One Line Pitch:  A novel silver modified nanoparticle cerium oxide disinfectant to reduce the transmission of Covid 19 and other infectious viral pathogens.

Business Summary: NanoTech Disinfectant Production Company is offering a novel disinfectant that effectively controls coronavirus, rhinovirus and other viral pathogens for up to 7 seven days after a single use. It is chemically stable, easy to apply to surfaces, and non-toxic to humans. The innovative disinfectant is formulated with dual cerium oxide nanoparticles enforced with silver nanophases (AgCNP1 and AgCNP2); resulting in a product that has both chemical and mechanical antiviral mechanisms to destroy viruses upon contact. This disruptive start-up will generate revenue by directly selling its antiviral disinfectant to hospitals, healthcare facilities, households, retail, transportation, hospitality, and food and beverage processing facilities across Canada, eventually selling its product globally.

Sector: Life science and Manufacturing