Fairholm Buildsecure

One Line Pitch:  A web-based application that guides a user through the process of designing a construction contract – helping them build a complete scope of work, as well as defining payment milestones (in percentages of total contract value), processes for handling and agreeing upon extras/variations, timelines, and hard deliverables

Business Summary: When people hire contractors to complete home construction and renovation projects, they often do so with little or no prior experience. When hiring contractors, companies specify the terms and conditions of contracts – including payment dates and amounts, milestones, penalties for delays, and specific deliverables to be provided – including by whom. Individuals typically rely completely on contracts provided by contractors (if provided at all), which leaves them vulnerable to delays, problems, payment issues, and puts them in an unfavourable position if things go wrong.  Fairholm Buildsecure is a concise, user-friendly online tool providing homeowners with a set of contract templates, advice, and guidelines for hiring, managing, and paying home improvement contractors

Sector: Services