One Line Pitch: World’s fastest home made any size poster making app with proprietary paper

Business Summary: Affichi offers a platform which enables users to create custom posters and instantly print them in any size using their home/office printer.

  • User-friendly
  • Innovative
  • Affordable
  • Superior paper quality
  • Unlimited poster size

Goal of Affichi: The reason why Affichi was made to help everyone print custom posters at home/office at affordable price, not to settle for generic posters and show their own creativity with different styles and customization options available in Affichi app to print a poster. Youth is very creative and our app helps them explore different horizon so, our main aim is to be a Global Brand so that we can boost creativity amongst individuals. 

Along with that we want to be a tailored solution for small businesses which periodically prints promotional posters for there businesses. We want to give them the ability to print anything, of any size and at any time easily.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology