One Line Pitch:  Development and commercialization of acid-resistant (Enteric) soft gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries

Business Summary:

The focus of our business is providing the technology of enteric delivery of soft gelatin capsules which could be used by pharma/nutraceutical industries for their product development. The routine enteric delivery for softgels consists of applying an acid-insoluble coating on the capsules after encapsulation process. We have developed an intrinsically acid resistant gelatin formulation which could be used to make enteric softgels in one step to create clear soft gelatin capsules, avoiding additional time and cost for coating process.  Our technology provides an integrated enteric functionality in a softgel which could be easily used for rapid prototype development and formulation screening, avoiding different challenges of enteric coating such as high temperature associated with enteric coating process which could damage some of the ingredients in formulation

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical