One Line Pitch: An online virtual social platform designed to address the widespread problem of the loneliness felt in old ages. Our dementia-friendly VR-based social network enables seniors and people in the early stages of dementia to enjoy life like social conversations more frequently and give them a chance to be heard in the form of virtual group sessions.

Business Summary: V.R. Mighty is a social virtual-reality world, which is accessible through VR glasses anytime and anywhere. This VR world is specifically designed for the demands of seniors and people in the early stages of dementia. This virtual world enables users to have real-time interactions with like-minded people. In the core of this world lies the so-called “Group sessions” where users can speak about their daily concerns and support their peers by sharing similar experiences, regardless of their physical location. Different groups are designed to target specific problems, such as depression, Alzheimer’s, social anxiety, LGTB, etc. The long-term plan is to develop a VR-based advertisement revenue model using branded virtual rooms (huts) to promote businesses, who target seniors primarily such as hydrotherapy centers, yoga centers, retirement communities, and even luxury brands.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences