22Can Inc

One Line Pitch: An AI platform that connects and sources knowledge professionals

Business Summary: 22Can Inc is an AI platform that personalizes, amplifies, and builds professional network to advance careers. CVs are inadequate at capturing knowledge; social media is noisy with self-promotion; today’s inequitable networking mechanisms obstruct ones’ visibility. The world 22Can Inc is building is simple: Discover and be discovered for what you know and want to know. Professionals are matched with new peers via routed Q&As. Using 22Can Inc, businesses are empowered to find knowledge-based “Talent Twins” of the ideal profile to best support their needs. 22Can Inc is a MIT spinout and was recently featured by the MIT Innovation Sandbox

Sector: HR Tech, Communications

5 Second Marketing

One Line Pitch: Specializes in creating targeted Micro Commercials for Advertising on Social Media (Bumper Ads)

Business Summary: 5 Second Marketing specializes in bumper ads which are five-second, unskippable video advertisements commonly (but not exclusively) used on social media platforms. 5 Second Marketing will employ a unique combination of AI advertisement tools thereby allowing companies to provide focussed messaging to potential customers on a more frequent basis than traditional commercials which are 15 or 30 seconds in length

Sector: Social Media Advertising 


One Line Pitch:  7Rays is an innovative start-up offering new visual advertising technology using light-emitting points to display large transparent high-quality images, animations, or videos on flat, non-flat, two- or three-dimensional screens. This advertising method is innovative, cost-effective, and energy efficient

Business Summary: 7 Rays patented technology will allow businesses to get noticed. The business is based on a recurring revenue model that allows for the rental of the technology at different price levels, allowing flexibility for client budgets and needs. The technology can display video clips, still advertisements, and animation.  7Rays are capitalized to initiate the offering in Canada, and will fund future growth organically

Sector: Manufacturing, Outdoor (visual) Advertising, Signage

A Novel Anti Corrosion Coating Company

One Line Pitch: Novel Anti Corrosion will help organizations to save and preserve metal assets by using an innovative anti-corrosion solution that delivers superior results for less money with a smaller environmental footprint. 

Business Summary: Using nanoparticles as a key component of a new anti-corrosion recipe, Novel Anti Corrosion company will disrupt the market by providing a cost effective solution that provides multi-layer protection. The firm plans to launch in Canada, specifically in the Business to Business channel to take advantage of manufacturing, resource, and transportation sectors that are rich in metal assets. The company has initial seed capital for start-up operations and will continue with organic growth. Anticipated Canadian market launch will be Q4 of 2024.

Sector:  Green Technology

ABC Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: A software that uses AI to diagnosis breast cancer

Business Summary: ABC Diagnosis has developed a software that uses AI to diagnose breast cancer and evaluate tumor grades from histopathology images in real-time. This tools introduces automation, accuracy, and standardization into the diagnostic process enabling remote diagnosis, increasing pathologist capacity, and decreasing in overall medical costs

Sector: Life Sciences

Abca BioSolutions Inc

One Line Pitch: The business provides waste applications based upon the bio-material algae. Some major areas of expertise are Algae Mass Cultivation technologies, Biodiesel, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Functional Foods, Bio-plastics and Pollution Control.

Business Summary: Abca BioSolutions Inc is a leader of advanced algae technology products. Their technology delivers Algae Nutraceuticals for human health and Algae Biofuel for sustainable and renewable transportation and power generation.

Sector:  Clean Technology & Agriculture


One Line Pitch: In the current age of excessive noises, Acoustically is working to provide businesses and individuals the power of a quiet and calm environment.

Business Summary: Acoustically aims to provide customers with a high-quality, noise-isolating device using noise-cancelling and masking technology to reduce unwanted ambient noises in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Acoustically will help decrease people’s exposure to loud noises and its impact on their overall health and well-being

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Active Food Packaging Inc

One Line Pitch: Active Food Packaging provides innovative, ecologically friendly, packaging solutions that increase shelf life of food products, reduces waste materials and does so at a lower cost.

Business Summary: This company is using an innovative mixture of starch-based nanoparticles to create environmentally friendly food packaging which will replace the need for plastic. This sustainable packaging will also help to increase food shelf life, therefore reducing the amount of food waste in the world 

Sector:  Clean Technology & Agriculture

Active Metix

One Line Pitch: Research and development into the discovery and commercialization of new active ingredients for use in skincare products.

Business Summary: Our business focus is on exclusive distribution of high-quality functional cosmetic ingredients manufactured by world top level companies such as CODIF France, Phenbiox Italy, Linnea Swiss, etc. to the Chinese market.

Sector: Life Sciences/Fashion


One Line Pitch: A multiplatform edutainment application for young learners to have fun while they learn.

Business Summary: AI-based eLearning educational application to motivate youngsters and anyone with a smartphone. With the AeeGee software application, young learners around the world can play games and complete tasks targeted at brain development.

Sector: Education / eLearning


One Line Pitch: World’s fastest home made any size poster making app with proprietary paper

Business Summary: Affichi offers a platform which enables users to create custom posters and instantly print them in any size using their home/office printer.

  • User-friendly
  • Innovative
  • Affordable
  • Superior paper quality
  • Unlimited poster size

Goal of Affichi: The reason why Affichi was made to help everyone print custom posters at home/office at affordable price, not to settle for generic posters and show their own creativity with different styles and customization options available in Affichi app to print a poster. Youth is very creative and our app helps them explore different horizon so, our main aim is to be a Global Brand so that we can boost creativity amongst individuals. 

Along with that we want to be a tailored solution for small businesses which periodically prints promotional posters for there businesses. We want to give them the ability to print anything, of any size and at any time easily.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology



One Line Pitch:  Bringing personalized medicine to anti-agung skincare

Business Summary: Commercializing clinically validated insights by Dr. Afra and his team, and leveraging several years’ experience selling their developed products in the middle-east, AfraPro is bringing a breakthrough cosmetic to the Canadian market. AfraPro combines a unique technology, an all-natural skin cream combined with plasma extracted from a patient’s blood which help reverse signs of aging, with a unique business model that transforms local industry into distribution partners

Sector: Manufacturing / Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Online designer marketing research to reduce market research costs

Business Summary: Agelon searches social media for the right audience to respond to your research

Sector: Information & Communications Technology, Business


One Line Pitch:  Agrice aims to design and develop a complete agricultural solution that detects, diagnoses and prescribes treatments for plant diseases across multiple plant types

Business Summary: Agrice is a technology company that designs solutions for the agriculture community. Agrice’s disease detection system utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an intelligent data base that will identify 99% of all crop diseases, and provide remedies directly to the farming community. The unique value proposition is the detection, analysis and prescriptive solution all at the fingertips of the farmer through a comprehensive mobile application

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Offering a detailed analysis of farmland soil and crops by using a multispectral imaging camera integrated in drones to provide efficient management of the land

Business Summary: AgroDrone provides an innovative way of monitoring farms. The company integrated multispectral imaging cameras sensors into drones that are able to provide a detailed perspective on the soil and crops on the land. The drone collects information on land leveling, soil condition and irrigation, showing the information in a user-friendly application powered by their own software. With the analysis, the company aims to help producers to improve the farm’s management

Sector: Agriculture, Drone Industry

AI Based IT Support & Maintenance

One Line Pitch: AI Based IT Support & Maintenance is a diagnostic software that uses AI, ML and proprietary technology to clean, update and keep computers running efficiently

Business Summary: AI Based IT Support & Maintenance looks to provide a solution to the issue of maintaining computers in the current technology driven world. They have created a diagnostic system based on AI, machine learning and proprietary technology that provides users with an effortless system that cleans, updates and maintains their computers. AI Based IT Support & Maintenance hopes to keep its users up to date and working efficiently with this product

Sector: Technology

AI Dental

One Line Pitch: AI based dental services is an online application targeting low and middle income Canadians which aims to provide them with better dental services

Business Summary: AI Based Dental Services is an online application driven by artificial intelligence to provide better dental healthcare to low/middle income Canadians who otherwise might not get access to affordable and high-quality professional dental care. Their dental application advises patients and recommends suitable actions based on their dental condition. Additionally, their AI algorithms considers the patient’s past medical history and runs rigorous analysis to provide treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions.

Sector: Dental, Technology

AI E-learning Education

One Line Pitch: AI E-learning Education provides children the opportunity throughout their schooling to learn coding via an AI tutor

Business Summary: AI E-learning Education provides courses on coding to students from K-12 through the use of games and interactive classes taught by an AI tutor. Through the use of their program, children globally will be able to learn the basics of coding starting from code identification, up to participating in coding projects and competitions

Sector: Education/eLearning

AI-based Clinic Management Software Company

One Line Pitch: AI-based Clinic Management Company is advancing the development and functionality of advanced clinical management software platforms for healthcare providers and their respective dedicated medical facilities

Business Summary: Healthcare management systems help hospitals, clinics and other medical practices run all the administrative processes of their facilities more efficiently.AI-based Clinic Management Company is a medical AI software development company that is focused on expanding the use of AI in medicine to reduce workloads, improve patient care, and increase the billing proficiency and efficiency of dedicated healthcare professionals. Specifically, the platform may be adapted to meet the complex requirements of appointment booking, SMS patient reminders, electronic health records, and financial accounting while continuously monitoring in- and out-patient healthcare solutions. AI-based Clinic Management is positioned to be a novel provider of an innovative AI software development platform for healthcare organizations across Canada

Sector: AI, Software, Healthcare, Electronic Health Records, Medical Device

AiMental (Imental) 

One Line Pitch:  AI-based platform that is designed to improve the mental well-being of immigrants in Canada

Business Summary: Through our AI-based platform, we offer a chatbot that conducts an online assessment and provides recommendations such as psychology and therapy services, coaching services, online classes, entertainment, and forums. We make therapy services more accessible for immigrants that need mental health support at a much more affordable cost than traditional therapy channels. Furthermore, we provide access to various mental health services, group treatments, and self-care exercises

Sector: B2C SaaS


One Line Pitch: Leading edge laryngoscopy imaging system

Business Summary: Development of a laryngoscopy (throat area) imaging system to be used in medical devices to optimize procedures such as in intubation and controlling anesthetics.

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch: Providing intelligent management for hydroponic farms with information technology

Business Summary: Aiponix’s innovation is solving the issue in large-scale hydroponic farms, by streamlining the process of collecting necessary data, and having it all available in one system, and one digital dashboard. The technology wirelessly collects, analyzes, and stores detailed data on current plants in large hydroponic farms. The information is stored in the cloud and helps monitor and ensure food safety, compliance, productivity, and much more to identify what steps need to be taken next

Sector: Agriculture/ Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform for connecting local experts with travelling visitors so that visitors can get authentic, niche, tours tailored to their specific interests.

Business Summary: Local experts make money by creating and leading their own tours, visitors get authentic tours, pay less, and support the local entrepreneurs.

Sector: Tourism


One Line Pitch: Aktinax revolutionizes dental imaging making it smarter, safer and more affordable for both dentists and patients.

Business Summary: By combining AI and robotics with existing 2D X-ray imaging solutions Aktinax enables current low cost machines to capture high quality 3D X-ray images with 80% less x-ray exposure.  

Sector: Medical / Dental


One Line Pitch: A third-party provider of data-driven digital media rankings & insightful solutions of top global companies and brands based on their industries

Business Summary:   Alinsight uses BI and AI to deliver two insightful services to global companies and also to global investors who invest in the companies:

1. Data-driven digital media ranking of the companies based on their digital media presence by analyzing big text and non-text data in order for the companies and investors to be aware of the companies industry-based presence in digital media.

2. Insightful digital media solutions in order for the global companies and the investors to make effective and efficient management and investment decisions. 

Their team smart solutions are accredited and certified by ForestRim Technology, the leading company in the field of text data analytics managed by Bill Inmon known as the father of Data Warehousing.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Alpha Maintenance

One Line Pitch: A preventive and predictive approach to building maintenance using AI

Business Summary:   Alpha Maintenance aims to revolutionize building maintenance with their AI-powered maintenance management platform. Using barcode identification and smart device integration the platform can collect meaningful data. With the data that is collected, the system can then predict and prevent any foreseeable maintenance issues

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: AI powered technology to analyze dental images and records

Business Summary:   Using a powerful AI analysis system and precise computer vision technology, Alpha-D analyzes different dental images and considers patients’ oral health records to diagnose possible dental diseases, even problems that might be at a stage that is invisible to dentist

Sector: Life Sciences

Alterner Solutions

One Line Pitch: Software solution for providing circular renewable ernergy services in remote communities

Business Summary: Alterner is a Product as a Service (PaaS) renewable energy provider and software solution for providing circular renewable energy servicces in remote communities. Alterner focuses on implementing strategies to reduce reliance on diesel consumption and reduce waste in the renewable energy sector

Sector: Information Technology, Renewable Energy

Anexact Inc

One Line Pitch: Anexact Inc provides a software capable of storing databases of expert knowledge and information that allows for easy access by users.

Business Summary: Anexact Inc has created a software that allows for companies to easily create and manage their own databases to fit their needs. These data bases can then have specific rules created for decision making, thus allowing for more streamlined decisions to be made. Anexact looks to reduce the resources a company needs to make simpler decisions and create more time for complex issues. 

Sector:  Information and Communications Technology

Antifungal & Mold Polymer Packaging Company

One Line Pitch:  An innovative “green-based” antifungal and antimold polymer food packaging material  

Business Summary: Team is developing a novel and biodegradable antifungal and antimold polymer packaging that contains chitosan, sodium triphosphate and ungeremine for the bakery industry. Their innovative packaging material will extend product shelf life, improve consumer health and safety by reducing reduce harmful mold and fungus, while reducing harmful affects on the environment.     

Sector: Food packaging and Manufacturing  

Antigen Bonyan Teb

One Line Pitch: Rapid Microbiology Kits to detect colon and gastrointestinal cancers

Business Summary: Antigen Bonyan Teb conducts Research, Development and the Design of Rapid Laboratory Test Kits.  Specifically, they have created a new Rapid Microbiology Kit (RMK) which looks for antibodies against human hemoglobin antigen in the feces by a rapid test method.  The primary use of the Immunochemical fecal occult blood test is to screen for lower GI pathologies, such as colorectal cancers and large adenomas that bleed.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Biological control of fungal pests to control Early Blight Disease and citrus postharvest decay.

Business Summary: One of the most important goals of the project is to produce an organic substitute for antifungal chemicals that will lead to the production of organic crops.

Sector: Agriculture/Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Anuva Technologies is developing a cloud-based software solution to provide animal production and processing companies and live animal transporters with a simple, easy to use system that can automate their logistics planning.

Business Summary: The team has decades of experience in animal welfare, animal transport and biosecurity in the livestock transportation industry. Anuva Technologies will leverage this expertise to automate the manual process used today. This system will modernize the role of planning throughout the agriculture industry

Sector: Manufacturing

APNA Eye Cart

One Line Pitch: APNA Eye cart offers AI and 3D AR-powered virtual glasses try-on experience for a real-time and fully customizable frame fitting

Business Summary: An e-commerce optical store with virtual try-on solutions that utilizes artificial intelligence facial recognition and 3D augmented reality technology to provide customers with an accurate prescription and custom-frame size fitting

Sector: Life Sciences

App Pop Up

One Line Pitch: Rethinking the way we access mobile applications.

Business Summary: App-Pop-Up is a unique mobile application which allows users to open snapshots of other apps without having to download them. This process unlocks a new way for users to interact with their apps and can help businesses to give their customers the app experience without requiring timely downloads.

Sector: Mobile Applications


One Line Pitch: Special Needs Patient and Provider connection App

Business Summary: Improves the physical and mental statuses of special needs individuals by connecting them to the best healthcare service providers and scheduling appointments online.

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch:  ApplyChoices connects international students and recruitment partners to educational opportunities at institutions around the world.

Business Summary: ApplyChoices is a global online meeting point for students and schools around the world. With ApplyChoices, students can navigate through the process of determining where to study abroad. At the same time, schools, universities, and colleges can market themselves to a captive audience. ApplyChoices makes the matching process easy and intuitive.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

APTAS Biotech Inc

One Line Pitch: Aptamer Based Nano- Biosensors for rapid detection of colon, prostate and breast cancer

Business Summary: APTAS BioTech Inc. designs and manufacture Aptamer Based Nano- Biosensors for rapid detection of biomarkers associated with certain cancers.  The company’s initial product is designed for the rapid diagnosis of colon cancer with the aim to enhance current protocols with a quicker and more cost-effective diagnostic testing solution.  The product will not only be used for an earlier diagnosis of metastasis Colon Cancer but will also be used for monitoring progression and recurrence.  A final research and development objective is to also provide early prediction of therapeutic efficacy and drug resistance based on a patient’s specific biomarkers. Future applications will include Prostate and Breast Cancer. 

Sector: Life Sciences

Aqua Med Soft

One Line Pitch: Aqua Med Soft offers a “Smart Surgical Assistant System” that not only combines fMRI, MRI, DTI, and tumor images, but also transforms the surgeon’s experience with voice and motion control of medical images.

Business Summary: An innovative medical device comprised of a Kinect sensor, monitor, CPU, and microphone that responds to the surgeon’s voice and motion commands to move medical images. The comprehensive software was designed to combine fMRI, MRI, DTI, and tumor images on basic MRI images and other medical images in two- and three-dimensional conditions.

Sector: Life Sciences

Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary

One Line Pitch: A mega-dictionary global platform consisting of apps and a website which support 60 languages

Business Summary: Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary offers unique dictionaries, two-thirds of which are unrivaled, in the form apps and a website to clients around the world. It supports 60 living languages of the world

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Architi deploys AI to support architects and designers to develop more sophisticated and effective project plans.

Business Summary: Architi is developing AI-assisted software using a cloud-based platform (SaaS) to provide services to architecture firms that will 1) speed their development process; 2) enable more efficient and effective work with clients; and 3) through the machine learning process, open new vistas in architectural vision, supporting human creativity in ways that have not previously been possible using traditional methods of architectural drawing, including programs like AutoCAD.

Sector: Architecture & Engineering/Construction


One Line Pitch: ARISTA is a specialist manufacture of innovative, design patented seat cushions for the global market. Our advanced manufacturing facility in Canada will produce seat cushions for Canada, and exports to USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries

Business Summary: ARISTA’s primary target customers are large corporates. They will sell products to large corporations on a B2B basis. They will sell ARISTA products to their customers in their own brand, through their own sales and distribution channels. ARISTA calls such customers Brand Partners

Sector: Life Sciences/ Medical Equipment


One Line Pitch: The only smart Tech & IP. filter on the market, which is easy to install and doesn’t increase energy consumption

Business Summary: Aro-Flow manufactures & sells proprietary smart filter devices that remove viruses and lower building energy consumption for residential and commercial applications

Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Improving the hotel experience from the time booking is made to the time of check-out through a multilingual web-based communication platform.

Business Summary:   ArriveChat is a multilingual communication platform that provides tourists access to journey planning and hotel services in a central platform. A key feature of ArriveChat includes the built-in translation system to ensures guests receive support in their first language. Additionally, the app offers a task management platform to help hotel management rethink the way they solve guest problems and demands.

Sector: Hospitality, Communications, Task Management Platforms


One Line Pitch:  AskAmicus has developed software based on AI and machine learning technology that will gather, process, and store legal data.

Business Summary: AskAmiscus has developed a product that will provide basic consumers with a tool to help make informed decisions about which legal representation to use. Their product utilizes AI and ML technology in conjunction to analyze legal data and provide users with the means to determine which lawyer with provide them with the highest chance of success.

Sector: ICT, Legal


One Line Pitch:  AssetNow is an IoT-based system that continuously measures various environmental factors associated with the operational efficiency of electric motors

Business Summary: The AssetNow system predicts the need for maintenance, repair, or exchange of electric motors and their specific parts. It collects sensor data, including temperature, pressure, humidity, and vibration. AssetNow uses predictive machine learning algorithms and enables inventory management and automatic ordering of parts based on pre-defined criteria, including price, delivery times and other parameters

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Design and Manufacture a device used to support Physiotherapy specifically for pulmonary applications

Business Summary: One of the most common techniques used by physiotherapists for pulmonary diseases is the percussion technique, which alternately rhythmically strikes the areas where pooled secretions are collected to loosen it.  ATABAZH has developed a device that is designed to simulate the physiotherapist’s hand movement for pulmonary disease therapy which alleviates physiotherapist hand stress and improves accuracy.

Sector: Life Sciences



One Line Pitch: ATSidekick is an online software as a service (SaaS) designed to help jobseekers know where they stand vis à vis job requirements and to ensure that their resume gets past recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS) systems as well as stand out in front of hiring managers/recruiters.

Business Summary: The job market is competitive and the better the job is, either in terms of compensation or hiring company profile, the tougher it is to get an interview or even a call from the employer. ATSidekick helps ensure that candidate resumes pass through the ATS system by making various checks on the resume. ATSidekick will also ensure high keyword match.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Auto Fresh Food

One Line Pitch: A technology that monitors the best-before dates and freshness levels of produce in small grocery convenience stores

Business Summary: By using fixed in-fridge cameras and barcode scanning, this innovative technology will monitor inventory levels of fresh produce in retail stores

Sector: Information Technology and Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Bookkeeping automation/account reconciliation for people who do not have time and/or cannot afford expensive 3rd-party service providers.

Business Summary: We develop smart AI-based solutions to help our users with repetitive, complex, and time-consuming tasks.

Sector: Business Automation


One Line Pitch: An automated estate and financial planning solution for individuals.

Business Summary: We focus on smart tools that simplify life and reduce the stress of complex and frustrating, but necessary, tasks.

Sector: Business Automation

Axiomtech Ventures Inc

One Line Pitch: Axiomtech Ventures is creating a cloud-based portal that allows for foreign property buyers to easily connect and interact with Canadian sellers

Business Summary: Axiomtech Ventures is developing a system that will allow foreign property buyers to easily find their dream home. Using a cloud-based portal software, Axiomtech enables foreigners interested in purchasing property in Canada to connect with Canadian sellers and agents

Sector: ICT, Real Estate

AZ Star

One Line Pitch: Provide customized service of boat covers for the boat owners through online and offline

Business Summary: AZ Star Marine provides customized service of boat covers for the boat owners. It solves the problem that customers difficult to find suitable cover right for their boats. It provides online
system through data analysis to satisfy the unique design demands of customers including
colors, materials, models. It will fill the market gap by offering personalized boat covers in the
most economic and simple way.

Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch:  Babyyoda is an application that helps you build your lifelong baby’s Digital Twin by collecting, aggregating, and processing baby’s health data using AI driven algorithms

Business Summary: Babyyoda’s has developed a mobile application that enables parents to start collecting their baby’s health data and create a personalized, lifelong data rich AI driven health algorithm that can be used to build their Digital Twin as they age. They have created a phase one market ready application based on evidence-based medical science. The competitive advantages of our application translate to a SaaS business model that will enable us to launch our product successfully and take over other potential competitors

Sector: Technology

BagSpray Sanitization Products

One Line Pitch: Novel electrostatic technology to disinfect reusable shopping bags at the supermarket entrance.

