Cankor Logistics

One Line Pitch: A simple platform integrating all LTL shipping partners data into one central location based on the shipping partners used so that administrative staff have easy access to all the relevant information from each shipping partner – track and trace, paperwork, and pricing

Business Summary: Companies that rely on timely arrival of goods, raw materials, or other items from a variety of sources (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) will manage the arrival of critical items every single day – sometimes to multiple locations, and always from a variety of logistics partners. Currently, the only way to identify when shipments will arrive is to login to the individual platforms of each logistics partner, manually search for each shipment and then document the relevant information accordingly (current location, estimated arrival, shipment cost). Alternatively they can use an existing platform that integrates with a limited number of global forwarding companies and none of the less-than-truckload (LTL) forwarders. This process takes multiple hours each day resulting in inefficient use of resources and higher administrative costs. Furthermore, the portals of each logistics partner have many features and a steep learning curve for use, separate login information, and other issues that further complicate the issue.

Cankor Logistics is a web application that pulls all data from each shipping partner’s portal via EDI/API integration and presents it in a single customizable screen.  Data is filterable by relevant criteria (destination, date, carrier, etc.), for fast, simple, and transparent management of all shipping data. The user will save hours per day of manual searching and will yield faster invoicing to customers.

Sector: Services