Pneumonia Early Detection Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: A novel Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based deep learning system to rapidly and accurately diagnose pneumonia from chest X-Ray images

Business Summary: Pneumonia is one of the diseases that causes the most fatalities worldwide, especially in children and seniors. Chest X-Ray images are one of the most readily available and common imaging modalities for the detection and identification of pneumonia. However, the detection of pneumonia from chest radiography is a difficult task even for experienced radiologists.  

PEDCanada Inc is developing a novel AI-based deep learning system for diagnosing viral, bacterial or mycoplasma pneumonia in real-time from chest X-Ray images. The software application generates a results-orientated radiology report that can easily be interpreted by any medical professional with very little training. This enables technicians and physicians to confirm a pneumonia diagnosis significantly faster with greater accuracy than current clinical practice, enabling treatment to start sooner, which is vital for patients that are severely ill.  The technology may be adopted by remote radiology clinics, globally, that are required to screen and progressively monitor patients that are at a high risk of developing the disease as the radiology report can be reviewed and interpreted by a qualified radiologist through telemedicine.  

Sector: Life Sciences