Business Summary: BagSpray Sanitization Products is developing an automated disinfectant machine that cleans cloth and polypropylene shopping bags in under 30 seconds. This eliminates the need for washing the bags by hand. The unit uses electrodes to charge the spray particles and atomize the disinfectant solution. The solution particles coat the inside and outside of the bag to kill bacteria and viruses.

Sector:  Consumer Disinfectant Technology

Bani Zist Baspar Healda

One Line Pitch: Bani Zist Baspar Healda introduces modified polysaccharide composite with the ability to coagulate blood in liquid, films, pads and powdered forms. This compound is biocompatible and biodegradable and is applied directly to the bleeding area. The present composite quickly covers the wound surface by creating a hydrocolloid matrix and prevents arterial, venous and capillary bleeding.

Business Summary:   The Company is a professional group consisting of medical, food chemistry and fisheries products processing specialists which has been active since 2019 in the field of medical supplies production, including hemostatic agents and active and smart wound dressings based on biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds. Focusing on the required combinations of operating rooms and trauma, the company has succeeded in producing dressings and biocompatible and biodegradable hemostatic agent. With development of applied technologies, the company’s smart and active products effectively prevent bleeding and have a significant effect on wound healing. The first product of the company is “Vivify hemostatic powder”. This product was selected as the top technological idea in the field of medical requirements in Fars science and technology park (Startup Weekend of Shiraz University academic members). Currently, obtaining health permits for manufacturing this product is underway. Clinical, microbiological, toxicological and animal tests have been performed and the quality of the product has been confirmed.

Sector: Life Sciences

Barsam Clean Energy

One Line Pitch:  Converting corn and other biowaste to green electrical power.

Business Summary: Barsam Clean Energy generates clean electrical power from agricultural waste, providing a positive envionrmental impact. The goal at Barsam is to help reduce emissions and waste, helping to positively impact the enviornment as the world works towards a zero emissions future.

Sector: Renewable Energy & Clean Technology

Barza Agriculture

One Line Pitch: Barza Agriculture Industry offers a smart penetrometer which conveniently measures a variety of soil parameters including vertical and horizontal pressure, soil moisture and electrical conductivity

Business Summary: : Barza Agriculture Industry specializes in providing smart penetrometers that measure soil compaction, soil moisture and electrical conductivity in real-time. The novel device allows a user to collect, process and analyze penetrometer data over large areas within a field. The device is disruptive as it allows farmers to record, measure and map soil properties in-situ and potentially replaces the need for traditional core soil sampling techniques. The new soil penetrometer is an innovative tool that can be used to enhance and leverage a farmer’s ability to measure properties of subsoil quickly and accurately within agricultural crop production fields

Sector: Life Sciences, Agriculture  


One Line Pitch: Bathize offers a patented system that enables disabled and elderly individuals to bathe without assistance from others

Business Summary: Bathize has developed an automatic bathing machined aimed to assist the elderly and disabled. With some individuals wishing to be able to bathe on their own time and alone, Bathize has now created a system that enables this. Using a specialized bedlike platform in conjunction with soft brushes and water nozzles, this system fully allows those individuals to shower unassisted. Bathize hopes their product creates away for those wishing to bathe unassisted to now do so easily

Sector: Health & Wellness


One Line Pitch: Beltion is a software company providing a solution to engineering design teams to collaborate on a digital twin in an immersive environment

Business Summary: Beltion’s software solution enables computer aided design (CAD) export to its immersive virtual reality collaboration environment where teams can work together and utilize a hyper realistic visualization capability. The platform provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional engineering design process. Beltion supports the product manufacturing into the testing and quality management and provides an end-to end visibility in new product development from design to in-the-field testing

Sector: Manufacturing

Best Before

One Line Pitch: Innovative food waste and environmental damage prevention software

Business Summary: Best Before helps support businesses and reduce food waste, negative environmental impacts, and helps consumers save money on groceries

Sector: Retail / Environment

Best Buddy

One Line Pitch: BestBuddy is a full digital solution and app for the management of proper, life-long pet care.

Business Summary: When an owner purchases or adopts a new companion, that pet’s information is input into the system. BestBuddy prompts users to input various details about their pet, the living conditions, and their own personal preferences with regards to pet care.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Bid Ai

One Line Pitch: An AI/machine learning data analysis software that helps assemble better proposals faster. Build better, smarter proposals and win more work.

Business Summary:   Consulting firms are busy and need to bid on Request for Proposals accurately and efficiently, however, gathering resumes, project sheets and building a strategic proposal is expensive. Consulting firms are limited on how many proposals they can bid on due to time constraints and other work.  Bid Ai is a software-as-a-service tool for consulting firms to assemble proposals. Spend less time on building strategic proposals and more time bidding on competitive work. 

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Production of A revolutionary bio-cement

Business Summary: Using biological production of bio-cement to stabilize sand, strengthen infrastructure, and support inhabitation without any pollution while also stabilizing atmosphere CO2

Sector: Green construction


One Line Pitch: To accelerate healing and improve patient outcomes BioCrutch Inc. has developed a patent protected orthopedic medical device system that fits into or attaches to patient’s shoes, crutches or walkers that measures, monitors and manages via biofeedback the weight bearing load on injured lower limbs

Business Summary: To build orthopedic solutions for hospitals, physicians and patients that will significantly reduce health care costs and reduce recovery time and improve outcomes for patients suffering from orthopedic trauma. BioCrutch is currently conducting a clinical trial to validate the safety and effectiveness of the BioCrutch system when compared to the current standard of a combination of verbal instructions, tactile feedback or bathroom scales

Sector: Life Sciences/ Medical Equipment

Bioplast Industries Inc

One Line Pitch: Providing solutions for sustainable packaging

Business Summary: Bioplast is a research-based company which provides solutions to develop the green revolutionary products. Aim to develop those products which will help globally to improvise green environment and to manage the waste pollution

Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: Birthgeonomics is a non-invasive prenatal testing involving a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy screening for genetic disorders

Business Summary:   Birthgeonomics introduces non-invasive prenatal testing that involves a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy. This screening analyses and detects the unborn baby’s risk for several genetic and other disorders, including Down Syndrome (DS), and the mothers’ health conditions, which may lead to birth defects

Sector: Life Sciences

BitCare Inc

One Line Pitch: Helping women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas

Business Summary:   BitCare is developing the world’s first blockchain-based Internet of Medical Things, iScope, to help women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas while protecting their privacy, taking control of AI, and capitalizing health data.

Sector: Life Sciences

Bitron Technology

One Line Pitch: Bitron Technology solves the problem of Wi-Fi connection issues through the use of an AI-based Wi-Fi optimization software

Business Summary: Bitron Technology has created an AI optimization software that solves several of the issues that Wi-Fi connections face today. Issues such as poor signals, signal interference, and blockage of connections all cause problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be a hassle to fix. This AI software they have develop will remove the hassle of this issue and provide an optimized connection for users

Sector: Utilities, ICT


One Line Pitch: Bizware has created an online software called Bell-Out that creates a marketplace to connect property managers to suitable contractors and handymen

Business Summary: Bizware has developed their product to make the process of outsourcing labor and project management for property managers more efficient and standardized. Using an online marketplace, Bell-Out allows for contractors and handymen to easily be paired up with property managers looking for their services. Bizware aims to reduce the hassle of finding the right person for the right job and has created a space to find the perfect pairing

Sector: ICT, Construction

BK Technology

One Line Pitch: Helping online business reach their full potential through effective marketing and management services.

Business Summary: BK Technology is an online business consultancy which provides high quality professional services to help businesses grow their virtual presence. Their core product is their short video marketing strategy which enables businesses to quickly reach viewers. Additionally, BK Technology plans to offer E-commerce and digital advertising services.

Sector: Media & Entertainment, Advertising, E-commerce

Blockchain Fitness App

One Line Pitch: An application on a blockchain platform that helps people to achieve their better lifestyle and lose weight and also earn money!

Business Summary: The startup is a fitness app on a blockchain platform to help app owners achieve fitness by performing appropriate aerobic and muscular exercises and following an essential diet. The app creates financial incentives for the individual, allowing app owners to be rewarded for achieving health goals by doing sports and dietary instructions, and are therefore encouraged to exercise more and receive more rewards. The purposes of designing and developing a fitness app are making a profit by providing and selling high-quality services, working in an area of interest where there is work experience and satisfying individuals with providing a fitness application that gives them exercise and a healthy diet plan and at the same time motivates them enough to get more rewards by working harder and staying on schedule.

Sector: Healthcare

Blockchain Fitness App

One Line Pitch:  An application on a blockchain platform that helps people to achieve their better lifestyle and lose weight and also earn money! 

Business Summary: The startup is a fitness app on a blockchain platform to help app owners achieve fitness by performing appropriate aerobic and muscular exercises and following an essential diet. The app creates financial incentives for the individual, allowing app owners to be rewarded for achieving health goals by doing sports and dietary instructions, and are therefore encouraged to exercise more and receive more rewards. The purposes of designing and developing a fitness app are making a profit by providing and selling high-quality services, working in an area of interest where there is work experience and satisfying individuals with providing a fitness application that gives them exercise and a healthy diet plan and at the same time motivates them enough to get more rewards by working harder and staying on schedule  

Sector: Healthcare

Blockchain Online Pharmacy

One Line Pitch: Blockchain Online Pharmacy is a prescription and over-the-counter medication distributor that facilitates the ordering and delivery through a blockchain powered online platform

Business Summary: Blockchain Online Pharmacy allows customers to place an order online for delivery – saving them time and energy versus the traditional pharmaceutical model. The company aims to increase overall transparency in drug distribution using blockchain technology. This revolutionary technology provides the user visibility into the origination and delivery of their medications while also keeping a centralized log of information

Sector: Pharmaceutical distribution


One Line Pitch:  Help your dearest One to bloom , Gamified social skill learning for children with ASD

Business Summary: The BloomEQ team is bringing together expertise working with children with autism (ASD), medical care expertise, and the latest research on how avatars and virtual worlds can be used to treat autism. The platform is a gamified experience allowing children to learn and reinforce social and life skills at their own pace, with a companion interface for parents and caregivers to learn best practices and reinforce social learnings

Sector: Information and Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: Blood donation management

Business Summary: Bludate is a platform that enables people to find out which blood type is currently in urgent demand, by whom and where, so donor recruitment efforts can be managed accordingly

Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch:  Contactless Payment with Bluetooth Technology

Business Summary: BluePay is a simple contactless mobile payment platform consisting of a contactless terminal and a user-friendly application. It enables fast and secure mobile payments for both IOS and Android. Users can also transfer money using Bluetooth and handle their financial transactions. It is capable of paying bills, charging mobile, and showing transactions lists

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Boat Integrated Service System Company

One Line Pitch: Develop a diagnostic dongle with built-in software that accesses the data memory of the control units and provides the user with data and the ability to detect errors

Business Summary: This company is developing a diagnostic dongle specifically for boats that will have
built-in software to analyze and evaluate the data memory of the control units and
electronic devices. The data stored from vessel electronics will provide the individual
with error codes if there is something wrong, identifying the underlying problem as it
occurs. Beyond error codes, this software will also provide the user with real-time
engine information, general information, display the status and function of sensors etc.
A boat is an extremely costly investment, and the associated repair and maintenance
costs can accumulate over time. This company hopes to mitigate some of these
expenses with its adapter hardware and its integrated software

Sector: Integrated Marine Automation System


One Line Pitch:  BOLG is an online platform that creates a virtual lab space for biotechnology professionals to share knowledge, communicate effectively, and exchange information

Business Summary: Biotechnology Open Lab Gate (BOLG) is an online platform that allows biotechnology professionals from across the globe to connect. This platform allows for a virtual lab space to be created online for professionals to share ideas and experiences to solve arising problems and issues in the field. BOLG looks to improve the way biotechnology professionals communicate and interact with this online setting

Sector: Information Communication and Technology

Boost Social Health

One Line Pitch: Boost Social Health is an AI-powered platform for monitoring and tracking social health issues using gamification. This platform aims to improve the lives of users by learning about their issues, providing help and earning points and rewards in the process

Business Summary: The company plans to tackle social health issues (substance abuse, obesity, mental illness etc.) through a sophisticated user-focused platform. This solution uses AI and machine learning to analyze user data and recommend solutions to their existing conditions. To further reinforce the progress of their users, they plan to offer points and rewards the more advancement they make. The company plans to launch initially in Manitoba before scaling out across Canada and internationally

Sector: Consumer Healthcare Technology

Boost Tags

One Line Pitch: Advanced automated inventory control system

Business Summary: Boost Tags developed a comprehensive RFID-based inventory control system for food and beverage manufacturers. The Company will repurpose and innovate existing technology to produce efficient and effective inventory control systems for industry operators

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/ Manufacturing/ Services


One Line Pitch: BraFit provides a mobile application that allows users to easily scan their body and receive the perfect brassiere based on their body.

Business Summary: BraFit has created an application that uses a combination of body scanning and a questionnaire to suggest the most suitable bras for their body. This product provides an array of recommendations for the user from a variety of vendors. BraFit looks to remove the hassle and struggle to find the perfect fit that bra shopping usually brings and provide a smoother and more successful search.

Sector:  Mobile Applications

Brain Gym

One Line Pitch: Ataraxia has created BrainGym a mobile app that rewards individuals for engaging in scientifically designed mental activities which deliver a wide range of mental health benefits to the users

Business Summary: Team is developing a mobile app that incorporates various types of scientifically proven (yet fun packed) activities that help in exercising the brain and achieving benefits like Relieving stress, Boosting Brain Power, Improving Memory; Focus and Concentration, Delaying Cognitive Decline and keeping one from developing Alzheimer or Dementia

Sector: ICT, Bioscience, Health & Wellness


One Line Pitch:   Online gaming platform where users earn points that can be redeemed for shopping

Business Summary: Brain game is an online game and shopping paltform. Users play games and receive points that can then be redeemed as discounts for certain online shopping. BrainGame is primarily focusing on developing games for younger aged people, focusing on educational games and those that help to improve focus and memory

Sector: Gaming


One Line Pitch: Mechanical seal ball valve technology

Business Summary: This mechanical seal ball valve is newly designed with more than one seat to ensure multiple mechanical seals can be achieved. Our product has one valve and zero leaks for friction-free movement between ball and seats, providing higher reliability than a pressure energized seal.

Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Auto Sensor of LPG gas containers triggering efficient and timely refill

Business Summary: A smart sensor and communication system that monitors the current inventory of LPG to detect low volume and automatically trigger the delivery of new gas cylinders.

Sector: Utilities

Brownie Link Services

One Line Pitch:  Brownie Link Services is a one-stop digital marketplace specifically for legal services

Business Summary: Brownie Link Services functions as a 24/7 digital marketplace available 24X7 for legal services. Using Brownie Link Services, lawyers who are just starting their legal practice can promote their legal services and solicit their first clients. Moreover, the Brownie Link Services solution also saves consumers’ time and effort with its one-stop SaaS platform, from searching and comparing to making appointments. Brownie Link Services also acts as a review portal for clients to rate each lawyer’s service and professional legal performance

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A self-learning AI that classifies bank-reported transaction data for corporate aggregation, forecasting, reconciliation, analysis, and reporting

Business Summary: Corporate treasuries, governments, and banks must classify transaction data as the foundation for tactical and strategic decisions in liquidity management, forecasting, budgeting, cash flow planning, and finance operations.  btClassifier specializes in automated classification and analysis of large, daily bank transaction data sets.  Products and services include integration consulting services, software implementation tools, and software modules

Sector: Services

Building Stone Marketplace Mobile Application (BSMMA)

One Line Pitch: BSMMA has developed a marketplace platform for stonework that provides all users with increased accessibility to all types of stone building materials

Business Summary: BSMMA is creating a marketplace platform that aims to provide all users with a more streamlined and centralized method of purchasing stone. With the current state of the market for stone materials being decentralized and in high demand, BSMMA looks create a space that provides access to all materials. BSMMA looks to empower all purchasers withing the market and provide equal access with their product

Sector: Construction

Building System Design Software

One Line Pitch: Designing the smartest & most efficient mechanical systems using artificial intelligence

Business Summary: The company is providing unique, innovative software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to design the smartest and most efficient mechanical systems in an industrial building. This innovative technology uses proprietary software that saves construction companies and engineering firms time, and money and ensures mechanical systems are designed in the most sustainable means possible leveraging local & geographical strengths and the latest trends in clean technology. Team will produce revenue by selling an annual subscription to the platform, beginning in the Canadian market, and gradually expanding across North America

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/Architecture


One Line Pitch: Real time measurement of unburnt carbon and remediation using AI

Business Summary: Burnhancer propose to develop a software that would facilitate higher thermal efficiency and lower unburned carbon by optimizing the operating parameter and adjusts the operating parameters of boilers in real-time, enabling cost savings for Companies

Sector: Clean Technology/Manufacturing

Byteager Game Studio

One Line Pitch:   Game development company with a focus on Augmented Reality games

Business Summary: Byteager is a modern mobile game development company that specializes in creating augmented reality games. Byteager is focused on building innovative games fort eh Apple Arcade store.

Sector: Gaming

Calibration Management Application

One Line Pitch: Advanced technology for management, control and automation of equipment calibration’s procedure

Business Summary: This Company is building a calibration management mobile application package that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine interface to monitor and manage all equipment within a facility to continuously calibrate the equipment to ensure accuracy and quality of performance. Data can be automatically or manually entered, with results monitored by authorized plant personnel. The business will focus on the oil and gas, power generation and food processing sectors

Sector: Industrial equipment software

Call Time

One Line Pitch: A cloud-based platform that improves senior health and wellness through connected care

Business Summary:   Call Time is an innovative cloud-based platform for senior citizens. The platform simplifies voice and video calling so seniors are able to stay better connected to their loved ones. Each user is also able to store and share their photo’s with connected family members. The platform can be used to design simple exercises, and uses intelligent fall detection technology to send automatic alerts for emergency assistance should a senior experience long lapses in inactivity. The solution can also be programmed to set-up reminders to take medication, to help seniors to remember to take their pills on time and at the right dose

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Calmica is a technology start-up that aims to produce digital content and apply Virtual Reality (VR) as a pain and anxiety management method

Business Summary: Calmica offers an innovative virtual-reality-enabled platform that can act as a workable tool to distract adults and children who are undergoing painful medical procedures. We are also developing application software that allows users to order the VR headset and access digital content

Sector: Life Sciences, Information Technology, Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: Calminject has created a safer alternative to needles that eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries and reduces the phobia of needles

Business Summary: Calminject has developed a new type of safety needle technology aimed at preventing injury and reducing the worry of those with phobias. With the current world population having a significant percentage avoiding vaccinations due to fear of needles and pain, they have created a new type of needles that will completely remove the risk of needle stick injuries. Calminject hopes that with their product they will be able to ease the minds of those with the fear of needles and increase worldwide vaccination rates

Sector: Health Sciences

Can DineOut

One Line Pitch: Streamlining and enhancing the group dine-in experience at restaurants, creating a completely digital and contactless experience

Business Summary: Can Dine Out is developing an online platform that will allow customers to search for restaurants, book a reservation at a restaurant, pre-order off of the menu in advance and complete the payment transaction for dinner on the platform. This platform is designed to enhance and streamline the entire process for a groups experience dining at a restaurant.

Sector: Hospitality

Canadian Cloud Service Provider

One Line Pitch: CloudSelect promotes and sells Canadian cloud computing and ICT services to the fast-growing APAC region

Business Summary:  Currently there are no platforms for international corporations to analyze, compare, and select the right Canadian Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for their business. CloudSelect provides a comprehensive platform that allows clients to filter through hundreds of CSP providers, compare alternatives, and select the optimal provider based on their criteria. The platform allows Canadian CSP companies to export their services easily and helps APAC clients save on CPS solutions

Sector: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Canadian Patient Care Inc

One Line Pitch: Canadian Patients Care Inc is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform that offers various features such as scheduling and automating patient-physician encounters to connecting, engaging, educating, guiding, and monitoring the user’s health status.

Business Summary: The Company’s remote patient monitoring platform will enable hospitals and doctors to improve care transitions, identify potential health problems and intervene before they become emergencies, thereby reducing readmissions and emergency department visits and preventing avoidable hospitalizations.  

Sector: Life Sciences

Canadian Wineries & Vineyards

One Line Pitch:  Building an interactive web marketing program for wineries which give clients a more immersive experience when choosing wines

Business Summary: Canadian Wineries is developing an interactive digital marketing program embedded onto the bottle of wine which connects to a consumers mobile to help consumers connect with the winery and provide a deeper consumer experience.  Canadian Wineries is positioning itself as a marketing company and will secure wine direct from Canadian wineries and sell to wine stores in international markets

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch:   Mobile game publishing and development company

Business Summary: CapPlay is developing and publishing mobile games. CapPlay has published over 20 mobile games, both their own developed games and others. As publishing experts, CapPlay is helping small game developers to bring their games to market and launch worldwide

Sector: Gaming


One Line Pitch: An AI-based software solution to analysis of ECG signals

Business Summary: We are proposing a software which helps with the diagnosis and prevention of the cardiotoxicity by means of analyzing Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals through Machine Learning. Based on the result of this analysis, the clinicians will be able to diagnose cardiotoxicity in the early stages of the disease and plan the anticancer treatment accordingly

Sector: Life Science and Advanced Health/Health Care IT


One Line Pitch: Cardoze is a web and mobile app in which users create, share and play with flashcards to study vocabulary in the most effective way

Business Summary: Cardoze makes learning vocabulary in a new language fun, interactive and easy. The app utilizes crowdsourced flashcards to help language students internalize new vocabulary. Targeting the Canadian immigration market first, passing the language test for permanent residency will be a walk in the park with Cardoze

Sector: E-Learning


One Line Pitch: Device and software that optimizes power consumption in homes, offices, and industrial units

Business Summary: Carianloo has developed a device consisting of Low-power Current Transformers (LPCTs) that aids the user in reducing electricity consumption. This device uses energy more efficiently and can easily be installed without making any changes in the electrical switch board. The software is able to provide users with various required reports and suitable approaches to consumption reduction

Sector: Clean Tech

Cariboun Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Advanced technology to manage, control and automate equipment calibration

Business Summary: The company is building a calibration management mobile application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage all equipment within a facility, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the equipment’s performance. The company will produce revenue by selling this software on a subscription base to customers primarily in the manufacturing industries, or those that rely on machinery to produce a product or service. The company will start in the Canadian market and gradually expand globally, providing software that increases the accuracy, safety, and longevity of equipment by managing its calibration activities

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/Manufacture


One Line Pitch: Develop and manufacture buffers, cell culture media, DNA & RNA extraction kits, molecular kits for rapid diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases, and molecular enzymes.

