One Line Pitch:  A mobile or tablet-based application that uses built in camera/image technology and computer vision to accurately count blister pack medications. MediTech will provide pharmacists with a way to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend on this manual task

Business Summary: Pharmacists spend a substantial amount of time ensuing compliance for packaged medications. When patients need custom blister-pack medications (which for many pharmacies makes up a substantial portion of their business) the medication must first be put together by pharmacy assistants, put into blister packs, labels must be verified, and then a pharmacist must manually count medications in the blister packs to ensure accuracy. For many pharmacists this makes up 70% or more of their time and is an incredibly inefficient and expensive process. MediTech is a technology that uses existing, off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software to count blister pack medications much more quickly than the current manual method while providing a cost- effective solution for small and medium sized pharmacies

Sector: Life Sciences