One Line Pitch: An affordable instrument for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently to monitor fetal health and make fetal pH data continually available in real-time, provide easy access for the clinical team with minimal stress on the fetus or mother

Business Summary: The importance of pH as a biomedical indicator is underscored by the fact that in all deliveries in North American hospitals, the pH of the umbilical cord is measured and recorded immediately after birth.  Fetal pH monitoring, as currently done, has several shortfalls.  In addition to being intrusive, awkward and uncomfortable for the mother, it can be difficult to collect the volume of blood required (30-50µL) and the sample is at risk of being contaminated prior to being analyzed.  The proposed solution is an instrument under development for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently through one integrated device.  With this design, PhProbe leverages the existing work flow practices. With this solution, the obstetrician uses a device that looks and feels the same, with the simple addition of the real-time, continual pH probe

Sector: Life Sciences