Business Summary: CBSAlife is a company involved in developing and manufacturing cell culture media that has succeeded to achieve the technology of manufacturing diagnosis kits. The team of CBSA life is committed to providing customers with first class sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA and protein purification, clean-up and concentration for use in research applications as well as diagnostics, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to our customers and partners worldwide.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Chameleon CO has developed a CRM system that allows for the needs of users primarily in Immigration sector to be met and provide them with the ability to adapt to fast changing industries, it can be tailored to fit other industries as well.

Business Summary: Chameleon CO has created an CRM online platform that allows for easy use by users, along with readily available capability to adapt the CRM as needed. Unlike generic CRMs, Chameleon CRM encompasses all categories of immigration in different countries. It could easily be updated based on regulation’s changes. With the ability to have a CRM system that enables quick and efficient changes, this system can be customed to a user’s liking and provide them with the ability to constantly adapt and thrive in fast paced industries.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Charism Immersive Technology

One Line Pitch: Assisting the elderly through virtual and augmented reality-based therapy services.

Business Summary: Immersive Technology has developed a platform which can be used by mental health professionals to continue working with their elderly clients outside of therapy sessions. By merging VR/AR with tools to create physical sensations, their process serves to ease practitioner workload and speed up progress. What makes the solution so effective is that by incorporating the newest technologies, each patient receives a customized and personal approach.

Sector: Virtual Reality, Information and Communications Technology

Chemistry Starts Early Showcase

One Line Pitch: Chemistry Starts Early is creating an online platform that offers chemistry education in both English and Mandarin to grade school children.

Business Summary:   Chemistry Starts Early is developing an online application that starts educating young children in the fields of science and chemistry. In addition to a progressive system that educates from grades one through twelve, they have also incorporated the use of both English and Mandarin to teach concurrently in two separate languages. Chemistry Starts Early hopes to provide a means for newly immigrated families in Canada to educate their children in these fields of study with their product.

Sector: Education

Child Health Imprints

One Line Pitch: Saving children lives, the data way

Business Summary: Child Health Imprints is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in neonatal intensive care units across the world with the objective of making an early diagnosis of critical diseases and improving the overall quality of healthcare which is being provided to neonates.

Sector:  Healthcare


One Line Pitch:  The Disinfection of Drinking Water

Business Summary: It is a highly effective, safe, and quick sterilization agent against bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses and their spores, recommended by WHO, FAO and EPA. It has huge benefits for human health as it is not carcinogenic like other related disinfectants

Sector: Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Health

Chronotope Labs Inc

One Line Pitch: Spatial optimization with measurable theory

Business Summary: Chronotope is a software company that specializes in spatial optimization. Their software uses geospatial data to help businesses solve problems such as efficient delivery methods or allocating a shared workspace

Sector: Technology

Claim Smart

One Line Pitch: AI enables automobile damage assessment technology.

Business Summary: The world’s first Automobile damage assessment AI. Connecting drivers, surveyors, and insurance adjustors. Adaptable to include government vehicle registration, fleet management, and ticketing capabilities.

Sector: Consumer Discretionary

Clarity Order

One Line Pitch: Clarity Order is a marketplace for premium furniture and design sourced from independent manufacturers, powered by AI and social curation.

Business Summary:   Clarity Order is a marketplace for premium furniture & design sourced from independent manufacturers, powered by AI and & social curation. The experienced team has backgrounds from computer science, to design, to civil engineering. This broad experience will enable the ease of online shopping for premium independent furniture manufacturers across Canada while ensuring the important elements of the high-touch experience that independent furniture manufacturers crave for their customers.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Click Travel

One Line Pitch: An online platform connecting travel providers, distributors and customers through a “one stop shop” system

Business Summary: Primarily designed to cover key market layers (Leisure & Corporate), Click Travel aims to correlate travel industry main segments and sectors. Practically called a Consolidator, the system is competitive in connectivity to global travel providers and GDSs on the top. Target customers fall under the B2C & B2B sector with a strong focus on targeting the B2B segment. Customers and end users have wide access to the ecosystem of all travel services ranging from air travel booking, accommodation, intercity rails and buses, cruise lines, travel insurance etc. at competitive prices and with a unique experience

Sector: Hospitality & Tourism Industry, mainly Online Travel Agency (OLTA)


One Line Pitch:  A mobile payments app revolutionizing Canada payment system by delivering most convenient and fastest payment solution in the country covering all consumer payments needs including In-store/supermarket, Instant P2P Payments & cross e-wallet transfers with fewer steps and more payment method choices

Business Summary: ClickyPay’s solution intends to modernise Canada’s Payment system by providing frictionless money transfers with least payment constraints and more payment options available. With no payment pain points involved, customers can pay anywhere by scanning a QR-Code or entering registered mobile numbers at stores or online, transfer money to anyone directly into their bank accounts using their mobile number and also send money abroad instantly into any e-wallet using email IDs.

Sector: Technology

Closet Love

One Line Pitch: Mobile application that uses artifical intelligence to plan your outfit and organize your closet

Business Summary: Closetlove Inc. has developed an AI-powered mobile application offering a modern wardrobe organiser and styling assistant, helping individuals organise their closets and plan their outfits. Closetlove Inc.’s goal is to help its users increase their productivity levels, shop more strategically, and decrease their textile carbon footprint

Sector: Information Technology, Fashion


One Line Pitch: High-end, integrated TV receiver system that utilizes a low-power single-chip designed to support 8K UHD TV requirements

Business Summary: CMOSART designed a chip that is able to stream terrestrial and satellite channels simultaneously. Their product can reduce the manufacturing cost by 30% – due to single-chip technology; And support high TV broadcasting standards such as 8K UHD TV required by some channels

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Cocoon Cloud

One Line Pitch: Cocooncloud is a collaboration platform that enables you to build your own private cloud infrastructure with only a few clicks

Business Summary: Cocoon cloud is an all-in-one private cloud solution that organizations can use to deploy their own private storage service on their location of choice. As a SaaS platform, our clients get access to collaborative apps enabling reliable and secure connections, storage, messaging, email, and other services within their company, and all the data is stored behind their firewall, with no access from the outside world. All governance compliance is adhered to including GDRP and ISO 27001 to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data processed by our platform

Sector: Information/ Communication


One Line Pitch: Codoplan is an AI-based personal and professional planning platform

Business Summary: Codoplan is an adaptive individual and social planning platform. Codoplan uses artificial intelligence algorithms, neural network algorithms, and data extraction in the form of graphical programming. We help users in their daily planning to achieve short-term and long-term goals

Sector: B2B2C SaaS

Cognorehab Ltd.

One Line Pitch:  Innovative, patented educational device for blind and visually impaired children.

Business Summary: A playground designed for indoor spaces, leveraging traditional playground design with advanced research and technologies designed to teach 20 prepositions of direction and movement to blind or low-vision children.

Sector: Education & Technology


One Line Pitch: Enabling people to confidently color their hair at home, saving time, money and effort

Business Summary: ColorFluent is developing an Al-based smart hair dyeing device to help women who regularly dye their hair to easily perform dyeing proceess smartly and in a healthy manner. Taking advantage of Near Infrared (NIR) and deep learning technologies, ColorFluent will result in leading customers to save lots of time, money, and effort

Sector: Information Technology, Fashion

Coltiva Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Coltiva is a clean and green solution that provides an innovative and technological solution to pest control management for farmers

Business Summary:

Coltiva is a clean green solution that provides an innovative and technological solution to pest control management for farmers. Coltiva functions by placing the modules o cover the affected area. The modules are integrated with a solar panel, nano detection and biosensors, an ultrasonic high-frequency system, and a spray that will release biodegradable nanocapsules into the crops and farmland. Their modules have a wireless capability to send real-time data to our Coltiva app. The Coltiva app is available on iOS and Android tablets and devices to help farmers better understand and look at the pests present on their farms and their deterrent

Sector: Agriculture/Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Provides senior citizens with an online environment for socialization and online classes.

Business Summary: Sales of health care and wellness-related products, online courses, leisure packages, medical travel packages, and advertising revenue.

Sector: Life Sciences


Consera Pharmaceuticals

One Line Pitch: Consera Pharmaceuticals is a developer and manufacturer of nutraceuticals and natural immune support supplements

Business Summary: Consera Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of nutraceuticals which can be used to treat & prevent many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and arthritis thereby improving the lives of millions of people that are suffering from these chronic diseases

The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Sensor based cloud technology enables Consmart to optimize that concrete curing process through accurate monitoring and tracking of all variable changes

Business Summary: With the use of software and sensors, Consmart has enabled the creation of a cloud-based service that monitors and tracks all variables during the concrete curing process. This process is usually lengthy and expensive. With Consmart, the web-based displayed information will enable users to gain insight on the status of their curing concrete. The software will also suggest possible courses of actions to users based on the current state of the concrete

Sector: Construction, ICT


One Line Pitch: A real-time software solution that analyzes data from video cameras to detect potential human risks in construction job sites

Business Summary: Our product is a real-time surveillance system, which helps safety supervision by utilizing machine vision approaches to monitor labor safety in construction sites. By collecting and analyzing real-time data from video cameras, we detect potential human risks in the working environment. Moreover, for the areas not covered by cameras, the sensor-based system available on mobile phones can be used to detect incidents

Sector: VSaaS 


One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent Marketplace Mobile App for hyperlocal business owners to list their business and provide service for neighborhoods

Business Summary: Coodecs develops a Marketplace Mobile app, which will provide an online platform for hyperlocal Neighborhood shops and service providers to list their shop or service on the app. The app will have two kinds of subscriptions, basic and  premium; the basic version will not have inventory and no delivery service, however users can chat or contact with vendors through the app and take orders, whereas in the premium version, the app will give inventory management and delivery options.             This App will be like a virtual market of real world neighborhood markets, a single platform for users to buy groceries, order food, book dentist or barber appointments

Sector: Information’s and Communications Technology

COYAR Technology

One Line Pitch:  Coyar Technology Inc. provides air quality and energy solutions for the post COVID era

Business Summary: Air scrubbing & purification to improve the air quality in indoor public spaces.

Sector: A/E/C, Bioscience

CPRO Services

One Line Pitch: CPRO Services is a one stop shop to find professional services for today’s busy middle class

Business Summary: CPRO Services is developing a flexible and AI-integrated online platform for on- demand professional services using automated processes and complete transparency to give best in class experience to its customers. The platform will solve major market-related problems by offering a dynamic pricing mechanism and skill matching options.

Sector: Information Technology

Crack Recognition Solution

One Line Pitch: Crack Recognition Solution analyzes different types of cracks on concrete structures using drone technology, image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Business Summary: The drones provide access to previously hard-to-reach areas during inspections and eliminate the time, costs, and risks associated with performing the task manually. Image pre-processing enhances the quality of our images. Our technology uses a neural network algorithm with a hidden layer to identify crack types. Our system evaluates the costs of repairing the cracks using machine learning

Sector: Real Estate, SaaS

Creative Planner

One Line Pitch: Creative Planner is a web & mobile-based app that addresses the pains and frustrations associated with event planning

Business Summary: The smart app provides one platform for all stakeholders to review events, bids, and contracts effortlessly using a user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based tool. The Creative Planner platform also facilitates the planning, organizing, and managing of events such as weddings, trade shows, or corporate events. 

Sector: B2B / SaaS


One Line Pitch: Smart Fat Freezing Solutions

Business Summary: CrYouFit helps people who suffer from overweight and obesity to use smart fat freezing technology as a home care device

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: CryptoEye is an intelligent market insights provider with the aim of helping retail investors in the crypto sector to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the market via a variety of sources

Business Summary: CryptoEye gathers data from different sources like social media, news and crypto-specific channels. Then, using our natural language processing (NLP) & artificial intelligence algorithms, we extract and provide insights to our users so they can efficiently understand current trends, how the market works, and make informed decisions based on the flow of tweets, news, and all other text sources in real-time

Sector: Crypto Assets and Currencies

CTBC Solutions Inc.

One Line Pitch: CTBC is software that deliver programming boot camps that prepares tweens and teens to be ready for more lucrative career employment immediately upon graduation from high school

Business Summary: CTBC’s proprietary applications are designed to train students on the programming skills that will ready them for the competitive opportunities available to teenage students looking to advance their IT careers. Traditional degree programs are typically not an option for those under 18 years of age. CTBC will make tweens and teens ready for employment immediately upon graduation from high school, as well as provide them with skills that support part-time employment while they are still in school

Sector: AI / eLearning

Cubed Skin Care

One Line Pitch: An organic skin care product specializing in helping people with eczema, acne, and sensitive skin

Business Summary: One of the first brands to incorporate CBD and herb medicines, their business focus is on the distribution of high-quality skin care to aid in the relief of eczema, acne, and sensitive skin. Cubed Skin provides high-quality raw materials in biodegradable packaging aimed at giving people with sensitive skin an all-natural solution as an alternative to steroids

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps Clients find experienced and trustworthy Caregivers in a safe and secure manner

Business Summary: Cura has developed and online platform that provides access to experienced, reliable and verified caregivers who have passed Cura’s qualification process.   Families provide Cura with health status, care requirements and other preferences and the Cura system will connect them to the most appropriate Caregiver.  The Cura system has been designed to provide ongoing quality control and real time feedback giving families the peace of mind they desire

Sector: Healthcare/Information & Communication Technology

Curetech eHealth, Inc.

One Line Pitch: Medical Wearable solutions targeting the Sports Monitoring Market

Business Summary: Curetech eHealth has developed a wearable sensing platform (smartwatch, smart patch) that can capture high-quality PPG-ECG signals while on the move.  It is committed to helping millions of athletes worldwide concerned about hypertension by providing wearable sensors to monitor vital signs (skin temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate) while the athlete is on the move.  Specific innovation lies in being able to take blood pressure measurements while moving as it is a big evolution from the cumbersome blood pressure monitors which athletes currently use for hypertension monitoring.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: One-stop shop for health, beauty, fashion, and household-related products online exclusively from Canada

Business Summary: CUSHEE partners with small businesses to have their products listed on their platform. Influencers/Resellers looking for commission revenues use social network to promote products and refer customers to purchase the product on the CUSHEE platform, and they receive commission after the purchase. Seller receives the order, packs it, and CUSHEE’s logistic partner delivers it to the end-user

Sector: Distribution/ Information and Communications Technology

Cut Flower

One Line Pitch: Production of hydrogels-based preservative as controlled release system in postharvest approach

Business Summary:   Hydrogel-based preservative enriched with silver ion solution (silver nanoparticles) and designed as a controlled release systems in postharvest settings which prolongs the vase life of a flower at least by more than 50% compared to traditional preservative chemicals

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: CyberCover provides cyber insurance crafted for the small businesses using the underwriting method customized by AI

Business Summary: Sell cyber insurance to small businesses and connect third-party cybersecurity service providers to the customers. The provided end to end cyber insurance will enable small businesses with limited technical knowledge to get access to affordable cyber insurance. This will allow small businesses to expand their revenue from online sales and also manage their risk of online business

Sector: Insurance technology


One Line Pitch: CyberLeaf is a cyber security software company utilizing blockchain technology

Business Summary: CyberLeaf is an advanced security and cryptography-based platform that mitigates most problems inherent in today’s cyber security systems. Customer security protocols are modifiable based on the unique needs of different users

Sector:  Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Cyberometrics is creating a management software for companies to support cybersecurity functions

Business Summary: Cyberometrics is developing a platform to assist in cybersecurity management and utilization. With the complexity of cybersecurity, finding both the perfect system and experts for a specific business can be difficult. Using an analytic software in conjunction with expert crowdsourcing, Cyberometrics offers a way for businesses to easily analyze and assess their cybersecurity needs.

Sector: ICT, Cybersecurity

DAKE Technology

One Line Pitch:  Smart devices for innovative products for customers

Business Summary: Dake delivers the best innovative products and user experiences at affordable prices to customers in today’s digital world via in-depth market research to meet the needs and demands of customers. Dake has also developed a smart system for auto-pilot product development to its excellence

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Data Pitcher

One Line Pitch: DataPitcher has been started this year (2019) by a company that has been a pioneer in the start-up world in the last 6 years by building various products/platforms. They have worked over 40+ clients in the last 6 years for various AI/ML use-cases in the domain of Healthcare, Fintech, education, etc. 

Business Summary: DataPitcher is Blockchain and Auto-ML driven most secured marketplace to either get the best value for your data assets, Workflows or Algorithms or else solve your business use-case with the best possible solution with scientist or Auto-ML acting as solution miners.

Sector:Information & Communications Technology

TRL: 4


One Line Pitch: Drug Detail Establishment for Trade is a private establishment which sells and promotes aesthetic products, food supplement, health products, Medical Devices and we work also in the pharmaceutical brokerage business.

Sector: Life Sciences/ Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A digital city app for children that educates users on money management principles through real-life experience

Business Summary: A digital city app for children that teaches finance and money management principles through hands-on experience in a safe environment. Debican provides users with their own debit card and the choice to save, earn, spend, or donate money. Businesses are able to engage, advertise, and sell to users through the age-appropriate online marketplace

Sector: Fintech & E-Commerce


One Line Pitch: DecRisk is an AI-powered health risk assessment service created for insurance companies.

Business Summary: DecRisk is an AI-powered, intelligent, health risk assessment service created for insurance companies. It helps insurance companies to better analyze their potential clients and offer personalized offers considering their current and future health state/risks. DecRisk analyzes medical data, family trees, and other relevant inputs to assess and provide a personalized risk index for each individual which can be used to adjust premiums.

Sector: Life Sciences, Information Technology, Communication Technology

Deep Dent

One Line Pitch: Helping dentists do Predictive Analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses

Business Summary:   Deep Dent has developed a technology/software which helps dentists to do predictive analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses. Through Deep Dent software dentists not only can design implants or dental braces but can study short term and long term behaviour of such prostheses. This software allows dentists to understand how the treatment would affect a patient’s teeth, jaw bones and gums as well as predict any possible failure. 

Sector: Life Sciences

Delta Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: AI software which diagnoses carotid artery disease through real-time evaluation of carotid MRI images

Business Summary: Delta Diagnosis developed novel AI software which is able to diagnoses carotid artery diseases by analyzing the MRI scans of the patients. This software, which is developed based on deep-learning algorithms, facilitates fully automated detection and segmentation of carotid vessel wall boundaries in real-time in addition to providing a 3D visual presentation of the vessel.  Currently, quantitative assessment of the vessel wall dimensions in MRI scans is based on manual tracing of the lumen and outer wall boundaries, which is time‐consuming and subject to inter‐ and intra‐observer variation.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding.

Business Summary:   DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback-based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding. A combination of EEG and EMG sensors are used to detect and identify certain habits and functions, and a set of biofeedback systems are used to modify them through delivery of brain-state inspired feedbacks.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Demand Boost

One Line Pitch: Demand Boost develops demand planning software for supply chain management, by using a gradient boosting system

Business Summary:   Demand planning is a key link for sales forecasting, production plans and supply chain strategy. The software helps predict the optimum level of inventory based on the industry and market factors as well as forecasting sales level for consumers

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Deniz Computing

One Line Pitch: Deniz Computing through its Pattern Observation System (P.O.S) captures anonymized demographic data to predict and prevent epidemics and other potential community risks through proprietary AI and machine learning models.  

Business Summary: Deniz Computing provides solutions in healthcare on the basis of artificial intelligence and data mining. On the platform, information is collected, organized, and analyzed from private and public sources, all information is encrypted and hashed. The system then picks up patterns through its proprietary algorithms that identify abnormal health behaviors in the community.

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Improve your gum health with DentaCad, an early periodontics disease detection software you can trust

Business Summary: With the help of convolutional neural network algorithms, this software is not only essential to maintaining your oral health, but also paramount to helping dentists and hygienists diagnose and treat the problem fast. DentaCad will characterize, compare, and support diagnostic accuracy of dental radiographies for dentists and hygienists to predict, detect, and monitor periodontal disease, which will considerably reduce the time taken to diagnose periodontal disease

Sector: Life Sciences

Dental Phobia Treatment

One Line Pitch: A Virtual Reality (VR) gaming software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biofeedback signals to address dental phobia.

Business Summary: In a worldwide survey of 18,000 people, 61% stated that they had a dental phobia. About 4% of the population had never been to a dentist because of the fear of the dental procedure.

Sector: Medical Devices/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Dentazine is an AI-powered application designed to improve the operations of a dental clinic.

Business Summary: Dentazine is a cloud-based management tool for dental offices, with modules for electronic health records, document storage and sharing, patient charting and treatment plans, and direct billing. The software will be sold to small, midsize, and large dental offices, including specialists such as periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. 

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Denthom provides a hardware and software solution to improve the quality and feasibility of teledentistry

Business Summary:

Denthom provides a hardware and software solution to improve the quality and feasibility of teledentistry. The point of care lens hardware converts smart phones into an intraoral camera for better scanning of intraoral space. The software enables an AI-based evaluation and care plan preparation for patients. Patients are then paired with dentists to deliver the care they require

Sector: Information/Technology


One Line Pitch:   Dental CAD/CAM systems Design and manufacturing

Business Summary: DentiCAD has developed CAD CAM systems for dental applications, including five axis milling CNC and different kinds of 3D printers. DentiCAD is manufacturing these pieces of equiptment and offering services to laboratories and denists around the world, continuing to produce innovative equiptment

Sector: Medical Device


One Line Pitch:   Dentor is an online platform

Business Summary: Dentor is a web-based platform + App that brings dentists and patients together

Sector: Dentistry, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A software platform integrating with accounting and other administrative software that translates contracts into code and allows users to monitor their outstanding contracts, receive alerts when terms have been met, and automate compliance by including legislation directly within the code

Business Summary: Contracts are translated into formal logic—at first by our staff, eventually by an algorithm.  Verification software is used to check for inconsistencies. Once the contract is verfiied, users can access a dashboard that shows their outstanding contracts, can receive notifications regarding upcoming deadlines, and can rate contractors’ reliability.  Users will also be able to view all outstanding contracts, and receive regular progress reports

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch:  DermoMask is also a business-to-customer (B2C) digital platform that helps beauty-related businesses to connect to their customers

Business Summary: DermoMask is a novel mobile application which enables users to create home-made natural and organic skin and hair care products, tailored and formulated specifically for them, using the available organic and natural ingredients at home

Sector: Nutraceuticals, ICT

Design Solutions

One Line Pitch: A tablet that help patients describe pain to aid in clinical diagnosis

Business Summary: The core technology was developed for clinical research in collaboration with the Department of Medicine and Immunology at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine.  The technology autoimates a manual process and allows patients to electronically “paint” a body image to describe the location and level of pain.  The app also provides a secure and complicant date management system for data storage, analytics and access for physicians

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Build a powerful freelancer team for your design projects

Business Summary: Designnet provides a platform for designers and business to connect, collaborate and create meaningful businesses of tomorrow.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Diagnosis and Monitoring Cardiac Function

One Line Pitch: Helping doctors diagnose cardiovascular diseases in real time through an innovative Artificial Intelligence Software

Business Summary: DMCF is developing a technology that can identify heart abnormalities using artificial intelligence. Using machine learning methods and corresponding artificial neural networks (ANN), DMCF is able to provide a rapid and reliable diagnosis of abnormal heart pathologies without compromising accuracy

Sector: Healthcare, Medical Devices

Diet of Tomorrow

One Line Pitch:  Diet of Tomorrow is an online software that creates custom receipes for users based on diet requirements, fitness and health goals

Business Summary: On the platofrm, users sign up and enter their health information, body measurements and diet goals in which the software analayzes and creates customized recipies and diet plans for users based on their information. This software uses artificial intelligence to analyze the users inputs and requirements against thousands of recipes in the Diet of Tomorrow database

Sector: Health & Wellness


One Line Pitch: Dievita is creating a solution to vitamin and mineral intake in adults using DNA catered manufactured supplements.

