One Line Pitch: Bani Zist Baspar Healda introduces modified polysaccharide composite with the ability to coagulate blood in liquid, films, pads and powdered forms. This compound is biocompatible and biodegradable and is applied directly to the bleeding area. The present composite quickly covers the wound surface by creating a hydrocolloid matrix and prevents arterial, venous and capillary bleeding.

Business Summary:   The Company is a professional group consisting of medical, food chemistry and fisheries products processing specialists which has been active since 2019 in the field of medical supplies production, including hemostatic agents and active and smart wound dressings based on biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds. Focusing on the required combinations of operating rooms and trauma, the company has succeeded in producing dressings and biocompatible and biodegradable hemostatic agent. With development of applied technologies, the company’s smart and active products effectively prevent bleeding and have a significant effect on wound healing. The first product of the company is “Vivify hemostatic powder”. This product was selected as the top technological idea in the field of medical requirements in Fars science and technology park (Startup Weekend of Shiraz University academic members). Currently, obtaining health permits for manufacturing this product is underway. Clinical, microbiological, toxicological and animal tests have been performed and the quality of the product has been confirmed.

Sector: Life Sciences