difficult for advisory and engineering firms to execute meaningful decarbonization plans.

Waterton Enterprises offers a web-based and mobile application that provides operations staff with a simple mobile tool and easy-to-follow process by which to capture and upload equipment data, as well as a dynamic/flexible database structure to allow asset managers and external advisors/engineers to manipulate/analyze data and use for decarbonization roadmaps and to track progress.

Sector: Services