Business Summary:   Dievita is developing an AI powered software in conjunction with 3D printers to provide consumers with the perfect supplements for their needs. Using DNA sampling, 3D printed supplements are manufactured specifically for each consumer to fit their exact needs in vitamins and minerals. Dievita looks to provide a way for people to do away with generic all-purpose vitamins, and instead be given the exact vitamins and minerals their body needs.

Sector: Health Sciences


One Line Pitch: An AI-based software solution assisting dentistry procedures

Business Summary: The business proposes introducing an Application, which employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist dentists in deciding whether to choose the best option in Dental prosthesis, either replacement procedures or reconstruction.

Sector: Life Science and Advanced Health/Health Care IT

Digital Build

One Line Pitch: Construction enhanced AI & VR enabling you to see the outcome of a project before its starts all the through to the end.

Business Summary: Provides visualization of construction services with AI and VR technology implied, from design and project management to construction.

Sector: Construction

Digital HVAC Maintenance Portal

One Line Pitch: Digital HVAC Maintenance Portal has created a cloud-based product that monitors and controls critical HVAC systems in real-time

Business Summary: Digital HVAC Maintenance Portal (DHMP) is developing an online system for the easy monitoring of crucial HVAC systems. With the high sophistication that HVAC systems hold, and the high cost that comes with having support for them, it can be very difficult to manage. Using a combination of IoT and wireless sensors in conjunction with cloud-based monitoring, DHMP allows for all critical HVAC systems to be monitored and controlled in real-time

Sector: ICT, Construction

Digital Rain Fission

One Line Pitch: Digital Rain Fission has developed a cloud based digital platform that is custom designed to assist water utilities simplify and improve operations by combining big data and machine learning technologies, alerting monitoring personnel of anomalies and streamlining problem isolation and diagnosis.

Business Summary: Digital Rain’s platform is a suite of software solutions that help water utilities reduce costs, boost efficiency, increase the accuracy of planning and improve day-to-day decision-making in an ever-changing landscape. Competitive advantages translate to identifying previously undetectable changes in system performance and unlocking new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Digital Terrace

One Line Pitch:  Bring out automation in your greenhouse

Business Summary: Digital Terrace is a greenhouse automation platform allowing users to quickly integrate climate control, irrigation, CO2 monitoring, soil moisture control, pest control, ventilation, lighting and more. Users can buy tried and tested hardware from our marketplace, with hardware pre-integrated out of the box for easy scalability

Sector: Information and Communication Technology

Disruptive Banking Technology

One Line Pitch: Drag and drop RPA mobile banking solution for Tier 2 banking institutions that don’t have in-house ICT development resources

Business Summary:   A configurable, scalable, and adaptive RPA “drag and drop” mobile banking platform for Tier 2 banking institutions. This cost-effective mobile banking solution incorporates AI learning and open API so that banks can offer their clients online banking without having to build it in-house. Smaller banking institutions become more competitive in the marketplace and can offer clients secured access to banking services at any time

Sector: Communications Technology/Banking, Mobile Applications


One Line Pitch:  Dkora is a software solution for optimizing interior design and redecorating solutions focused on smart-home technology integration, using AI

Business Summary:   Dkora provides a platform for interior designers to improve and optimize design-decision making and product selection using AI and direct user interaction, with a focus on smart-home technology integration. Dkora’s solution enables customization of designs considering various pre-set design styles, and optimization of product package selection based on cost, material preference and product carbon emissions

Sector: Technology, Interior Design

DMH Products

One Line Pitch: DMH looks to take care of the issue of single use paper coffee cups through their polymer science-based recycling technology.

Business Summary: DMH has developed a method to deal with the rising issue of single use paper coffee cups through recycling. Based on polymer science, DMH has created a way to not only recycle these coffee cups, but also repurpose them via the creation of woodplast composite. DMH looks to not only aid in this environmental issue, but also aims to help create a more circular economy within a community.

Sector:  Environmental, Manufacturing, Materials Science


One Line Pitch:   Online chatbot for health related questions

Business Summary: Doctellu is creating an online chatbot specfically for the heath care indsutry that will provide fast and accurate answers to health related questions. The Doctellu chatbot can also connect users to health care professionals and paharmacy’s within their area for advanced assistance

Sector: Healthcare

Domchain Technologies

One Line Pitch: A blockchain built for the trading of second hand domains

Business Summary: Domchain’s proprietary blockchain technology eliminates the key barriers associated with purchasing a second hand domain: Trust, time, and fees. With Domchain, you will use a smart contract to verify parties, transfer domains, and receive payments. All of this is done in a few milliseconds and at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Dreamy Bed

One Line Pitch: Dreamy bed offers your patient a smart hospital bed that can be adjusted electronically to help the patient with mobility and is equipped with sensors to monitor oxygen levels, urine, and stool parameters

Business Summary: An innovative smart bed comprised of sensors to detect oxygen levels around the patient’s head and release more oxygen as needed. All movements or adjustments can be electronically made by the patient. This bed has a toilet attachment under the bed which can be used while lying on the bed along with a feature that detectors that can analyze patient’s urine and stool parameters to help the medical team assess the patient’s healing period

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Offering innovative, autonomous aerial monitoring technology to attain efficient and cost-effective security systems to asset protection to industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors

Business Summary: Drobotic Inc. provides an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video analysis for monitoring valuable assets. The company uses video content analytics (VCA) to automatically detect events, providing risk and data assessments services to identify threats. Drobotic’s operational system includes network video recorders (NVRs) and intelligent gateways that send recorded data to a cloud platform. Their objective is to reduce workplace risk, and to early detect compromised assets

Sector: Drone Technologies, Security


One Line Pitch: E-Bonds is developing a system that will fully digitalize the transaction related to Canadian and provincial bonds, making them more accessible by the industry, and thus creating a greater volume of transactions for the market

Business Summary: E-Bonds is creating transparency between selling prices and purchasing target prices, bringing confidence in the actual market value. International and smaller broker dealers will be able to trade Canadian bonds directly (not currently possible). Adding more broker dealers will also bring more liquidity into the Canadian bond market and facilitate transactions

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

E-Waste Recycling

One Line Pitch:  E-Waste Recycling is an innovative, environmentally friendly way to recycle electronics

Business Summary: E-Waste Recyling is building an innovative e-recycling plant to remove precious metals from printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a single stage process

Sector: Electronics/ Environmental

E360 Health

One Line Pitch: Integration of wellness, psychology, and behavioral health through a digital platform to optimize mental performance of individuals.  As well as digital solutions for diagnostics, treatment, progress tracking, and reporting of users’ mental state and growth.

Business Summary: E360 will develop a digital health platform, focused on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals of various ages, occupancies, and mental states. The platform will provide advanced diagnosis through a set of comprehensive tests, combining the knowledge and experience of psychology experts and machine learning technology. E360 will be able to analyze, diagnose, and offer treatment for each individual as well as track progress and create reports. This solution will be subscription-based and will be offered to individuals and institutions.

Sector:  Life Sciences



One Line Pitch: E4Games develops mobile games with a unique focus on educational content. Our games target various social subjects that creatively inspire people in an educative way using machine learning

Business Summary: E4Games is focused on developing mobile games enhanced with ML. Our games are designed in a way that the player, whose character is a citizen, will navigate to solve real-world problems and receive educational lessons through them. We produce interactive, experiential mobile games that deeply immerse the player in the narratives. The immersion allows the player to explore personas, themes, and moral quandaries in a way that few other art forms can match. We take our imaginations to new heights that allow the player to engage with complex subjects and moral dilemmas

Sector: Gaming

Early Oral Cancer Diagnosis(EOCD)

One Line Pitch: An AI enabled tool to help screen and diagnose oral cancer in its early stages

Business Summary: Our platform helps dentists, pathologists, and oral surgeons screen and diagnose patients for oral cancer in its early stages. Our software uses AI and ML to identify cancerous behaviors in cells through the analysis of cytology images, allowing screening & diagnosis of oral cancer before patients may even have experienced symptoms

Sector: Healthcare, Medical Devices

Ease Off Technologies

One Line Pitch:  Essential Home Services Company with insightful technology and business focusing on customer experience as a key differentiator. COME, EXPERIENCE THE EASE OFF!

Business Summary: The business is to serve our customers and corporate clients with quality home services at their doorsteps by connecting / providing them with experienced professionals and technicians Founded in 2021, we are building a team of incredible service providers & technicians whose expertise would bring Ease Off Technologies Inc. to the forefront of the industry to provide excellent solutions & services. We dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and our users’ habits and motives to raise the standards of the solutions & service delivery now and in coming times as well

Sector: Services

Easy Reg AI Solutions

One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent cloud-based software platform for manufacturers to manage all warranty services information. As well as intuitive APPS for customer’s warranty registration and management.

Business Summary: To create and easy way to help every end consumer to register warranty and manage the after-sale service. It is a third-party platform to offer technology-led warranty registration.

For Consumers, Easy Reg provides an intuitive APP that contains easy steps to register and manage warranty. On the manufacturer’s end, Easy Reg provides a cloud-based software platform to manage warranty info. 

Sector: Information’s and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Motion Tracking Technology to Support the Disabled

Business Summary: EasyAccess allows people with disabilities to turn any electronic device with a camera into a universal device for interaction with the surrounding world. The camera is empowered with the motion capture module that can track head or eyeball movements to project captured movements to X-Y pivots to control the device. Additionally, the application is enriched with the AI module capable of analysis of users’ actions and creation of algorithms to make daily routines more swiftly handled.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: EchoSim is a software company providing a solution to manage patients stress level and improve the quality of medical imaging

Business Summary: EchoSim is a software platform building an immersive solution for pediatric patients to get familiar with medical imaging. Through a game environment, the pediatric patient is trained and can practice each procedure step at home. The patient’s level of anxiety is measured through a standard wearable and their movements while playing the game. The platform also can correct images that are distorted by pediatric patient motion. Lastly, the medical imaging facility receives information about pediatric patients’ readiness and risk of failure

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch: EcoRecycledBrick converts plastic waste efficiently (more than 75% yield) to a construction paste that can be added simply to brick feedstocks and produces high-quality bricks

Business Summary: In EcoRecycledBrick, we convert plastic waste to a nano additive like construction pastes, which can mix with several minerals to produce brick in only 1 hour. In comparison to common brick production methods, this is a novel record. Conventional bricks cannot be made in less than 24 hours and are considered energy-intensive. Comparatively, we consume less energy and produce brick 24 times faster than traditional methods. Furthermore, we reduce fixed costs and expenses by 30-70% compared to routine methods.

Sector: Green Technology – Construction – Environment


One Line Pitch:  A project-based learning platform for students and immigrants to help them learn English through the delivery of Canadian-context specific cultural and business situations

Business Summary: Edunative delivers a project-based learning platform on Metaverse, specifically targeted at students wanting to improve their English skills.   The platform has been designed to create an immersive learning environment that allows students to improve the English skills through interaction with avatars resembling real life characters depicted in real life Canadian cultural and business situations.   Edunative’s project-based learning platform is proven to enhance user engagement as well as attain higher retention in online learning environments

Sector: Education/eLearning, Information Technology

ElectroBioTech Inc

One Line Pitch: Innovative hybrid, eco-friendly method to characterize and determine Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in energy industries

Business Summary: ElectroBioTech developed a new method of identifying and mitigating Microbiologically Influenced Corrosions (MCIs) in oil, gas, and industrial water cooling and wastewater treatment systems. Their techniques are environmentally friendly, hybrid, adjustable, and scalable

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Environment

Electrocompost Machine

One Line Pitch: The Electrocompost machine can turn 10 tonnes of organic waste into compost in a single day – 10 times faster than any competitor, saving time and real estate.

Business Summary: Significant value is being offered to municipalities, waste management companies, farming, fishing, and poultry associations, and large food production and restaurant chains across North America and Europe.

Sector: Manufacturing/Clean Technology

Element Slaughter

One Line Pitch: Augmented reality live stream video software for remote meat inspections

Business Summary: Element Slaughter developed an out-of-the-box solution to facilitate video meat inspections using two-way remote video connections. They have accomplished XMReality hands overlay technology

Sector: Agriculture/ Information and Communications Technology

Elite for Energy

One Line Pitch:  Online resource for renewable energy resources

Business Summary: Elite for Energy is providing a web-based database and list of resources for renewable energy technologies. This database contains everything you need to know for using renewable energy technologies for construction

Sector: Renewable Energy

Emazh Co

One Line Pitch: Unlocking the true capabilities of drone technology with AI-based ecosystems

Business Summary:   Emazh has developed a drone ecosystem which increases efficiency using AI. The ecosystem is comprised of drones, charging stations, and an advanced task shifting system

Sector: Drone Technologies

Encaps3D Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Encaps3D is building an intelligent system using wireless sensor networks and machine learning to create 3-dimensional evaluations for factories and manufacturers that use assembly machines. 

Business Summary: The Encaps3D image processing system algorithm is designed to examine each product component in the encapsulation process and its 3-dimensional location. Sensors are connected to the product or device to collect data. The device designed by Encaps3D will provide precise inspection data that will save the user time and money through early identification of potential technical issues. 

Sector: B2B / SaaS

Energy Driven Insurance

One Line Pitch:  Pay-as-You-Drive and Pay-how-You-Drive

Business Summary: Usage-based car insurance with the latest new technologies, including telematic devices, AI, cloud storage, big data analysis, and user behavior analysis, all packaged in a mobile App.

Sector: Technology/Transportation


One Line Pitch: Cloud-based server supported by various programming languages alongside database and web technology that offers users a multi-location connection on a global level with built-in validation security

Business Summary: ENLIXO Industries provides cloud-based services that runs with minimum load on servers, offering multilocation operations that can be used by any number of users. The server is implemented with various programming languages and web technologies making global connections possible. It also provides validations systems aiming to eliminate user errors in all applications

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Enterprise Smart

One Line Pitch: Enhancing the efficiency and productivity of an organizations tools, logistics and operations

Business Summary: Enterprise Smart is a software that is designed to help organizations improve their process workflow, logistics and management tools to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. This is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture and analyze data, to then provide an automated solution that maximizes a company’s workflow efficiency

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch:  Air and water safety, sustainability, and compliance software for industry

Business Summary: Team with engineering, petrochemical, and supply chain experience building a next generation Environment Health and Safety platform, enabling manufacturing and chemical industry to track air and water safety continuously through a powerful combination of advanced sensors and cloud software. The platform enables monitoring, incident tracking, predictive analytics, and compliance reporting

Sector: Clean Technology / Information Technology


One Line Pitch:  Advanced water toxicity monitoring and detection for government & industry

Business Summary: Envitox is bringing top water quality and toxicity testing expertise, alongside breakthrough bioscience to Canada to launch a digitally integrated services for water toxicity monitoring and detection for government and industry. Combining a state-of-the-art bioreporter, a unique cartridge delivery system, and a cloud solution, the company hopes to first solve unique challenges around the 2.2M+ water cooling towers in North America

Sector: Clean Technology / Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Remote control of water supply management by the use of innovative pressure reducing control valves, resulting in water and energy savings

Business Summary: Envotec has developed fully automated smart valves that enable a better water management process. They have three different types of valves: Pressure reducing control, modulating float control and pressure relief control valves. By combining them, they arrived to a system where water input and output is based on computer-aided technology, resulting in water and energy savings

Sector: Water Management, Environment


One Line Pitch: A digital platform that creates a revenue opportunity for owners to rent idle equipment.

Business Summary: Idle construction equipment only collects dust and rust!  Now, thanks to EquipShare, owners of idle equipment can rent out equipment and create a valuable new revenue stream.  On the flip side, no longer does a company have to buy expensive equipment for the next job. Thanks to EquipShare, a company can access available equipment to rent and return it when the job is done.  This unique digital platform brings owner and renter together in an easy to use application, where everyone wins!



One Line Pitch: eScheduler has created an all-in-one cloud hosted appointment booking system for web and mobile

Business Summary: eScheduler has developed a centralized system that streamlines the process for booking appointments. With many SMEs using several different options for booking appointments, processing them in an efficient manner can be very time consuming and can result in double bookings. Using a cloud hosted software, eScheduler offers a way for all appointment bookings to be centralized and smoothly processed. eScheduler hopes their product reduces the stress that juggling many different booking options brings and allows for easy and simple booking.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Espiritmind is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve all sort of mental health issues exist with Company’s employees

Business Summary:   Espiritmind (EM) is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve mental health issues that exist with Company’s employees. Businesses can subscribe to different plans offered by EM and make it available to their employees. Espiritmind’s services range from therapy to personal mentorship. The platform uses a bot interface to communicate with individuals to understand their existing issues and suggest a variety of steps (including private and group meetings) while protecting and storing personal data

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: An anonymization software tool for the Health Care Industry that enables effective data de-identification (anonymization).

Business Summary: Building upon R&D work completed in 2015-2019 as a member of the Medolution healthcare innovation project under the EUREKA cluster ITEA3 program, we are developing software tools for data scientists, research organizations, and government agencies. The software tool will provide a secure platform to manage data sets, request and approval process for data access requests

Sector: Manufacturing

Evermother Technologies Inc.

One Line Pitch:  Evermother is a Canadian maternal care company that is in the business of application development, product development and distribution, and marketing, facilitated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science analytics

Business Summary:   Evermother is the modern solution for expecting mothers to bring the positivity and peace of mind of maternity care into the comfort of their homes. Evermother is primarily an application made accessible for iOS and Android devices. There will be many available features on this application for expecting mothers to utilize technology to ground their pregnancy

Sector: SaaS 

Everywhere Clinic

One Line Pitch: On-Site, On demand, affordable employee total health services for preventing and diagnostic care

Business Summary: The EverywhereClinic is a team of doctors developing a mobile deployable clinic on wheels, delivering much needed preventative, and diagnostic care to at-risk employees in large firms. Through a combination of a modern patient-centric software, a fleet of vehicles, and local health partners, the EverywhereClinic brings comprehensive holistic care to where it is needed most and at a fair price

Sector: IT and Healthcare


One Line Pitch: Expentory is an exchange platform to sell and buy medicine with peers with particular goal in mind: Preventing expiry of medicine and their subsequent waste

Business Summary: Main target market of Expentory is small, medium, and large independent pharmacies though franchised pharmacies can also join and use Expentory’s exchange system. In particular pharmacies located in rural areas can significantly benefit from joining Expentory exchange network as these pharmacies has Signiant turbulences in their demand pattern which directly affect their inventory management

Sector: Life Science

Facade System Solutions

One Line Pitch: Facade system solutions via AI-based software.

Business Summary: Developing a software platform that uses machine learning to predict energy savings in buildings based on the facade systems selected.

This will be done by leveraging large amounts of data, the software will enable builders to simply upload the architectural drawing of a building and based on the weather conditions in the location and type of building, energy savings under facade alternatives will be predicted. Conversely, facade producers and material designers can predict the energy savings of their systems using the technology.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/Architecture


One Line Pitch: Fall-detector and Fall-prevention AI software which uses both inertia based and vision-based systems paired with deep learning neural networks

Business Summary: FallShield has developed a novel fall detector and fall-prevention solution which uses a 3-axial accelerometer, gyroscope and camera supplemented with real-time signal and image processing algorithms based on sophisticated deep learning neural networks.   The AI analyzes the walking pattern of the user and if the walking happens to be out of the normal pattern, the device informs the user and caregiver about the risk of falling.  The system is also trained by different fall types which results in being able to distinguish a fall from a person’s activities of daily life. 

Sector: Life Sciences

Family Budget Management

One Line Pitch:  An AI and ML enabled mobile application for family budgeting that is powered and secured by blockchain

Business Summary:   Family Budget Management is developing a mobile application which helps young Canadian families to help identify their spending pattern and provide customised recommendations to achieve their financial goals by the use of artifical intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology

Sector: Finance

Family Clinic EHR

One Line Pitch: EMR/HER which will be cloud based systems

Business Summary: EMR/HER designed by a GP for GP. This will be simple intuitive interface. Access to all functions and data through two main screens and hot keys. Access from any place or device. The cloud based outpatient(ambulatory) clinic ambulatory management administration susyems. It will be customizable, built in connectivity, integrated remote health, long term patient care path, no maintenance and high security standards

Sector: Life science / Medicine


One Line Pitch: Farcrowd specializes in collecting real-time analytical information about agricultural crops in a given area to help farmers increase production and reduce operational risks.

Business Summary: FarCrowd will use a combination of multispectral drone footage, crop sample data, and third-party information to assemble an accurate, up-to-date picture of the overall health of a given crop. This system will also employ warnings, such as pest outbreak forecasts, to assist farmers in addressing potential issues with their crops sooner and avoid further damage.

Sector: Agricultural Technology


One Line Pitch: FarmDot provides an online platform that connects customers with farmers

Business Summary: FarmDot is an online platform for connecting consumers to farmers.  Through FarmDot’s basic service, farmers will be able to showcase their activities through short videos, pictures or messages, and to engage directly with consumers through chats, as well as audio and video calls. The business will target farmers, food retailers, consumers, and agricultural students. FarmDot will have three main platforms: a social platform for farm presentation and consumer-farmer communication, an e-learning platform, and a food marketplace platform

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Next-gen farming in a box

Business Summary: FarmKit.IO is bringing engineering, farming, and tech expertise to the small and medium-sized farming market. Initially launching a product that enables agriculture farmers to easily implement a remote sensing setup to monitor and care for their crops, & automate systems (eg. Watering) in an easy and simple way

Sector: Information Technology / Agriculture


One Line Pitch:  FashionY is a fashion software and consulting company providing data-driven software solutions for clothing and apparel designers through forecasting fashion trends.

Business Summary: Based on recurrent neural networks, our online SaaS and mobile app tool will conduct real-time data mining of social platforms, retail, material supplier and other relevant data to dig deep into consumer sentiments and learn what drives their fashion preferences. It will provide designers with vital clues on the preferred design options for the target demographics and automatically correct designs to fit the market demand

Sector: Technology


One Line Pitch: Creation of online Chinese Character learning courses directed at the children of Chinese immigrant parents. To help support the student’s cultural heritage growth.

Business Summary: The application of AI aided technology with a web platform to provide Chinese students real-time live course teachings with real-time corrective feedback.

