Floss Mobile

One Line Pitch: An online medical application (DrHAVEN) that provides on-demand video consultation for non-emergency healthcare and wellness from anywhere in the world

Business Summary: The online medical application (DrHAVEN) has been developed with Android, IOS, and Windows platforms compatibility, Video calling, GPS Locator and Clinical documentation features that will allow patients do a real time search for field specific doctors in their country or any other country around the world. Patients will get multiple opinions about a particular health issue they are having then ascertain the best intervention to take, all done from the comfort of their own homes.  Doctors will be able to schedule consultation meetings with patients, End-to-end chat, and audio-visual engagement from their homes/countries

The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases

Sector: Technology/Life Sciences