One Line Pitch: Juice Academy is an online education academy that provides a comprehensive set of products and services targeted at learners that need to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) proficiency test

Business Summary: Juice Academy has been developed by certified experts with over two decades of experience in delivering IELTS training and preparing learners for the IELTS. The preparation courses are delivered in a blended learning environment providing learners with access to self-paced content supported by personalized teacher engagement. Self-paced learning is provided through access to online courses, recorded lessons, assessments, and other services all of which have machine learning capabilities. Ongoing student monitoring and one- on-one classes targeted at each student’s unique learning needs provides students with personalized education enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the learning experience. Juice Academy is available 24/7 allowing students to study from the comfort of their home

Sector: Education/eLearning