Flight Flex

One Line Pitch: A search and booking technology that allows users to search for their flights incorporating multiple different stopover points and various legs by class individually. This will allow travelers to optimize travel value-for-money, arrive rested and fresh to their destinations, and maximize loyalty points accumulation

Business Summary:

Travelers are often given budgets for their airfare, which might allow business class on certain legs, but not on others, and it is often possible to book business class tickets with a stopover from nearby destinations at greatly reduced rates than direct routes from popular destinations.  However, there is no simple way for travelers to analyze this information other than exploring options from various destinations manually. Most business travelers don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to search and book multiple tickets between destinations, but in many cases could fly most if not all of their route in business class or substantially reduce airfare cost.

FlightFLex is a web-based search and booking platform that allows users to input their travel dates (minimum time in-country), airline alliance (so that status miles and other benefits including lounge access and priority services are maximized), and their travel budget, from which it produces an output matrix of options for users to select their preferred ticket bookings. FlightFlex will provide a step-by-step guided experience and direct users to a popular booking sites or directly to the airlines to book the various tickets.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology