Up to Speed

One Line Pitch: A web-based/mobile technology that searches and indexes multiple platforms (corporate email, slack, shared drives, and other apps) based on keywords and project tags to pull chronological records for review by employees required to have current information

Business Summary: When hiring new employees, adding employees to new projects, or assigning existing employees new responsibilities/duties, the learning curve can be steep. The cost to provide adequate context on completed work for new and existing employees and external stakeholders is significant and often can lead to mistakes, delays, and lost efficiency.

Up to Speed is a tool that allows managers to find the full chronological record of project communications, filter and approve relevant information, and provide new resources, executive management, and others with chronological communications and key information to provide context on the project. Users will be able to access relevant information in chronological order and get up to speed faster so they can contribute to the project sooner. The data could be presented either in a scroll design or timeline view.

Sector: Services