One Line Pitch:  A native mobile platform where bars, restaurants, hotels and more can post shifts or short-term positions and invite applicants to apply based on their experience, the posted compensation, and the timing of the shift

Business Summary: With the shift in work culture many in the hospitality industry find themselves short of critical workers due to sudden departures, illness, or high turnover rates inherent to the positions. Restaurants needs dishwashers, expediters, bussers, bartenders and more – but what do they do when they need someone on short notice? Often, the owner or Manager on duty will spend hours on the phone trying to coordinate replacement workers on short notice or must do the work themselves which is costly and leads to backlogs in other critical management areas.  TempHire is a gig-economy platform that connects employers with short-term employees to workers with experience and skills for high demand jobs and can be hired on short notice, paid at the end of their shift, and include a review system that ensures both parties are treated fairly

Sector: Life Sciences