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch:  Fibitex is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform which enables users to place orders at their desired price, trade a specific amount of a certain cryptocurrency instantly into another one or exchange for fiat currency

Business Summary: As cryptocurrencies become more popular as an investment option, it is vital for investors to have fast and cheep access to this market. This requires a transparent and liquid market place for investors and traders to buy and sell these assets. Fibitex will provide this marketplace through its platform and community of investors and traders. Fibitex’s exchange will be a safe and transparent environment complying with KYC and AML rules and regulations

Sector: Financial services consumers who are retail investors and cryptocurrency traders

Find My Parking

One Line Pitch: Find My Parking is an integrated online and offline app that lets drivers choose a specific spot in designated parking lots by using links to specialized sensors in the lot that update real-time availability

Business Summary: Upon arrival at a parking lot, the Find My Parking app guides the driver to their spot through adjusted location technology. The app also helps parking lot owners maximize the utility of their properties. Find My Parking has even created a unique indoor navigation system, which allows drivers and lot owners to determine the exact location of vehicles in places with poor GPS connections

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Fire Damper

One Line Pitch: A paperless solution to fire damper inspections.

Business Summary: Development of digital solutions for complex maintenance and monitoring of building systems.

Sector: Construction/Life Safety Systems/Business Automation


One Line Pitch: Blockchain E-Sports data services platform capturing scores, profiles, as well.

Business Summary: Provides gaming data service by leveraging blockchain technologies for e-sport SaaS platforms including, game scores, game betting, membership/clug.

Sector: Communication Services (Media & Entertainment)

Fish Token

One Line Pitch: To provide a modern approach to seafood traceability with blockchain technology

Business Summary: FishToken is designed to bring transparency and traceability into seafood markets. The application will offer multiple seafood products that will be divided into tokens and each token becomes shares. FishToken will offer the shares to customers and each customer will have the oppotunity to buy as many shares or tokens as possible.  All parties from harvester, distributor and customer can trust the accuracy of data including location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock and tilt.  Benefits include; trust throughout the supply chain, levels the playing field for suppliers and rewards good practices, saves time and reduces operating costs through automation, vendors and consumers know what they are getting and get what they’re paying for

Sector: Services

Floss Mobile

One Line Pitch: An online medical application (DrHAVEN) that provides on-demand video consultation for non-emergency healthcare and wellness from anywhere in the world

Business Summary: The online medical application (DrHAVEN) has been developed with Android, IOS, and Windows platforms compatibility, Video calling, GPS Locator and Clinical documentation features that will allow patients do a real time search for field specific doctors in their country or any other country around the world. Patients will get multiple opinions about a particular health issue they are having then ascertain the best intervention to take, all done from the comfort of their own homes.  Doctors will be able to schedule consultation meetings with patients, End-to-end chat, and audio-visual engagement from their homes/countries

The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases

Sector: Technology/Life Sciences

Fly High Technologies

One Line Pitch:  A simple application that leads service providers through installations while gathering data from the field

Business Summary:   Businesses that conduct installs or repairs need a better way of tracking and
organizing the process from start to finish. These processes are often performed using paper or through disjointed programs, causing long wait times for review of the installation and steps being missed. The proposed solution is an application that combines installation steps, and quality assurance steps into a single, step-by-step guide. The app also generates reports for back office to ensure all data is logged and tracked from the field.

Sector: Services

Folad Plast Sabz Gost

One Line Pitch: A new type of machine eliminates the industrial acid washing stage to reduce harm to the environment and humans

Business Summary: Folad Plast is building a machine by which the chemical method of acid washing is converted into a mechanical method that eliminates disadvantages to the environment and manpower. And the machine also reduces the cost of manufacturing of product which results in more sales. It can be used in the fields of construction, decoration, and industry

Sector: Clean Technology/ Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Forteage Voice is an AI-powered call centre QA platform that accelerates the QA process by up to 80% by AI-based evaluation of 100% of calls, which are then labeled and scored from pre-defined aspects

Business Summary: Forteage Voice accelerates the QA process by using AI transcriptions and a centralized QA platform. Customized evaluation forms, smart playback features and AI transcription are also generated.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch:  FreeHunter is a marketplace and homebase for local freelance talent

Business Summary: FreeHunter is a subscription based local freelancer portal. Their platform allows local businesses to find and employ local talent for numerous types of jobs while taking care of all the paperwork involved in running a freelance business for the freelancer

Sector: Information Technology

Future Health Solutions

One Line Pitch:  A remote monitoring solution that uses passive monitoring technology to monitor the condition of elderly people living independently and provide key information to family and/or caregivers

Business Summary:   Loneliness and social isolation in elderly people increases the likelihood of a decline in their abilities to carry out normal activities, to experience a decline in mobility, and loneliness was also associated with a significant increase in the risk of death. At present, there is no easy way for family and care-givers to remotely monitor health of the elderly who live independently in a user-friendly and cost-effective way.  The solution is A Software-as-a-Service application that combines video and other passive monitoring technologies to provide users with real-time data and insights on the vitals, health, and habits of elderly family/patients

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Provides manufacturers with more affordable and cost-effective milk testing machines, water purity analyzers, and slurry analyzers for use in quality control.

Business Summary: Will sell milk testing machines to small dairy farms that would otherwise not be able to afford such a device. Will sell a water analyzer that is affordable enough to be purchased by even the smallest of water treatment plants. Will sell slurry analyzer for use in the mining industry.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Gain is a novel digital aggregator platform that applies AI and BI algorithms for all three players in the recycling industry, resulting in higher incentives for recycling and generating higher annual revenue for all three “users”

Business Summary: GAIN is an online platform connecting household users with recyclable raw materials to collectors and Recycling businesses willing to serve them. “Home users” generate the demand, “Collectors” and “Recycling Businesses” supply the demand, and “GAIN” acts as the marketplace/facilitator to make this all happen seamlessly.

Sector: Recycling Technology and Hub services

Gas Inspection

One Line Pitch: Gas Inspection is a software solution for oil and gas facilities of all sizes to manage the maintenance of their equipment; plan, predict and schedule maintenance; manage their workforce; control their parts inventory; and track their assets.

Business Summary: Gas Inspection consists of a backend dashboard accessible in the cloud, and a field platform accessible by authorized maintenance workers through unique printed QR codes for every tracked asset.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

GC Perfect

One Line Pitch: GC Perfect is a smart platform that helps contractors to professionally manage contracts, expectations and payments online & on the go

Business Summary: GC Perfect focuses on contractor operational efficiency with ease of use, and full invoicing, payments, bank account, escrow, and email integration. 

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services


One Line Pitch:  Development and commercialization of acid-resistant (Enteric) soft gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries

Business Summary:

The focus of our business is providing the technology of enteric delivery of soft gelatin capsules which could be used by pharma/nutraceutical industries for their product development. The routine enteric delivery for softgels consists of applying an acid-insoluble coating on the capsules after encapsulation process. We have developed an intrinsically acid resistant gelatin formulation which could be used to make enteric softgels in one step to create clear soft gelatin capsules, avoiding additional time and cost for coating process.  Our technology provides an integrated enteric functionality in a softgel which could be easily used for rapid prototype development and formulation screening, avoiding different challenges of enteric coating such as high temperature associated with enteric coating process which could damage some of the ingredients in formulation

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical


One Line Pitch: GellaDerm is the creator of a natural, biocompatible bandage that absorbs wound exudate and provides enhanced breathability and healing time

Business Summary: GellaDerm is seeking to provide medical grade bandages in clinical settings. These bandages lead to quicker healing time, allowing more throughput for medical facilities. Additionally, these bandages are made from biomaterials, resulting in cost advantages, and reduced environmental impact

Sector: Biomedical  

Generation Cyclone Energy

One Line Pitch: Generation Cyclone Energy is developing an intuitive fine grinding machine that is capable of conducting a cyanide-free leaching process to make the metal extraction process cost-efficient and eco-friendly

Business Summary: Generation Cyclone Energy will develop an intuitive fine grinding machine that will also be capable of conducting a cyanide-free leaching process. With TNVM and WDH-based systems,  the Company’s machinery will be able to make the metal extraction process cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Generation Cyclone Energy Co. will create a fine grinding machine that will incorporate the grinding and leaching procedure into one simultaneous process. The Company’s method will incorporate several innovative techniques that will result in an efficient grinding and leaching process. Generation Cyclone Energy Co.’s machines will use less than 500W of power for water pumps and 400W for electro pumps, while also using significantly less consumable water compared to its competitors due to its nearly closed cycle

Sector: Energy


One Line Pitch:  Using advance machine learning technologies, GenomicsMaster is an application for the analysis of genome sequencing sets

Business Summary: The GenomicsMaster technology will read, trim, assemble, annotate, and process different sequence data, and will then produce applicable information, including the name of the genes and the presence of any abnormalities. Deep learning is applied to find patterns in the data. The technology includes algorithm selection, data extraction, and transformation. Predictions can be determined and then, with cross-validation, comparisons can be made to predicted patient outcomes

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences



One Line Pitch: A first in kind proprietary and patent pending wound rinse and topical salve for the wound care market

Business Summary: GentoWound is an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative wound rinse and topical salve that comes in a pH neutral aqueous liquid. It is effective against antimicrobial resistance bacteria and has dermal layer regenerative properties

Sector: Healthcare

Giga Innovation Tech 

One Line Pitch: An innovative technology company focusing on intelligent manufacturing that provides internet-related services, products, and customized solutions for its users

Business Summary: Giga Innovation Tech System Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yunnan Dongfang Group. The company offers innovative systems and solutions focused on intelligent manufacturing. Giga Innovation Tech’s intelligent systems and products are based on specialized platforms and cloud service technologies that can be easily adopted by the end user to process information quickly, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. The company’s smart products and services may be adopted by high-tech industries in electronics, biopharmaceuticals and new materials at a lower cost compared to its competitors

Sector: Manufacturing, Software, Artificial Intelligence

Giraffe Swap

One Line Pitch: Giraffe Swap is a company that provides a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows individuals to trade digital currencies with other assets in a secure manner

Business Summary: Digital transactions have become increasingly popular, thus leading to new opportunities for multi-currency exchanges in the digital space. Giraffe is a firm that provides a decentralized exchange platform, allowing individuals to trade their digital currencies with other assets and/or currencies in a secure, timely and efficient system

Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Portal

One Line Pitch: GACP provides SMEs with a portal to access information globally related to the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends

Business Summary: By creating a subscription-based portal with the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends across the globe, users can go to one location to receive the latest information by country, find the resources, and the technologies on how to better protect their brands, products and intellectual properties

Sector: AI/Security

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Affordable and global solution to current immigration consultants approach ensuring more people are serviced at a lower cost.

Business Summary: Have created a platform that makes things easier for the consultants and the clients, through their unique approach and addition of DSS. GIC has lowered the actual assessment time to an average of 6 minutes, which enables the consultant to access double the amount of profiles in a single workday, compared to their competitors.

Sector: Services

Global Supply Chain Collaborative Portal

One Line Pitch: Intelligent and collaborative cloud-based platform for the entire supply chain management process

Business Summary: One single online platform to enable all stakeholders to chat, share and share order information, quotation, product specification, invoice and all relevant information anywhere, anytime throughout the entire end-to-end global supply chain management process on a very timely monitoring and control

Sector: Information and Communication Technology/ Services

Go Pro Smart Co.

One Line Pitch: Artificial intelligence based smart home automation solution

Business Summary: This application helps the target customers to monitor and control all their home devices from a smartphone or a tablet. The application, driven by artificial intelligence algorithms, allows customers to enhance their comfort level, safety, and overall experience of their smart connected homes and promotes optimum energy usage

Sector: Home electronics Industry

Grand Win Inc

One Line Pitch: High quality windows, doors, and skylights manufactured using eco-friendly processes

Business Summary:   Grand Win Inc will manufacture, sell, and install high quality windows, doors, and skylights. The customers Grand Win Inc aims to target are homeowners, real estate developers, and retailers throughout Canada

Sector: Windows and Doors

Gravity Integrates

One Line Pitch: Procures and delivers official documents needed for emigration/studying abroad

Business Summary: Under the Worldwide Transcripts brand, we help individuals get the documents they need for studying, working or moving abroad. Using a combination of in-field representatives and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we are one-stop-shop to get documents from across India to institutions worldwide.

Sector:  Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: The functionality of GrayJay’s application is to help match service providers with customers in a timely manner. The app will allow people to match within a certain location and ultimately pay for the service with the integration of Stripe

Business Summary: GrayJay offers a smart platform for exchanging services, where the providers build a virtual shop, receive back-office support and help attract leads all while making sure the customers receive the best rates and services. GrayJay’s founders through years of experience in management, software development and digital marketing have identified a gap with the on-demand platform and will help users exchange services at their fingertips

Sector: Online on-demand home service provider

Green CarWash

One Line Pitch: Connecting car owners with local car washers for a convenient, environmentally friendly, mobile car wash

Business Summary: Green CarWah is a mobile application marketplace that connects car owners with local, independent car washers who will travel to a car owners location and wash their vehicle using eco-friendly and waterless products. The application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide further reminders and information to car owners on the optimal time and location to get a car wash based on their lifestyle habits.

Sector: Service, Automotive

Green Chicken

One Line Pitch: Green Chicken has developed a unique organically produced feed supplement designed to improve chicken’s health and egg laying productivity

Business Summary: Green Chicken has made a significant improvement in feed supplements for chickens based scientific research performed using microalgae. As a result, Green Chicken will develop and market this natural feed supplement to the chicken industry in North America

Sector: Agriculture

Green Power Generator

One Line Pitch: A new and innovative green power generator that will create electricity without harming the environment, being the most environmentally friendly power generator in the world

Business Summary: This company will create a smart and intelligent power generator that produces green and renewable kinetic energy for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Due to the large amount of negative environmental implications that traditional power generation creates, the founders of this business decided to generate electricity in a way that, in addition to generating a large amount of electricity, produces the least amount of pollution for the environment

Sector: Renewable Energy

Green Service Automation

One Line Pitch: Blockchain-based industrial automation systems for SMEs

Business Summary: Green Service Automation aims to help SMEs improve their operational efficiency with their blockchain powered automation systems. Through partnerships with multiple suppliers, Green Service Automation can provide design, installation, testing, and maintenance services

Sector: Automation, Manufacturing Solutions

Green Spiru

One Line Pitch: A one-stop shop for everything microalgae

Business Summary:   Green Spiru provides a range of microalgae-based products. As experts in microalgae, they offer strong customer assistance and fully customizable products

Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: Greenbox AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3D Modeling software program that allows it to create reality and virtual reality environments that will assist industrial and small-scale manufacturers, engineers, and the gaming industry in a more cost effective and efficient manner

Business Summary:   Greenbox AI Inc. is an artificial intelligence (AI) 3D modelling software that simplifies the process of creating high and low-resolution 3d objects in virtual reality environments and augmented reality. Greenbox’s patented software and services drastically improve ease of use in 3D modelling so that anyone can create digital 3D images. It streamlines production saving in the gaming and entertainment industries by both time and money. 

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

GreenHouse Energy

One Line Pitch: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. provides an integrated technology platform that delivers industrial automation to the North American greenhouse market

Business Summary: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. is developing a fully automated greenhouse management system that encompasses sensors, automation control systems, software and other technologies to automate irrigation, lighting, energy consumption, remote control and access, that will ultimately provide more cost effective and efficient management of greenhouses

Sector: Agricultural Automation


One Line Pitch:

Green Smart Sense is an agriculture technology company with a focus on the
industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence applications for the agriculture sector. We
offer a platform for monitoring post‐harvest agriculture products and a proprietary index for
measuring the quality of the products in the storage

Business Summary:  

We provide agriculture sensors plus software for analyzing the data
through artificial intelligence. Our patented technology “Green Quality Index “can detect the
hotspots by collecting data from wireless sensors in the stored grains and providing a
quantifiable index to evaluate the quality of the stored grains. In case of any anomaly detection
in the received data, the system sends a notification to the owners immediately. 

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: GreenSulfur has created an e-commerce platform to trade and buy sulfur

Business Summary: GreenSulfur has created a platform that can be used globally for sellers and purchasers within the growing sulfur market. Using machine learning and AI, they have developed an e-commerce platform that will seamlessly connect supply and demand within the market and provide a streamlined process for both parties. GreenSulfur looks to capitalize on this currently uncontested segment within the market and provide ease of transaction to those within it

Sector: E-Commerce


One Line Pitch: GreenSulfur has created an e-commerce platform to trade and buy sulfur

Business Summary: GreenSulfur has created a platform that can be used globally for sellers and purchasers within the growing sulfur market. Using machine learning and AI, they have developed an e-commerce platform that will seamlessly connect supply and demand within the market and provide a streamlined process for both parties. GreenSulfur looks to capitalize on this currently uncontested segment within the market and provide ease of transaction to those within it

Sector: E-Commerce

Greywater Recycling Solution

One Line Pitch: Greywater aims to replace today’s inefficient water management systems with a new smart recovery system in order to save water resources and provide analytical data to the user

Business Summary: Greywater Recycling Solution Company is developing a software based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to recover reusable water. The company will use smart valves to measure the water quality at each stage, providing the software’s user with important information in real time

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Protecting communities with real-time safety alerts and blockchain technology.

Business Summary: Guardaround is a mobile application designed to serve as an additionally emergency response system. The platform provides users with real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening in their community. What makes Guardaround so special is that is makes use of blockchain technology to decentralize its platform allowing for increased transparency.

Sector: Public Safety


One Line Pitch:  100% Canadian organicSelenium Chromium Nutritional Yeast made from mineral sources and modern fermentation processes to supplement dietary deficiencies

Business Summary:   Yeast is used to absorb inorganic Selenium and Chromium and through an autolysis technique, organic Selenium and Chromium are extracted from live cells. The product is 100% organic powder of Selenium and Chromium rich nutritional yeast that can act as a dietary supplement

Sector: Agri-Food Industry


One Line Pitch: An automated approach to virus screening and protection

Business Summary:   HABCO is an innovative assessment and PPE system which aims to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. To manage assessment, the system will be installed at the entrances of hospitals, laboratories, etc. and automatically read various personal infection indicators and assist with with full-body PPE made of wearable plastic

Sector: Personal Protective Equipment


One Line Pitch: Hadiware is an artificial intelligence-based solution for the planning, monitoring, and optimization of routes for organizations with logistics operations

Business Summary: Hadiware is creating Optour, its proprietary, AI-based system that instantly calculates the most efficient routes for businesses, while meeting all constraints, regulations, and customer expectations that in the past have restricted growth. Optour minimizes resources and reduces fossil fuel consumption by reducing exposure to traffic congestion. With Optour routing solutions, businesses can create and execute plans that increase efficiency, provide greater visibility, streamline communications, reduce operating costs, reduce fuel consumption, and yet still meet customer and regulatory requirements. The Optour solution also reduces planning time and operation costs, increasing on-time performance, driver compliance, and productivity

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


Halal Payments Network

One Line Pitch: All aspects of Islamic banking at your fingertips

Business Summary: The Halal Payments Network team is bringing HalalPay to Canada, a mobile-first and easy to use portal to the Islamic finance world, allowing for ethical banking, saving, spending and giving through a custom VISA debit card, mobile application, and network of partnerships that enable Sharia-compliant payments, loans, charitable giving and much more over time

Sector: Financial services , IT

Hana Mini

One Line Pitch: HANA Mini will be an evolution of the original HANA product. Designed to be smaller, less expensive to install, and integrated with a user’s smartphone

Business Summary: HANATM is a cloud based environmental control and accessibility platform specially designed for users with mobility challenges. Our HANATM platform fills the niche between hardware‐focused Environmental Control Units (ECUs) and technologically advanced but unspecialized Smart Home Automation solutions. Composed of a small IoT device that connects to phone, chair & bed, controlled by voice, sip+puff, or head array (configurable), connects to other IoT home automation products, and to other non‐IoT devices, requires a smartphone for configuration

Sector: Life Sciences

Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co

One Line Pitch: One of the largest suppliers of AOC (Active Optical Connection) solutions in China, supplying products to a variety of top tier consumer electronic manufacturers

Business Summary: Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 to commercialize PCIe over fiber products. Operating under the Mo-Link brand, the company uses innovative integrated circuit packaging technology to specialize in the development, design and manufacturing of optical cable products, and is committed to providing cost-effective solutions supporting higher-bandwidth, smaller size and lower power consumption

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: HealGyn has invented a novel, sustain-release drug delivery system for treating reproductive system infections and diseases

Business Summary: HealGyn invention includes a Sustain-Release Drug Delivery Pad for treating Endometrial and Vaginal Infections. HealGyn provides the optimum dose of antibiotic pharmaceutical agents to treat such ailments in the desired time frame. It creates a controlled adhesion to the desired location in the reproductive tract. Another innovative part of the product is an optimized applicator which mainly provides the opportunity to deliver the drug in the desired place and avoids injuries to the susceptible internal wall of the reproductive tract.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: HealMe is looking to provide easy and consistent access to the appropriate specialist doctor with their online booking platform

Business Summary: HealMe has created an online platform that allows individuals to match with the most appropriate doctor for their needs. Using an AI algorithm that assesses the need of a patient, this online system pairs them with a nearby specialist to provide a seamless and quick way to book appointments. HealMe hopes their product provides people with a streamlined way to book appointments easily

Sector: Health Sciences, ICT

Healthify Solutions

One Line Pitch: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety

Business Summary: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor
truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety. Significant benefits of their product enable them to launch a SaaS business model and enhance the efficiency of road transportation.

Sector: Information/Technology, Life Sciences

Heamac Healthcare Inc

One Line Pitch: We develop an intelligent newborn monitor to prevent babies from getting readmitted to hospitals within the first 30 days.

Business Summary: Jaundice & respiratory distress are the top two reasons why babies get readmitted within the first 30 days of birth. Heamac Healthcare developed an innovative patent-pending newborn discharge monitor that non-invasively monitors babies’ vital parameters at home via insurance providers to prevent early discharge. It uses a wide range of frequencies to achieve this monitoring and costs $299. The device is posed for home & hospital use by end of 2021.


Heart Hat

One Line Pitch: HeartHat provides an attachable sweatband to the hardhats of workers  that provides monitoring of their vitals to help enhance safety and increase preventative measures

Business Summary: HeartHat uses a technology that continuously monitors and flags irregularities of an individual’s vitals upon attaching their product to a hardhat. This enables increased safety of workers as alerts are sent out in response whenever abnormal vitals activity is sensed. HeartHat looks to improve worker health and reduce risk of workers hospitalization with this product

Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch:  HECOD provides a Blockchain network for business transactions coupled with a new generation payment processing solution for business and consumers in a variety of industries

Business Summary: HECOD provides a cost-effective and easy way to implement blockchain solutions to a variety of businesses helping them save money in operations and transactions. HECOD will provide the platform as well as vertical market solutions in industries such as real estate, healthcare, and others as well as the specialized services and support to implement and support these systems

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Helios Helmet

One Line Pitch: Increase welding quality & efficiency by Helios AR Welding Helmet

Business Summary: Helios Helmet is engaged in developing a smart helmet for welders. The company proposed product, HELIOS, is an AR-based welding helmet which is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and helps welding operators increase welding quality, reduce repair costs and save time

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/ Manufacturing


One Line Pitch:  Hebanol produces natural antioxidants that are used in edible oils and cosmetic industry

Business Summary: Natural antioxidants have recently gained increased interest because of the belief that natural food ingredients are better and safer than synthetic ones. Herbanol research presents the results on stabilization of the main edible oils with different types of natural antioxidants. Sources of natural antioxidants are herbs

Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch:  HerbMedX is a nature-based pharma company

Business Summary: HerbMedX is a pharmaceutical company specialized in developing anti-inflammatory medicines made from herbs

Sector: Nutraceuticals, ICT


One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of molecular and cellular products like Molecular Lab Instruments and Nucleic Acid extraction kits 

Business Summary: HighDx developed and manufacture laboratory testing products within the scope of molecular biology and cell cultures.  Their leading products are the DNA AND RNA Extraction kits which is playing an important role in early disease detection.  Extraction testing kit reduces the wait time for a test by more than 65% from 30 minutes to 9 minutes and is 30% cheaper than existing kits while maintaining industry standard accuracy.

