One Line Pitch: Platform-based bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management software integration.

Business Summary: SailBox is the boutique accounting firm of the future. Their team of accounting professionals will be trained to specialize in the use of the software that your company chooses to manage finances internally. Whether it be Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zoho, Xero, Wave, or one of the many other solutions. SailBox provides three key benefits:
1. Preparation of the books, using the software that you choose to run your business.
2. The staff specializes in the use of leading-edge accounting software and is well-prepared to consult with your team to maximize the benefit your business receives form using an innovative approach to financial management.
3. Using their services, engaging with our accountants, scheduling calls and meetings, and even paying contractors, can all be done through a single, centralized online platform. They can even assist your team in integrating their platform with your other productivity tools.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services