Pharma Text RX

One Line Pitch: A simple platform aimed towards pharmacies that will allow the intake of patient contact information alongside details about their specific prescriptions. The application will anticipate when a prescription is close to its end date and automatically send a text to the patient to both remind them of the refill and offer them the ability to request and schedule a refill

Business Summary: When patients call in to pharmacies to refill prescriptions it results in  an inefficiency of pharmacy staff time. Many pharmacy employees spend upwards of 20-40% of their time on the phone taking patient calls for prescription refills. Some pharmacies have their own dedicated apps that patients can use to refill prescriptions, but most patients won’t download and think to use new apps.

Pharma Text RX provides the ability for pharmacies to receive refill requests via text and communicate in a much more efficient way with patients. The solution includes the ability to remind patients about upcoming expected refills based on their prescription over text and allow simple confirmations and reminders when prescriptions are ready for pickup.  When the client sends a response it will streamline the message to the Pharma Text RX app where a tidy list of refill requests can be sorted by dates and priorities saving the time pharmacists currently spend on the phone.

Sector: Life Sciences