Sector: Life Sciences

Hire One Jobs Limited

One Line Pitch: A digital employment platform that enables employers to use their own content to attract and communicate with job seekers as well as complete their onboarding process with ease

Business Summary: Hire One Jobs Limited allows job seekers to manage their profile while employers can create their own digital space with unique branding and advertisements. The job matching criteria will match the employees to employers by calculating various attributes. They use elastic analysis to compare the employees and employers’ strengths, market standing, revenue growth, iteration rate, and more. Hire One Jobs Limited’s solution will be a collaborative platform for employers and employees alike

Sector: Talent Acquisition, Human Resources


One Line Pitch: HiSquare is a global bilingual event management and ticketing platform built by media professionals helping international students better integrate into local community

Business Summary: HiSquare aims to enrich international students’ lives through integrating high quality events at different venues and communities in Canada. We’ve partnered with over 100 organizations across the nation, from student associations, alumni associations, business organizations, institutions to US’s organizations

Sector: Services

HLM Diagnostics

One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing the use of industrial sprays through affordable AI-based diagnostics and testing systems

Business Summary:   HLM Diagnostics aims to assist companies in improving the quality control and efficiency of their sprays. The core product HLM Diagnostics plans to offer is the “Spraycheck” droplet sizing instrument. Unlike other droplet sizing instruments, the “Spraycheck” is compact, affordable, and simple to use

Sector: Industrial Spray Equipment


One Line Pitch: Next-generation medical device for preventing injection errors

Business Summary: HMTCO changed the level of safety for high-risk injection ports. InSafejection™ is an innovative device that prevents unintentional/wrong route intra-arterial, intra-epidural injection, and it also aware medical practitioners of unauthorized injection in patients with a substance abuse history or suicidal tendencies

Sector: Life Sciences

Home Dream

One Line Pitch: Matching real estate developers with customers looking to build their dream home.

Business Summary: Home Dream is an online platform which connects real estate developers with prospective home buyers. Developers on the platform can post their recent builds, standard designs, and available projects. On the buyer side, they can view all documents posted by developers and also upload their own information such as personal preferences, budget, target community, etc.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Real Estate Advertising

Home Energy Map

One Line Pitch: Measuring home energy use, so that homeowners can better manage home energy use

Business Summary: A simple self-assessment of home energy use based on our unique algorithm and local market rates that allows utilities and clean energy companies to identify likely prospects for comprehensive energy audits leading to clean energy upgrades such as windows, doors, furnaces, lighting, and insulation. Based on the testing results, the algorithm will automatically link homeowners with local financial incentives and government programs to assist with identified home energy upgrades

Sector: Life Sciences

Home Medical Sales and Rent Marketplace Application

One Line Pitch: An innovative software company developing a smart application that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide medical device recommendations to users based on their specific healthcare needs

Business Summary: Home Medical Sale and Rent Marketplace is developing a smart application where buyers and sellers can come together as a community to either rent or sell medical devices at a low cost to serve patients in need of affordable healthcare equipment. The smart application is unique as it utilizes a proprietary algorithm to determine which piece of healthcare equipment is best suited to the needs of each user based on a customer survey. The platform is also highly innovative as it employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which allows it to make specific recommendations to a particular user overtime

Sector: Software, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Pharmaceutical devices and pharmaceutical sophisticated solution

Business Summary: Horsun is the first and only manufacturer of metered-dose inhalers devices in Iran and the Middle East. These products are Actuator, Metered Valve, Canister (Coated and plain)

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An innovative decontamination and recycling system made for medical waste

Business Summary:   HSZ enters the market with a more effective decontamination and recycling solution for the medical industry. Many of the current offerings focus solely on continuous microwave technologies (CMT). HSZ’s system uses CMT but has also augmented the process by adding other technologies. This new process is highly cost-efficient and is ready to meet the needs of a growing healthcare industry

Sector: Recycling & Decontamination


One Line Pitch: HyphalBoard has developed an eco-friendly material made from mycelium to be used as an alternative to traditional construction materials

Business Summary: The HyphalBoard fungal-based mycelium boards are used for a variety of applications due to their lightweight, strong, decorative, and heat insulating properties. The boards deliver the same quality and reduce the negative environmental impact traditionally seen with current alternative materials for construction

Sector: Sustainable Construction Materials

IceRazor Inc

One Line Pitch:  Fights the ice in an environmentally safer and more economical manner

Business Summary: Icerazor takes deicing to the next level and provides salt-free solutions that transform the deicing industry through innovating an optimal balance between performance, affordability, and environmental safety. 

Sector: Clean Technology

Ideal Waiter

One Line Pitch:  A contactless, digital dine-in ordering system for restaurants

Business Summary: Ideal Waiter is a contactless modular software built for Food & Beverage and Hospitality industries. Integrated with a restaurants POS and Payment gateway this contactless ordering system automates the entire dine-in experience and helps manage and monitor the entire business operation

Sector: Hospitality


One Line Pitch: iDentCare aims to encourage people to improve their oral health by regular monitoring of their dental conditions by offering a solution to make intraoral imaging affordable and feasible for the public

Business Summary: iDentCare product uses an intraoral camera and cellphone camera equipped with appropriate optics for regular and fluorescent imaging. Usng image processing and machine learning, the product analyzes the captured images and recognizes the issues with the teeth. The deep learning methods provide an accurate and rapid analysis of the image. Additionally, iDentCare uses fluorescence‐based imaging method which is an effective, safe and accurate solution

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Scientific content management system (sCMS) to meaningfully publish content and verify the authenticity

Business Summary: Creation of a scientific content management system (sCMS) to catalogue published knowledge and assess the authenticity of new knowledge using in-built algorithms and Artificial intelligence technologies.

Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: A platform is designed to teach speaking and life skills to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), based on video modeling method. Our mission is to make sure that every child with ASD in the world has access to therapy resources at affordable price. IMUTISM video products will be available in English at first step, then in other languages in a few years

Business Summary: As an alternative program of regular occupational and speech therapy, our digital imitation- based videos and tasks, designed for different age groups and levels of autism, are available through a platform to teach life skills to ASD children and adults. IMUTISM also provide families with a place to communicate with other families and exchange experiences

Sector: Life Science

Industrial Innovative Hygeine

One Line Pitch: Real-time industrial safety monitoring

Business Summary: IIH has developed a solution that will improve industrial safety and reduce safety costs by taking a previously static, one-time process, and making it real-time with continuous monitoring and improved decision-making.

Sector: ICT, Healthcare

Industrial Machine Vision Inspection

One Line Pitch: Innovative hardware and software solution to replace human inspections in factories. The software analyzes objects and processes the data collected in real time, creating a more efficient and precise inspection activity

Business Summary: Industrial Machine Vision Inspection eased the inspection processes in industries by using their software and hardware. The company created a proprietary platform that analyses each object in its own environment then, processes images and data in real time to produce an automated activity of an inspection, replacing the need for human interaction. The company aims to increase the efficiency and lower the costs of factory inspections

Sector: Industrial Technology

Industrial Membrane Solution

One Line Pitch: Using multi-layered Nano-bubble technology to restore membranes in industrial water purification systems that enhance membrane cleaning. 

Business Summary: Membrane Solutions Pro uses its award-winning technology to restore the worn-out membranes and improve the effectiveness of the periodical cleaning for RO water purification systems. This advanced technology leads to a decrease in capital cost (membranes replacement) and operating expenses (membranes cleaning costs).


Influence Pilot

One Line Pitch: Influencer marketing workflow automation and consultant marketplace

Business Summary: InfluencePilot is empowering local expert influencer agencies and consultants, to get discovered by, and manage large brands looking to run influencer campaigns. Building off of founder insights from their last company, the InfluencePilot team has automated workflows in contracts, approvals, invoicing, communications, analytics and reporting for customer influencer agencies and consultants

Sector: Information and Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications.

Business Summary:   Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications. Expandable micro-motor bur (EMB) is a practical dental instrument proposed for removal of broken teeth roots that cannot be extracted by the routine closed methods.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Inspectorail provides a platform via the use of LiDAR sensors and cameras that allow for the continuous monitoring of railway networks.

Business Summary: Inspectorail has developed a solution to the issues of railway maintenance and inspections through their combination of software and hardware. They have created a system that can be installed onto locomotives to provide monitoring of railways and provide a means of predictive maintenance. Inspectorial looks to provide a method of preventing railroad accidents before they happen and increase then lifespan of railway networks.

Sector:  Construction, ICT


One Line Pitch:  Microbial infection detection

Business Summary: IntelBioMax offers a very fast and sensitive technology to detect the antibacterial sensitivity and resistance to antibiotics in less than one hour from the initial incubation period (24 hours).

Sector: ICT, Life Sciences

Intelliaire Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelliaire Solutions Inc. is an Internet of Things (IoT) system with embedded sensors, software, and connectivity that enables HVAC system to exchange data with other connected devices

Business Summary: Intelliaire Solutions Inc. improves preventative maintenance by sensing data on air quality and equipment status, making it significantly easier to gain insight across a range of equipment such as Rooftop air-handling units, Air-handling units, Make-up air units, and Variable air volume reheat systems

Sector: Information Technology

Intelligent ERP Software Solutions

One Line Pitch: Intelligent ERP is a customizable Enterprise Resource Planning business software system that integrates and streamlines data for an entire enterprise on a Hyperledger blockchain platform.

Business Summary: Intelligent ERP provides an intuitive ERP system that integrates with a Hyperledger blockchain and can be customized and configured with many plugins or modules based on buyer needs. Intelligent ERP is also scalable. With the added security of blockchain technology, users are able to better manage and protect their privacy, secure their data, and automate any workflow process in an efficient and sustainable way.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Intelligent Farm Management Company

One Line Pitch: Secure, user-friendly, comprehensive online platform and mobile application to disseminate innovative Smart Farming Technologies (STF) to agriculture industry workers

Business Summary: Intelligent Farm Management Company created an online platform that gathers different STFs. The application is uniquely interactive as users can not only get to know new technologies but can also connect with each other using communication portals to share experiences as part of an open community on a global scale

Sector: Agriculture, Information and Communications Technology

Intelligent HVAC System

One Line Pitch: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies a wireless intelligent HVAC system to reduce their cost of energy

Business Summary: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies an affordable service-based solution that wishes to invest in a wireless intelligent HVAC system. By offering a customized design, installation and continuous tech-support, Intelligent HVAC System Company offers homeowners and business owners an innovative, convenient and low-cost solution to Intelligent HVAC automation. This start-up will generate revenue by selling a customized HVAC design plan based on each customer’s needs and budget, and by installing and monitoring all components and smart sensors that are a part of an Intelligent HVAC System in residential and commercial buildings

Sector: Clean Technology

International Startup Booster Solutions

One Line Pitch: Startup Booster is an AI-based business consulting company that provides a range of services to new business owners

Business Summary: Startup Booster provides a seamless step-by-step Q&A platform to compose business plans, followed by market benchmark wizards that quickly advise clients on the degree of logic in their plans. AI is then applied in the style of hints to increase the probability of a successful outcome of a new business.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform that enables households to generate revenue simply by separating their wastes at source.

Business Summary: Mismanagement of waste is harming human health and local environments while adding to climate challenge. Even though we all know that waste management is the key to protecting the environment, we need new incentives and prompts to take action on recycling.

Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch:  Invatohelps organizations to create instant e-invoicesand accept payments in seconds

Business Summary: Invato is a web-based Software as a Service (“SaaS”) financial platform providing an all-in-one solution for businesses in Canada to sell their products and receive payments instantly. Invato’s software provides features including invoicing, billing, payment tracking, accounting, payroll management, financial management, credit card processing and fraud monitoring – all within one single ecosystem. Invato was born out of the founders’ successful experience with the ‘Keenu’, a highly successful payment start-up in Pakistan. The founders used their knowledge of the FinTech industry and their successful experience with Keenu and created Invato on an entirely new technology stack with features far surpassing just the payment gateway

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

IoT Construction

One Line Pitch: Through the combination of cloud technology and AI, IOT Construction offers a way to handle construction projects more efficiently.

Business Summary: IoT Construction has developed a product that through the use of sensors and real-time monitoring, along with AI and cloud technology, allows for the improvement of construction performance. This technology reduces construction costs, improves equipment maintenance, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact.

Sector: Construction, ICT


One Line Pitch: A SaaS solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for SMEs implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001 in a very deep and fast but simple step-by-step process at a fraction of the cost of traditional processes

Business Summary: iSecureData is a management system for Information Security providing the highest standards and best practices in information security. iSecureData has over 20 years experience implementing ISMS in high security organizations including the banking and financial services sectors. iSecureData uses AI to provide the best structure and content for organizations to implement ISMS based on their unique security requirements. iSecureData provides very efficient documentation for the management team so they can monitor and manage the cyber security status of the organization.

Sector:  Information Technology

JJ Engineering Showcase

One Line Pitch: JJ Engineering is developing customizable software and hardware for global navigation manufactures.

Business Summary: JJ Engineering looks to solve the issue of global navigation manufactures needing to meet differing regulations throughout the world. This is accomplished via the use of specialized software and hardware that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer. JJ Engineering hopes to allow global navigation manufactures to adapt quickly and efficiently into growing markets with their product.

Sector: Manufacturing Solutions

Jolan Financial Approach

One Line Pitch:  Jolan Financial is building an innovative online software that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and block-chain technology to analyze uploaded financial statements

Business Summary: Jolan Financial provides reports on the financial condition of a company and has the capability to forecast and predict future financial projections. With the Jolan solution, information is presented in such a way that determinations can be made to measure if a company is worth an investment. Jolan can also be used internally to evaluate areas for improvement within the company

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Juice Academy

One Line Pitch: Juice Academy is an online education academy that provides a comprehensive set of products and services targeted at learners that need to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) proficiency test

Business Summary: Juice Academy has been developed by certified experts with over two decades of experience in delivering IELTS training and preparing learners for the IELTS. The preparation courses are delivered in a blended learning environment providing learners with access to self-paced content supported by personalized teacher engagement. Self-paced learning is provided through access to online courses, recorded lessons, assessments, and other services all of which have machine learning capabilities. Ongoing student monitoring and one- on-one classes targeted at each student’s unique learning needs provides students with personalized education enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the learning experience. Juice Academy is available 24/7 allowing students to study from the comfort of their home

Sector: Education/eLearning

KAG Engineering Co

One Line Pitch: Oil and Gas safety solutions by way of remote monitoring of values.

Business Summary: Creation of leading sophisticated technology oil and gas safety solutions for remote monitoring of variables in gas and oil stations.

Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps match Personal Support Workers with Clients to ensure that the client gets the appropriate help they need as quickly and comfortably as possible

Business Summary: Kare Support has developed proprietary software that rates the compatibility of Personal Support Workers with potential clients based on the skills, availability and client feedback.  The Software system is continuously updated by both workers and clients to ensure the most current and appropriate match.  The KareSupport online platform provides healthcare organizations an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their Personal Support Workers to ensure they are providing appropriate support to people in need

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: The vision KidiHealth is to make every daycare an extension of the child’s home by creating collaborative circles of parents, dedicated daycare staff, and healthcare professionals around every child so they can reach their full potential.

Business Summary: While existing solutions attempt to automate some administrative tasks, KidiHealth’s cloud-based platform provides a single, easy to access place to manage daycare activities, automate government forms & compliance tasks, inform parents, and refer children to healthcare specialists when they need it most.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


Kids Robot Interactive

One Line Pitch: An interactive and intelligent robot toy designed to enhance children’s cognitive development and analytical skills through the reading of flashcard commands

Business Summary:   Kids Robot Interactive (KRI) is inventing a robot that can read flashcards and commands using a camera and software application. It is designed to enhance cognitive development in children aged 3-5 by providing an interactive experience that differentiates itself form the traditional screen-based games that today’s children are overexposed to

Sector: Education Technology

Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc

One Line Pitch: Low-cost polyelectrolytes for industrial use.

Business Summary: Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc specializes in producing various polyelectrolyte products which can be used in various industries such as water treatment, cosmetics, and medical. Thanks to their innovative production method, their products are inexpensive and easy to produce in high quantities.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An online virtual classroom that provides simulations and animations that increase engagement and learning quality in Canadian schools

Business Summary: Kokuban provides an innovative, responsive, and purpose-built virtual classroom environment platform for teaching math and science topics. Kokuban platform allows instructors to use predefined math, physics and chemistry problems, formulas, equations, and simulations to improve the virtual classroom experience and make the teaching engaging

Sector: Education/eLearning


One Line Pitch:  Deep learning in construction

Business Summary: Konsolu is a construction software and consulting company using deep learning AI technology to optimize processes over the entire construction cycle

Sector: AEC, ITC, AI


One Line Pitch: Koral is the software solution that will enable municipalities to work on data collection collaboratively and cohesively in various sectors and improve upon strategy, measurement, and reporting.

Business Summary: Koral has created a software platform that aims to provide the necessary tools for the circular strategy tracking, measurement, and reporting. This platform will enable various stakeholders in a municipality to collaborate create dynamic workflows and reports that provide the basis for creating optimal strategies. Koral looks to provide municipalities with the platform that will enable them to create the most efficient and feasible circular strategies.

Sector:  ICT

Labour Crown

One Line Pitch:  Wearables embedded with IoT sensors to monitor working environments in real-time

Business Summary: Labour Crown provides wearables that are embedded with IoT sensors in order to help monitor working environments in real-time. Information collected through the sensors are used for worker activity & physiological monitoring, environmental sensing, location tracking and detection of construction hazards. Relevant information is used to ensure ultimate work-site safety, compliance, and efficiencies

Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch:  LadderAi is a video-based networking platform that helps unite working professionals with students

Business Summary:   LadderAi allows for the sharing of 3- to 4-minute videos to effectively discuss role-specific opportunities. As an example, job seekers can create their profile with a video resume to showcase their strengths and abilities, and recruiters and employers can login to the job seeker’s profile to gain significant and previously unavailable insight on the candidate based on AI analysis

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: AI-powered language learning platform that offers faster and smarter solutions for learning

Business Summary: LanGeek is an e-learning platform that uses NLP and ML to provide a high-tech and dynamic path for language learners to accelerate learning a new language and make the process easier and more personalized for each learner

Sector: EdTech


One Line Pitch: Connecting lawyers with clients using a proprietary matching system.

Business Summary: Lawyab is an online referral marketplace which uses an innovative matching algorithm and recommendation system. Users on the platform can browse through all available lawyers or upload their case information and be matched with a lawyer best suited for them. Additionally, Lawyab’s own in-house legal team will provide users with on-going support to ensure peace-of-mind.

Sector: Online Marketplace, Legal Services

Lean Meals

One Line Pitch: Lean Meals has created an AI supported online platform that allows for customizable healthy meals to be delivered right to your door

Business Summary: Lean Meals is developing an online food ordering platform for easy and healthy meals. With the current worldwide obesity rates rapidly rising, having healthy and easily accessible meals is the main way to combat this. Through the use of an AI and cloud-based system that suggests meals specifically based off user profile, Lean Meals offers users the ability to custom order healthy meals that can be then directly delivered to their doorstep.   Lean Meals hopes their product helps create a healthier and happier world

Sector: Health & Wellness

Learn Wyse

One Line Pitch: Learn Wyse Education Limited : EdTech platform for tailor – made  education. 

Business Summary: Learn Wyse Education Limited is a EdTech platform that provides enhanced learning for students, as well as offering efficiencies in education, training delivery, and assessment. The company targets both teachers/ tutors and students, as well as wide range of educational institutions. Starting from Canada, Learn Wyse will spread its reach to North America, as well as internationally.

Sector: Information & Communication Technology

Leave Pet Alone

One Line Pitch: Comprehensive remote pet health management and control system

Business Summary: A remote pet health management and control system (LPA) to meet pets essential requirements including food, water, toilet, health, game, etc. without the need to the physical presence of the owner. Leverages technologies of artificial intelligence, active learning, sound, and image processing

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

LeFu Health Products

One Line Pitch: Health Biotech products company.

Business Summary: LeFu produces and distributes nutrition supplements, including a collagen-based UC-II line to treat arthritis and joint pain, and kefir starters that are added to milk to produce a pro-biotic rich and healthy beverage. LeFu is also developing new innovative health products based on soybean fermentation.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A pediatric ketogenic diet monitoring software system for children with epilepsy and their families

Business Summary: Instead of prescribing children with anti-epileptic drugs, this is a platform to support families with children prone to seizures by providing them with ketogenic diet meal plans, seizure logs, and monitoring technology for diet, hydration, and weight. They are simplifying the transition to a ketogenic diet by providing a meal delivery service and increasing the ease of communication with pediatricians

Sector: Life Sciences

Light Edge

One Line Pitch: Light Edge is a smart-lighting service solution for individuals and businesses

Business Summary: Light Edge takes a holistic user-focused approach to smart-lighting systems’, by utilizing artificial intelligence to customize and tailor the lighting of indoor spaces. This includes the color, intensity, and duration of the lighting. Our goal is to help create a healthy living and working environment for all of our users.

Sector: Smart Lighting


One Line Pitch: Lightbox offers programable and sensor-enabled digital screens that can be affixed to taxis/rideshares for advertising.

Business Summary: Lightbox has developed digital screens that can be placed upon taxis/rideshares that can be programmed and altered to the wants of the clients. These screens offer the ability to broadcast adverts that can change aspects based on time of day, location, and target audience. Lightbox looks to provide clients with the ability to adapt and change their advertisements on demand to fit the needs at that exact moment.

Sector:  Manufacturing, Marketing

LogicMed AI Inc.

