Vash Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Re-engineering the monitoring processes of aquatic ecosystems

Business Summary: This company provides a unique means of sustainable and automatic data collection and analysis from river, lake and ocean water using microfluidic based temperature and pH sensors which are connected to and powered by a central tower buoy. The central tower uses renewable energy sources such as the water wave and solar energy to generate electricity which is then delivered to the sensor hubs distributed across the river, lake or ocean in a radius of 1 km. The distributed sensor hubs are equipped with temperature and pH monitoring devices for real-time and accurate measurement of spatial and temporal changes in water. These data are transferred to the central tower buoy where advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are used to analyze geographical quality level of water. The central hub superposes the collective information from all sensor units and pinpoints the water quality at which local geographical area is endangering the aquatic ecosystem.

Sector: Clean Technology & AI