One Line Pitch:  This company is building an online marketplace that offers users the opportunity to rent specialized and expensive tools that they need for DIY home improvement or construction projects

Business Summary:   This company is building an online marketplace where users can rent expensive, hard to find and advanced tools and construction equipment from other users that own these pieces of equipment in their area. Users will be able to create an account, upload details about their DIY home improvement project and the online software will automatically populate the most recommended tools, equipment as well as tutorial videos and information about how to properly use the equipment. Further, the software will be able to provide links to websites where users can proceed to purchase the equipment if they find they want to own it after having rented the product. Conversely, those who have tools that they don’t use all the time (such as construction companies or individuals), can create an account online and list their tools for rent to those within their local area. The online platform will facilitate the entire rental process, payments and transfer of information to both sides of the marketplace

Sector: Services