One Line Pitch: Software powered by Artificial Intelligence to be used by healthcare professionals for pregnancy and infertility applications

Business Summary: LogicMed’s Artificial Intelligence software program is designed to interpret existing clinical data, test results and medical imagery in real-time for the accurate and early detection of possible pregnancy complications or infertility.   The proprietary algorithm will provide pathologists and infertility therapists key insights for patient care management and treatment options

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions which look great on any building

Business Summary:   Lumel aims to increase the use of BIPV products through producing their own high-efficiency panels. Unlike competitors, Lumel’s panels have modern styling and are fully customizable to meet design needs

Sector: Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Map Store

One Line Pitch: One-of-a-kind, fully customizable city artwork

Business Summary: Map Store provides beautifully crafted, custom city artwork. Using Map Store, customers can select the city/location they want printed, materials used to print the map and finalize the piece with a custom frame

Sector: Services

Marketing Consultancy for Startups

One Line Pitch:  Consulting services for start-ups looking to manage their marketing efforts and grow their businesses

Business Summary: With their innovative Sales Intelligence technology powered by AI, Marketing Consultancy can accurately and precisely gain information on new markets, customers, and competitors to create personalized market plans.

Sector: Information and Communication Technology / Services


One Line Pitch: Unified digital community for holistic women’s health

Business Summary: MaryMD was developed by a multidisciplinary team of health and technology experts working to reinvent how women are cared for in terms of health, wellness, and community. Named after Mary Jacobi, a pioneer in women’s health and health knowledge, MaryMD is a digital holistic women’s health community, with a vetted knowledgebase, wellness coaching, care specialists, and health retail

Sector: Healthcare / Information Technology

Massive Hydroponics Foodtech

One Line Pitch: Massive Hydroponics has created a hardware and software bundle that enables families to grow and produce their own produce from the comfort of their homes

Business Summary: Massive Hydroponics has developed a product that allows for families to have access to fresh and health produce. Using an AI based software in conjunction with hardware and an app, their product creates product with minimal maintenance and optimal yield. Massive Hydroponics looks to remove the cost barrier that exists for produce, and provide everyone with access to healthy and fresh produce

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch:  Innovative hydrotherapy equiptment manufacture

Business Summary: MATBionics has developed an aquamill, which is a compact hydrotherapy gym, including an underwater treadmill and other innovative fitness equiptment. This is designed specifically for cardiac rehabilitation and fat burning exercises

Sector: Medical Devices & Equiptment

Matters Inc

One Line Pitch:  Matters Inc. is a neuro-linguistic program that uses scientific insights to raise awareness in family, teachers, nannies, and children.

Business Summary: Matters Inc has developed a product that aims to raise awareness in its users’ bit-sized scientific insights. Their product will increase three types of awareness: social, self, and organizational. Matters Inc hopes that their product will aid in the battle against mental health issues.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch:  MAVCOR provides a corrosion management system for regular inspection and predictive maintenance of pipelines and energy infrastructure.

Business Summary: MAVCOR provides an analytics dashboard that integrates with drone technology to inspect and to provide continuous corrosion data collection. MAVCOR improves the efficiency of inspection and associated costs, improves safety and reduces environmental risks associated with leaks.

Sector: Energy and Chemicals Industry

Max 9

One Line Pitch: Provides quality assurance on safety (non-tampered) and legitimacy (non-counterfeit) of products using technology for under two cents an application.

Business Summary: Sell a version of RFID chips attached to devices that are validated at point of manufacture.

Sector: Information and Communication Technology

Maximon Med Corporation

One Line Pitch: Maximon is creating AI-integrated wearable devices that will monitor and analyze the health of the user and provide support when needed.

Business Summary: Maximon is developing AI-integrated software that works cohesively with a wearable device that will provides users with several analytics regarding their health. The AI will make critical decisions based on the user’s current health status and contact aid when required. Maximon is hoping to provide preventative measures to life-threatening conditions and help people overcome unexpected heath issues.

Sector:  Healthcare, Life Sciences

Maximon Med Corporation Showcase

One Line Pitch: Maximon is creating AI-integrated wearable devices that will monitor and analyze the health of the user and provide support when needed.

Business Summary: Maximon is developing AI-integrated software that works cohesively with a wearable device that will provides users with several analytics regarding their health. The AI will make critical decisions based on the user’s current health status and contact aid when required. Maximon is hoping to provide preventative measures to life-threatening conditions and help people overcome unexpected heath issues.

Sector: Healthcare, Life Sciences

MBF Group

One Line Pitch: MBF provides the autobody, car-dealer, car rental and paint industry with a surface defect detection smartphone application that detects damage and surface defects better than the human eye. The application features AI and machine learning, providing a cost effective tool to record and report damage and imperfections of any painted surface

Business Summary: MBF’s mission is to provide industry with an affordable and reliable surface paint quality measurement system. The MBF app is user friendly and will allow easy capture and reporting of surface defects – saving operators time and money

Sector: Auto-body repair, car rental, car sales, and paint industry


One Line Pitch: McClick Technology Inc. designs, optimizes and develops Electrical Motor/ Generator with a proprietary Permanent Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor and outer rotor in special motor such as Switched Reluctance Motor and Synchronous Reluctance Motor. The motors and generators have wide range applications, from commercial retail products such as e-bikes and e-scooter to large scale heavy manufacturing products such as robotics, automotive and aerospace industries

Business Summary: The Company will provide engineering services in design, optimization, and manufacturing of electrical motors/generators and will directly distribute the special motors/generators in E-Bike and Scooter applications.  The novel compact structure offers higher reliability and energy and cost efficiency, with applications in automotive, rehabilitation products, E-bike, Scooter and home appliance manufacturing

Sector: 1. Commercial retail transportation such as e-scooters, e-bikes
2. Engineering services, Consulting
3. Manufacturing

Mchalegroup Inc

One Line Pitch: An intelligent restaurant service app and cloud platform, which provides restaurant recommendation, reservation, waiting list, order and payment service for diners and restaurant owners

Business Summary: Mchalegroup Inc. is dedicated to reducing frustration for diners, hosts and restaurants and replaces the traditional recommendation, reservation and payments system with a real-time app by adopting unique algorithm with deep learning technology and big data analysis

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Hospital tracking system

Business Summary: MedicPing uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology infrastructure to identify tags, manage tag rules, activate alarms, and control doors. This state-of-art system provides real-time location data for staff, patients and hospital assets facilitating monitoring, tracking, organization and increasing security to help maintain efficiency and support hospital functions

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

MeetWise Canada Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch:  MeetWise Canada Technologies Inc. is a real-time contact management system, complete with advanced technologies that allow dual profiles for personal and business.

Business Summary: MeetWise Canada Technologies Inc. is a super-app platform with integrated foundation technologies that combine profiles, contacts, meetings, events, social & commercial feeds, tasks, notes, and an intuitive calendar to resolve the inherent user frustrations of multiple apps and repetitive tasks

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Employee Health Software platform for enterprise

Business Summary: MendMe is the ultimate tool for employees to recover faster, and get back to work sooner. Employers save on lost wages, benefits providers control costs, and employees get access to the mental, physical, general health, and pre & post-operative best practices they need to get back on their feet

Sector: Healthcare / Information Technology

Meta Wings XR

One Line Pitch: Meta Wings XR provides users with a virtual 3D space platform that can be used to facilitate virtual meetings, training rooms, virtual showrooms, onboarding and workspaces, thus enhancing the user’s ability to collaborate

Business Summary: Meta Wings XR has created a SaaS platform that enable users to take advantage of the uprising Metaverse technologies. They have created a web-based platform that enables real-time interactions among users on laptop, mobile and in a virtual reality space with the capability for the program to be custom tailored to suit the specific needs of the users

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Using a peer-to-peer model, the MightyID communication platform brings together the features of high-end video calls with both the messaging and the task management abilities of social media.

Business Summary: MightyID is communication company with technology that combines video and conference calling with messaging and task management abilities. MightyID has been designed for individuals and small- to medium-sized companies. The app provides users with a messaging platform where you can also schedule calls or make them on the go.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Smart immigration assistant for immigration lawyers and consultants

Business Summary: MigrateDesk.AI powerful AI assistant for immigration lawyers and consultants, identifying timely opportunities, application improvement areas, and facilitating application workflows. The solution is structured into 4 key feature areas: Case & Task Management, Client Onboarding & Data Room, Fit IQ, Templates & Best Practices

Sector: Information and Communication Technology / Services


One Line Pitch: Mindelia is an AI-powered lead-scoring tool helping home-renovation pros to connect with high-potential leads

Business Summary: Mindelia is an AI-powered lead-scoring tool helping micro and small home-renovation pros to connect with high-potential leads. For the end-users, the platform acts as a listing website where people can see pros’ completed renovation projects and get inspired by them. They also can interact with these posted projects and reach out to pros free of charge. “Only pay when you have too many leads to catch up with” instead of buying garbage leads.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

MindHabit Wellness Inc

One Line Pitch: MindHabit will provide mental wellness support by offering personalized programs which place a focus on the user’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

Business Summary: MindHabit Wellness Inc. will develop an intuitive Android and iOS application that aims to improve people’s mental health by combining a holistic integrative approach to mental wellness with
nutrition programs and mind-body yoga sessions, as well as offering personalised expert
consultation and guidance.

Sector: Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Minfusion has designed and developed a medical grade beverage dispenser that purifies tab water, adds a measured amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours to the filtered water and carbonates the mixtures.

Business Summary:   Minfusion has designed and developed a medical grade beverage dispenser that purifies tab water, adds a measured amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours to the filtered water and carbonates the mixtures. Users can customize their drinking water based on their own desired amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours. Minfusion can track and monitor the micronutrient and water consumption and provides personalized reports. Each mixture formulation is designed to maximize the bioavailability and efficacy of each of the elements in the mixture.

Sector: Life Sciences

Minoo Publications

One Line Pitch:  Minoo is a software platform aimed at providing both indie and immigrate writers with the means of successfully publishing their works.

Business Summary: Minoo Publications has developed a platform that enables indie and immigrate writers to publish works more easily and successfully. With the use of a team of editors and designers, Minoo has created an online software that provides writers with the means to accomplish this. Minoo hopes to remove the barriers that are typically faced by these writers and provide them with a way to be successful.

Sector: Literature, Media and Entertainment


One Line Pitch: Through disruptive innovation and a revolutionary platform, Minueto automates music education, making it scalable and accessible globally, uniting people of all the different cultures around the world through music

Business Summary: Learning music is an impossible challenge for many, whether due to the lack of access, price, geographical displacement, content of interest, languages, ineffective methodologies, learning barriers, among others. Minueto solves all these barriers through 5 pillars: Content Global Access; Musical Knowledge Break Down; Lessons and Practices in Different Approaches; Customized Dedication Learning Levels; and Endless Content Production

Sector: Education/Learning

Miracare Medi Tech

One Line Pitch: Magnolia Medi Tech combines an affordable 3D image capture system and 3D printing techniques. Which deliver customized maxillofacial prosthetics with accurate skin colour with fine textures over a 3Dshape, with significant savings in both time and cost.

Business Summary: New and innovative methods for manufacturing facial soft tissue prostheses that prioritize accurate 3D color image reproduction have been developed and a framework and protocol for specific 3D processing designed. Additionally, color management processing has been developed and successfully applied to 3D imaging devices and manufacturing processes.

The overall plan is to integrate electronic sensors at the intersection between the prosthetic and the wearer’s tissue, which the prosthesis can gather information related to prosthetic function and comfort, such as the pressure, temperature, and light across wearer’s tissue, that can help improve further iterations of these types of prosthetics.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Mobilab is a mobile bovine semen collection facility offering on-site collection, freezing and storage of semen at the breeder’s location.

Business Summary: Mobilab is offering on-farm bovine semen collection, and has developed a unique, nanocomposite-assisted cryopreservation procedure, increasing the motility and integrity of sperm by as much as 20%. Traditional methods of semen collection and preservation lead to a high degree of oxidative stress, especially in the freezing and thawing operation. Traditional players often also require the bulls to be transported to collection facilities causing high costs and distress to the bulls.

Sector: Life Sciences/Agriculture

Mobile Marketing

One Line Pitch: A new way for businesses to advertise and engage with customers to collect data in the digital space

Business Summary: By using artificial intelligence businesses are provided in-depth reports. metrics and analysis of shopping trends and usage data so that they can make informed marketing decisions

Sector: Information and Communication Technology

Mobile Money Services Company

One Line Pitch: Mobile Money provides users with the ease of being able to access and use financial services from the palm of their hand.

Business Summary: Mobile Money provides users with an alternative option to traditional mobile banking. Using their product, users do away with typical fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, and instead only pay a flat fee per transaction. Mobile Money looks to enable users to have a more efficient and accessible use of their money.

Sector:  Mobile Applications

Modular Green

One Line Pitch: ModularGreen growing surgically clean food without soil, lighting and heating – all year round

Business Summary: ModularGreen has developed entirely self-sustained modular greenhouses that will help solve the problem of food security in non-agricultural climates. The modules will enable year-round production of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish using an aquaponics system, pyrolysis heater and solar energy.

Sector: Agriculture / Food

Mositto City

One Line Pitch: Mositto City is a neural network-based educational system that uses a graph-like structure and artificial intelligence to create better STEAM skills learning experience

Business Summary:  Mositto City is a neural network-based educational system that uses a graph-like structure and artificial intelligence, trying to encompass all interests and talent, for better STEAM skills learning experience which will lead to a more practical approach towards industry needs.

Sector: EdTech


One Line Pitch:  MPPM is a hardware company building a mobile device for purification and rerefining of used lubricating oil using renewable energy

Business Summary: The platform provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for purification of used oil that can be used anywhere in the world, especially  in remote  locations. MPPM invention can turn a large costly refinery facility into a relatively small, portable device for a very reasonable price

Sector: Environmental services, Oil and Gas

My Little Explorer

One Line Pitch: My Little Explorer redefines immersive education through AI and augmented realities so children can enjoy a more interactive learning experience

Business Summary: By working with educators, this application uses machine learning technology to provide an alternate way for children to learn their course curriculum. The goal of gamifying the learning process is for greater engagement while children ages 4 to 8 learn about topics such as language, mathematics, and science

Sector: AI/ eLearning

My Patissier

One Line Pitch: My Patissier are tech “family bakers”, providing access to full bakery services through a ground breaking digital platform designed to deliver the most positive consumer experience

Business Summary: My Patissier provides a digital platform consisting of mobile app and omni-channel chat system using start-of-the-art technology to create a powerfully branded, high quality, on-demand  personalized bakery service to consumers. The proprietary offering is designed as a personal / family baker that connects customers directly to the digital bakery, conveying client  needs,  expectations, custom orders with delivery to the customers doorstep

Sector: Food/ IOT

My Rhythm

One Line Pitch: My Rhythm has created a wearable sensor technology that using AI technology to diagnose arrhythmias through data analysis and reporting.

Business Summary:   My Rhythm has developed wearable technology that incorporates sensor and AI technology to diagnose arrhythmias accurately and easily. With the current diagnosis’s process being lengthy and inconvenient, My Rhythm has created a product that allows for patients to receive a diagnosis from the comfort of their homes. With the ease of use that their product provides, the wearable technology can collect data and relay it to the patient’s assigned physician. My Rhythm hopes their product creates a quicker and more efficient process for arrhythmias diagnosis.

Sector: Health Sciences


One Line Pitch: Obesity Management Application and wearable device

Business Summary: Contributes to better informed decisions and healthier living for the individual through an Obesity Management Application and wearable device that monitors, analyzes, and diagnoses weight management protocols.

Sector: Health Care

Nano Bricks

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnological Bricks made out of fly ash, suitable for harsh Canadian cold climate

Business Summary: Nanotechnological Fly Ash Based Bricks Company utilized fly ash to create bricks for the construction of houses. Their product is resistant to freezing and uses nanomaterials to enhance the rate of pozzolanic reactions of the brick, increasing the product’s strength

Sector: Construction

Nano Cornstarch Disposable Company

One Line Pitch:  Nano Cornstarch Disposable Company will be the first company to produce disposable dinnerware and food storage containers that are exclusively made of cornstarch polymers that are cross-linked with TiO2.

Business Summary: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles greatly improve the mechanical, physiochemical and antimicrobial properties of products derived from organic polymers such as starch. Nano Cornstarch Disposable Company will be the first company to produce disposable dinnerware and food storage containers that are exclusively made of cornstarch polymer. The disruptive tableware will be superior to plastic-based products derived from petroleum due to their greater strength and durability, higher melting point, microbial resistance, and biodegradability (within 3 months). The company will sell their innovative products online to retailers, mobile food establishments, cafeterias, and restaurants. The single-use dinnerware and food storage containers will be sold in bulk for $265, with each customer order fulfilling a minimal of 1,500 pieces.

Sector: Manufacturing, Green Technology

Nano Purification

One Line Pitch: Innovative service to purify harmful leachate through the use of nanoparticles

Business Summary: Nano Purification developed an environmentally friendly, cost-effective service to purify leachate that comes from landfills and wastewater facilities. They have created a patented solution that can purify leachates using nanotechnology and nanoparticles. Their aim is to apply this product through the process of capturing, screening, disinfecting, and purifying the leachate with an end result of a clean liquid

Sector: Environment, Clean Technology

Nano-Con Monitoring

One Line Pitch: Nano-Con Monitoring is a Canadian construction technology company that is in the business of using smart-dust technology to aid in the monitoring of buildings to detect structural integrity issues or other building discrepancies before they become a larger issue

Business Summary: Nano-Con is looking to facilitate the construction and prolong the lifetime of of buildings by detecting structural integrity issues before they become major building threats. Nano-Con uses smart dust which is made of tiny sensors the size of grains of sand to collect data vital to engineers, safety personnel, and stakeholders. Technology will be integrated into buildings using two methods: embedding smart dust into pre-cast concrete for new buildings, and embedding smart dust on sheets of glass or tint to apply to existing buildings. Our technology will constantly collect real-time data, and information will be stored in the cloud, accessible by our well-curated software

Sector: Architectural and Engineering/Construction


One Line Pitch: NanoConst is developing cloud-based, nanomaterials and 3D printing technology, in the construction industry. 

Business Summary: NanoConst utilizes nanotechnology in construction materials in order to increase the mechanical properties and the strength of the materials. We help optimize nano-concrete mixtures using AI/ML. Our product aims to improve the strength of construction material while decreasing the consumption of energy.

Sector: Construction 

Nanoparticles based Micro Dies Production Company

One Line Pitch: Nanoparticles-based Micro Dies Production Company develops micro-sized plastic and metal dies using nanotechnology to achieve significant improvements in manufacturing quality.

Business Summary: This start-up company will use nanoparticles and nanotechnology to achieve significant improvements in antibacterial activity, hardness, and abrasion resistance. They will also plan to reduce the coefficient of friction. The nanotechnology will have no impact on the dimensional accuracy of the dies and will increase production efficiency and the overall productivity of manufacturing companies. As the demand for micro products and parts increases, so too does the need for micro dies.

Sector: Nanotechnology, Micro Products

Nanosensor Water Quality Control Company

One Line Pitch: Providing single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) sensors as part of an innovative solution to monitor and control water quality

Business Summary: Nanosensor Water Quality Control is a manufacturer and distributer of novel single-walled CNT sensors that can be used to detect and monitor harmful contaminants in water distribution systems. The technology is innovative as the CNT materials are non-toxic, stable, and resistant to degradation in harsh environments. The single-walled CNT sensors are further enforced with a proprietary polymer derived from cellulose that vastly improves their function, polarity, and electrical transduction

Sector: Green Technology

Nanotech Disinfectant

One Line Pitch:  A novel silver modified nanoparticle cerium oxide disinfectant to reduce the transmission of Covid 19 and other infectious viral pathogens.

Business Summary: NanoTech Disinfectant Production Company is offering a novel disinfectant that effectively controls coronavirus, rhinovirus and other viral pathogens for up to 7 seven days after a single use. It is chemically stable, easy to apply to surfaces, and non-toxic to humans. The innovative disinfectant is formulated with dual cerium oxide nanoparticles enforced with silver nanophases (AgCNP1 and AgCNP2); resulting in a product that has both chemical and mechanical antiviral mechanisms to destroy viruses upon contact. This disruptive start-up will generate revenue by directly selling its antiviral disinfectant to hospitals, healthcare facilities, households, retail, transportation, hospitality, and food and beverage processing facilities across Canada, eventually selling its product globally.

Sector: Life science and Manufacturing

NanoTech Socks Production Company

One Line Pitch: Nanosocks producing socks with nanotechnology to reduce harmful skin infections and to help improve the benefits of fabrics for your feet.

Business Summary: Nanotech socks production company provides natural cotton textile production for sock apparel that chemically treated with zno NPs for superior functionally and performance.

Sector: Manufacturing

Nanotechnology Based Pipeline

One Line Pitch: The oil and gas sector relies on pipelines to transport products to market. It is imperative that these pipelines are protected and maintained against corrosion. Nanotechnology Based Pipeline will disrupt the coating application of pipelines by using new carbon nano tube (CNT) technology that provides better protection at a significant cost savings compared to traditional coatings. 

Business Summary:   The startup will sell CNT coated pipeline to the oil and gas sector. Once educated on the  advantages of a CNT coating, the sector will be drawn by the cost savings and longevity of the protection against corrosion. 

Sector: Green Technology

Nanotechnology Nonalcohol Wipes

One Line Pitch: An environmentally friendly and biodegradable non-alcoholic wet wipes with antimicrobial and antiviral silver nanoparticles

Business Summary: The disinfectant cellulose-based wipes treated with antimicrobial and antiviral silver nanoparticles are used for prevention of contamination and transmission of several pathogenic viruses. These wipes can be used for household and/or industrial cleaning as well as personal hygiene use

Sector: Life Science

Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company is developing a way to separate gases in the air via an adsorption process

Business Summary: Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company is creating a way to separate nitrogen and oxygen from the air for reselling purposes. With their ongoing development of a nanotechnology-based adsorption method of extracting these gases, they look to provide a supply of these gases that are costly to obtain. Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company hopes that their solution will allow purchasers to most cost efficiently purchase purer forms of nitrogen and oxygen

Sector: Chemical Production

Nanotechnology-based Pesticides Company

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnology-based Pesticides is creating a nanoparticle silica-based pesticide that deals with pests whilst remaining safe for humans and the environment.

Business Summary: Nanotechnology-based Pesticides is developing a pesticide that uses nanoparticle silica to help defend against insects, weeds, and harmful fungi. They aim to have a pesticide that is highly effective and does not cause environmental damage in the long-term. Nanotechnology-based Pesticides believes that by creating this product, they can both provide an alternative to traditional harmful pesticides that will not have adverse consequences.

Sector:  Agriculture

Nanotechnology-based Smart Doors

One Line Pitch: The startup will develop and install smart doors designed with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles and thorium or silica nanoparticles, in order to provide a high-quality alternative to traditional door materials.

Business Summary: The smart doors will be manufactured using a mix of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles and thorium or silica nanoparticles. The combination of these materials will result in doors with a unique set of features including no change of color and state from sunlight, extreme durability and strength, non-flammable in the event of a fire, and resistance to rot, and rust. The doors will have IoT sensors enabling user control through their mobile device, providing unparalleled door management capabilities.

Sector: Construction 


One Line Pitch: Nassam has developed personalized smart services (B2B and B2C) using the Internet of robotic things (IORT) and AI

Business Summary: Nassam team has developed personalized smart services using and Internet of robotic things (IORT) and AI. This includes social robots for education, household, and retail businesses. Medical assistant robots that support both self-care and assistant services that can constantly be in tune with user’s requirements. Nassam optimizes and personalizes services using AI and more! 

Sector: Robotics & IoT


One Line Pitch: A marketplace for natural, sustainable, and organic producers to sell to industrial manufacturers

Business Summary: An online marketplace using a unique matching algorithm so industrial manufacturers can find providers of innovative natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients for their cosmetic, food, supplement, and clothing manufacturing requirements.

Sector: Life science / ICT

Navis Health

One Line Pitch: A mental health community for women going through menopause

Business Summary: NAVIS is a mental health community created for women going through menopause to help them navigate the new chapter of life. Many women struggle with menopause and rarely receive the support they need. NAVIS offers an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to recommend mental health practices tailored to each individual while matching them with others in the same phase of transition from perimenopause to menopause; this way, it alleviates mental symptoms of menopause. NAVIS helps women navigate their emotional and physical changes by empowering them with an online community to support each other during the practices.

Sector: Healthcare, FemTech


One Line Pitch: A proactive machine learning-based solution for early detection of cognitive disorders in MS patients

Business Summary: NBNZ CAD software is designed based on a machine learning system by analyzing cognitive task-related functional MRI (fMRI) data at the very early stages of MS. The proposed software will be offered to neurologists specialized in MS disease analysis to assist them by providing automated tools for early diagnosis of cognitive dysfunction. Neurologists and their patients use this software as a trusted second opinion to diagnose and plan their treatment strategies earlier.

Sector: Life Science


One Line Pitch:  Nedergi was formed with the aim of producing functional food as a bar product to provide energy and essential nutrients during crises such as floods, earthquakes, and military personnel, or to support athletes and students

Business Summary:   Nedergi product is made up of cheap and nutritious ingredients designed specifically to meet nutrient needs in crisis situations. All components of this functional food are high in energy, and rich in antioxidants fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Products are designed and packaged to have a shelf life period of up to 5 years. Making Nedergi’s energy bars available to Canadian and global consumers will potentially save millions of lives and potentially contribute to creating a world with lesser loss of human lives, less poverty, and less hunger.

Sector: Service


One Line Pitch: NEO Life PPE is developing new technology Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks to help the public and health care workers eliminate bacteria from their masks with new innovations

Business Summary:  In addition to creating new ways to eliminate bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with your mask, we are also working to manufacture regular surgical masks and also begin production for Canadian made N 95 masks (NIOSH approved) for hospitals

Sector: Life Sciences/Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A contact-less software targeted at the hospitality industry to help them provide guests with a cloud-based, APP Free mobile ordering and payment solution.

Business Summary: NeoKey provides Hotels, Restaurants, QSRs, and other establishments with an application that enables their customers to browse, order and pay anywhere in-venue using their own mobile device. This is a cost-effective solution, allowing users to plan further strategies based on real-time data.

Sector: AI/Hospitality

NetEarth NS

One Line Pitch: A platform to deliver domain and related services to registrars and resellers

Business Summary: A product targeted for the B2B market, the NetEarth platform connects registrars and resellers, allowing the registrar to sell and fully automate their own services

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Neuron Technologies

One Line Pitch: Innovative new surgical tool

Business Summary: A new tool to make a common surgery faster, less invasive, and less expensive

Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: An online education academy that provides children access to math and science programs helping them to better grasp science concepts taught in school

Business Summary: Neutonium provides an online platform that provides junior-high and high school students access to math and science programs utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as animation, virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing.   Neutronium’s immersive technology enables easy production of VR-based learning environments for advanced topics and their “Real-World Skills Program” teaches students leadership skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving skills by using mentors, speaker series and real challenge projects

Sector: Education/eLearning

New Curb Solution

One Line Pitch: Sustainable, low maintenance solution for new and existing street curbs 

Business Summary: The NCS solution provides a cost-efficient, durable solution for the construction of street curbs. This environmentally friendly solution will provide builders with PVC molds that enable them to construct new curbs and repair damaged ones without additional costs of demolition and transportation of old concrete. Target market will be municipal public sector organizations in Canada.d transportation of old concrete

Sector: Construction Industry


One Line Pitch: An AI-powered mobile application that analyzes the interior design style and colour palette of the user’s room and redecorates it according to their preferences and personal taste

Business Summary: NextXP helps Millennials redecorate their room based on their preferred style and personal taste. The AI-powered mobile app identifies users’ personal tastes through a short quiz, evaluates the room interior design style, and recommends furniture and home décor items from online retailers that match the room style, color harmony, and user tastes. Moreover, NextXP uses augmented reality technology, which allows customers to visualize their furniture before purchasing

Sector: Information and Communications Technology and Services

NH Inclusive Learning Solutions

One Line Pitch: Using the latest technologies, NH Inclusive Learning achieves learning objectives while enabling the students who are visually impaired to have more fun in their learning experience.

Business Summary: This Software-as-a-Service based company provides students who are visually impaired with a mobile educational application. The app offers tactile graphics and simultaneous audio descriptions to experience touch and hearing at the same time.

Sector: AI/Education


One Line Pitch: An Enterprise content services and communications platform for business automation.

Business Summary: Niotex Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a web-based platform, designed in a robust and user-friendly interface, providing organizations with the ability to store, share, archive and manage all types of corporate/business correspondence and documentation in an easy and secure way.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Nonio Tech

One Line Pitch: Nonio Tech is a platform focused on the gamification of concepts in the business cycle to increase efficiency.

Business Summary: Intended for SMEs, this user-friendly and flexible web and mobile management tool is built to customize company workflow based on the gamification of concepts. This system provides a way to communicate goals and sharpen the focus on accomplishing tasks.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Nord Wisdom Limited

One Line Pitch: A cyber-training platform for primary and secondary schools aimed at improving computer literacy

Business Summary: Nord Wisdom Limited provides an innovative cyber-training platform and instructional programs specifically targeted at computer literacy training needs and education outcomes of students in primary and secondary schools.  The platform has been designed to tailor education delivery that is specific to different social backgrounds and individual learner needs.  The training programs can be project based and customized to allow more instructional flexibility for schools

Sector: Education/eLearning, Information Technology

Nutri Green

One Line Pitch: Nutri Green’s main product is Fully Humic Acid – Chelated Plant Nutrients. The company’s operations include the R&D, sales, distribution, and production of humic acid solutions for agricultural purposes

Business Summary: The company will provide innovative agrochemical products – Fully Humic Acid – Chelated Plant Nutrients. Products include various types, such as direct spray on the leaves of plants, direct irrigation on the roots of plants, etc. After using the product, the sugar content and VC content of commercial crops will be generally increased and the incidence of crop diseases will also be reduced. The unique production process and the added desert plant extracts not only reduce the production cost but also enable the crops to better absorb nutrients. NutriGreen’s products are of high quality and low cost

Sector: Agriculture

Nuwatech Inc

One Line Pitch: Nuwatech Inc provides full, SaaS-based customer lifecycle management solutions to car dealers.

Business Summary: The Nuwatech Inc platform is integrated with social media to generate sales leads and targeted marketing via rules-based AI and big data. Nuwatech Inc provides full customer lifecycle management with a mobile, user-friendly CRM platform, and with tools that streamline car dealership workflow processes.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Connecting Immigrants with Employment

Business Summary: Occupify Global Inc. is an intelligent platform for facilitation and support of new immigrants’ integration into regulated occupations, providing important connections, services and information before, during and after landing in Canada

Sector: Immigration & Labour Technology


One Line Pitch: Ocusur has designed and developed an ocular speculum capable of safe eyeball fixation during both short and even lengthy fine ocular examinations and interventions

Business Summary: Ocular examinations and surgeries are the most frequent medical interventions in the world. Ocular interventions are also the most delicate and sensitive operations in which any unwanted movement of the eyeball can cause major injuries. The Ocusur invention is made of FDA-approved materials, and it provides fine fixation of the eyeball during the ocular interventions, and prevents unwanted injuries in ophthalmology surgeries. The device also prevents ocular post-operation ophthalmitis and infections by decreasing ocular injuries and rinsing disinfecting agents during the surgeries

Sector: Healthcare / Life Sciences

OMO Art Inc

One Line Pitch:  An integrated platform for OMO arts learning and cultural enrichment

Business Summary: OMO arts training has an experienced management team with diverse
working background and specialized skills for business development and
innovation. Our mission is to promote the local cultural values of different
communities through arts using sustainable education

Sector: Education/Software


One Line Pitch: Opermart is an all-in-one online marketplace for industrial machinery

Business Summary: Opermart is developing an AI-based online marketplace for industrial machinery, with current focus on electric motors. Users can search for products via a wide range of parameters, and then find the best price, the best service and the best repair and maintenance offerings, all aided by image recognition technology

Sector:  Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Opertown has created an innovative concrete-based construction material for high-quality wall panel systems

Business Summary: Opertown has developed an eco-friendly Ultra Lightweight Resistant Concrete (ULRC)  construction material for building prefabricated houses. The Opertown solution delivers exceptional properties such as fire resistance, light yet high strength, fast processing and heatproof / soundproof

Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A Digital Health Solution Focused on Improving Substance Abuse Disorders

Business Summary:   A technology company focusing on using digital health solutions to improve substance abuse disorders with an end-to-end system for managing access to medications through a digital pillbox and an application; hence, improving the opioid crisis and preventing easy access or tampering by other people not authorized to use the medication.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A new Era in safe night driving by using cutting-edge technology of smart headlights

Business Summary: Our Smart headlight systems provide adaptive and glare-free high beam and adaptive light control. Automotive smart headlights are now growing in popularity. Our product is a smart automotive headlight system to be used by a wide range of vehicles regardless of their make or type. We have developed three products, the most advanced of which features glare-free high beam control, traffic signs detection,curves adaptive illumination, pedestrian detection and night vision

Sector: Automotive Industry


One Line Pitch: Packaged products made of natural and circular materials agricultural waste

Business Summary: Orgaland creates packaging materials that can be used in place of plastic in an environmentally beneficial manner. These goods are entirely biodegradable and compostable. Products from Orgaland, which are created from agricultural waste such as pineapple crowns, corn husks, natural fibres, and seeds, fall into three categories: dishes for use in food preparation, containers for cosmetic and hygienic purposes, and packaging for detergent

Sector: Clean Technology

Origins Source

One Line Pitch: Cloud based supply chain tracker using blockchain authentication and detection technology powered by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to validate the genuineness of suppliers

Business Summary: Origins Source created a cloud-based supply chain tracker to validate its authenticity. Their solution is based on cloud computing, Blockchain Authentication, Bluetooth IoT, and GPS. Data points extracted from the GPS location, time, shipment, and delivery status are available to the consumer at any given time through a cloud platform created by the company

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Osto VLearning

One Line Pitch:  A virtual reality learning platform for immigrants to help them learn about culture and language through access to immersive classes focused on topics relevant to daily living situations

Business Summary: Osto VLearning delivers a virtual reality educational platform featuring hundreds of immersive classes about culture and language.  The classes include a wide range of topics relevant to daily living in English-speaking nations and other locations around the world. Learners utilize a virtual reality headset to see up-close, interactive visual as well the platform allows learners to connect with native speakers who can help learners improve their writing and speaking skills.   The learning platform personalizes the learning path using artificial intelligence and makes learning enjoyable by using gamification which can improve learners’ motivation to keep studying

Sector: Education/eLearning, Information Technology

OtherSide AI

One Line Pitch: AI for Poultry Science

Business Summary: OtherSide AI is developing a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the health of chickens, allowing early intervention in disease. Our main goal is to automate as many labour-intensive tasks as possible, such as weighing chickens. The company formulated a business plan and have a solid grasp of the technology that will be involved. Our main goal from MTA’s incubator program is market research. The technology will make livestock farming scalable, and allow the most advanced technologies (e.g., IoT) to trickle through Manitoba and all of Canada

Sector: Agriculture/ Information and Communications Technology

Otse Optical

One Line Pitch: The Company will operate an optical goods store and offer eyewear and optometry service to individuals of all ages and requirements

Business Summary: The Company will sell optical lenses, frames, and other eyewear and offer professional support to clients. Through high-quality corrective and protective eyewear, the Company will provide solution to the increasing health conditions and support health and safety measures enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, through mobile delivery and reliance on online channels, the Company will reach clients in remote areas and enable them to receive quality support

Sector: Life science / Retail

Outworks (BSJ tech Inc.)

One Line Pitch: On-demand solution for the provision of general home labour. Outworks allow for their customers to find contractors on the network (online platform) which can offer the required service.

Business Summary: What sets outworks apart, is the way in which contracted workers are integrated into the system. Contractors facing components of the system allow for workers to bid on work, collaborate with other workers, track and analyze performance over time, optimize performance and efficiency, manage their bookings and communications, and even record revenues and expenses in preparation for tax return submissions.

Service providers using Outworks can either offer services as individuals or as organizations. Any contracting or construction services may wish to augment their traditional business and marketing, by offering services and bidding on jobs through the Outworks platform.

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Software that maximizes the nutritional value of chicken feed while minimizing feed costs

Business Summary: Optimizing chicken feed is the most important area of innovation in egg farming as it represents about 65% of the average cost of production. Using artificial intelligence Ovaly can select and deliver the best possible feed composition throughout the hens life cycle. This is accomplished by optimizing the mix of feed nutrients to maximize nutritional value while minimizing costs. All while taking into account the environmental footprint and nutritional value of eggs

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Bringing Middle-East expertise to manufacturing innovative new cheese products in Canada

Business Summary: Pajan Canada’s core product is it’s Persecheese, an all-natural soft cheese that sits in between Feta and Gouda. It can use quality cow or goat milk, and is highly nutritious and delicious. Beyond just manufacturing and selling this first-of-its-kind cheese product, Pajan Canada will create a scalable franchise that combines the unique experience of seeing the cheese being made live, with ready dairy foods such as ice cream, in a single destination experience

Sector: Manufacturing and IT

Pantou Water

One Line Pitch: Portable and low profile drinking water generator.

Business Summary: Pantou water is an Eco-friendly device with low energy consumption that generates drinking water from air moisture. Our technological expertise enables us to design and manufacture the device with different capacities and weights.

Sector:  Nanotechnology & Artificial Intelligence

Parrotia Tea

One Line Pitch: World class Persian teas customized to taste and quality of life

Business Summary: Users download our app or visit our website to order our unique teas. when users create a profile, we ask them about their health, sleep quality, and life style objectives. The app then recommends tea classes, blends and customizations that can help them achieve their goals. Users can customize teas with various flavors, and even include CBD (non hallucinogenic extract from cannabis plant), then order right to their doorstep

Sector: Manufacturing / Information Technology

ParsaBio Tech

One Line Pitch: ParsaBio Tech has created the solution to the issue of preparing assessments for cataract surgery with their product the SLAM System

Business Summary: ParsaBio Tech has developed the solution for quicker assessments of eyes for cataract surgery. Through the development of the Slit Lamp Angular Measurement (SLAM) device, they have made it possible to obtain quicker and highly accurate results. With the combination of this device and a mobile application, this product will enable physician to keep up with the rising need for cataract surgery. ParsaBio hopes that their creation will allow for patients to quickly obtain their assessments and be able to undergo cataract surgery in a timely fashion with this product 

Sector: Health Sciences 


One Line Pitch: Derivative market for manufactured industrial goods for hedging risk

Business Summary: The PearTech team is bringing years of finance and development expertise to develop a first-of-its-kind forward market for manufactured industrial goods, initially starting in the construction industry where the problem is most prevalent. Relying on a unique price discovery mechanism, and cash settlement, the PearTech platform is able to deliver an effective hedging solution that avoids the complexities of standardization, or needing an underlying market on the platform to deliver value

Sector: Service/ Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Pediatric Education Device System is a mobile application that curates user-friendly and age-appropriate content based on a patient’s medical needs

Business Summary: This application takes difficult and complex medical jargon and provides videos, infographics, and credible articles to simplify the explanation of procedures, making them easier for patients to understand. Created by a team of pediatricians, computer engineers, lawyers, and social scientists, PEDS uses AI to explain medical terminology to ease the fear and stress patients feel in the doctor’s office

Sector: Health Care

Peer to Peer Lending Application Company

One Line Pitch:  Peer to Peer Lending is creating a P2P microlending app that allows users access an alternative lending system based on peer-to-peer interaction

Business Summary:   Peer to Peer Lending is developing an application-based lending system that evaluates users and provides them with loan options based on existing users. Using machine learning algorithms and data analysis of the borrower, this system provides users that would typically be unable to acquire loans with an option to borrow from other users on the app. Peer to Peer Lending looks to allows those who are unable to borrow from classic lenders with a way to borrow via their product

Sector: ICT, Finance


One Line Pitch: Let your kids evolve their academic skills and enjoy our metaverse world of fun-filled interactive learning activities while we, parents, earn and enjoy this play-to-earn platform

Business Summary: Penzil has developed a metaverse world with a fun-filled interactive learning platform for children that will not only enhance their academic skills which are essential to their studies. Although there are leading studios who have established their educational games, our platform has its own advantages as this is equipped with blockchain technology which will allow owners to have a peer-to-peer transaction on the items that they purchased in our games.

Sector: Information Technology

People Connection Technology

One Line Pitch: PCT offers a full suite of SMS marketing software called TextIn that allows for the use of multi-channel communication and campaigns.

Business Summary: PCT aims to remove the hassle of maintaining constant customer engagement though several platforms. They have developed TextIn; a self-service platform which allows users to communicate through several platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. PCT looks to not only maintain, but also increase and improve upon the engagement from a business’s target audience.

Sector:  Marketing, ICT

Pet Habit

One Line Pitch: Pet Habit is an AI powered pet behavioural monitoring software application that keeps pets physically and mentally healthy and creates a better owner-pet relationship

Business Summary: Pet Habit’s solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and digital image processing of video streams captured by pet monitoring cameras (or any other camera) that can provide early warning signs of abnormal behaviours. Abnormal pet behaviours can be the result of a pet being mentally or physically ill and Pet Habit will detect issues much sooner than pet owners would

Sector: IT/ Communication

Pet Nation

One Line Pitch: Pet Nation is developing a feature-rich smartphone app that will facilitate all pet care services, the location of lost pets, and the procurement of pet supplies

Business Summary: Pet Nation is creating a user-friendly website and app that will provide a broad range of proprietary features catering to pet care. The app will include a revolutionary pet face recognition technology to help pet owners find lost pets. The Pet Nation app and website will also provide a variety of other pet services, including the booking of pet-friendly travel arrangements, grooming appointments, custom diet plans, pet sitting services, and pet training exercises. There will also be messaging and live chat, personalized user content, GPS pet tracking, notifications, and detailed report cards. The platform will offer its users complete pet care support

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


Petreat Limited

One Line Pitch: Petreat is looking to create nutritional supplements for pets that will aid in health and provide preventative measures against illness.

Business Summary: Petreat looks to ease the mind of pet owners with the use of nutritional supplements catered towards animals. These supplements will help maintain the health of pets, along with aiding in preventing health issues in the future. Through constant research, trials, and studies, Petreat is making headway in becoming a specialist in pet health care.

Sector:  Life Sciences

Pharmacy Management Software

One Line Pitch:  Pharmacy Management Software is an innovative solution to managing a pharmacy through the use AI and machine learning technology

Business Summary:   Pharmacy Management Software looks to solve the issue of maintaining pharmacy operations to be consistent with regulations and trends. With the time sink that that pharmacy maintenance brings to pharmacists, it takes away from their patient care. Their product solves this issue through the creation of their web-based management software that is driven by AI and machine learning to enhance the workflow state of pharmacies.  Pharmacy Management Software hopes their product helps reduce errors in pharmacies and allow for better patient care

Sector: ICT, Health Sciences


One Line Pitch: An affordable instrument for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently to monitor fetal health and make fetal pH data continually available in real-time, provide easy access for the clinical team with minimal stress on the fetus or mother

Business Summary: The importance of pH as a biomedical indicator is underscored by the fact that in all deliveries in North American hospitals, the pH of the umbilical cord is measured and recorded immediately after birth.  Fetal pH monitoring, as currently done, has several shortfalls.  In addition to being intrusive, awkward and uncomfortable for the mother, it can be difficult to collect the volume of blood required (30-50µL) and the sample is at risk of being contaminated prior to being analyzed.  The proposed solution is an instrument under development for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently through one integrated device.  With this design, PhProbe leverages the existing work flow practices. With this solution, the obstetrician uses a device that looks and feels the same, with the simple addition of the real-time, continual pH probe

Sector: Life Sciences

Pick up Pal Food Systems

One Line Pitch:

Pickup Pal Food Systems has developed a warming cabinet for restaurants and eateries to help
streamline delivery-app orders for a smoother front-of- the -house delivery experience

Business Summary: Pickup Pal Food Systems is a new company incorporated in the province of Ontario Canada that provides food warming and organization units which integrates with popular delivery apps
like Uber Eats, Foodora, DoorDash, Postmates, Skip the Dishes, Jumia foods etc. Our warming
units maintain temperature, eliminates mix-ups on order pickup, and streamline the pickup
experience for drivers. Pickup Pal Food Systems offers these services to restaurants and eateries for their online delivery. This is the only offering in the marketplace of this kind.

Sector: Online Food Delivery


One Line Pitch: Biometric recognition smart pill dispenser

Business Summary: PillSmart is a smart pill dispenser that safely stores and dispenses the user’s medication and can be used for the entire household’s medication needs. The device uses facial and voice recognition to provide the correct pills to the right person hassle free

Sector: Life Sciences/ Information and Communications Technology

Pitstop Canada PRND Inc

One Line Pitch: Pitstop Canada PRND Inc. is a technology driven automotive service company that provides maintenance, servicing, and installable products on-the-go using mobile servicing trucks

Business Summary: The company plans to utilize app-based technology and mobile servicing trucks to provide auto services at customer homes or places of business. By removing the need to take the vehicle to a servicing center, this solution will create newfound efficiencies and increase customer accessibility in the auto servicing process. This disruptive company plans to launch in the Greater Toronto Area before scaling to other large urban markets across Canada

Sector: Automotive Services and Technology

PKM Solutions Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: The PKM team is a start-up company and is going to design, develop, and commercialize an innovative facial mask with capabilities of high protection and killing pathogens

Business Summary: PKM has developed a face mask for the prevention of airborne pathogen transfer and distribution, which not only has high efficiency in trapping the pathogenic particles but also kills them rapidly after trapping

Sector: Healthcare

Placid Concept

One Line Pitch: Placid Concept is an innovative marketplace, connecting professional, highly vetted, independent cleaning staff, with homeowners, tenants and office managers

Business Summary: Placid Concept is building a marketplace that allows homeowners, tenants, businesses and others to hire vetted, professional cleaning staff. With a focus on the Canadian market, Placid Concept innovates the home service industry by offering an alternative to classified ads, which are currently used to find home service staff

Sector: Home Services

Plain Mind

One Line Pitch: Plain Mind is revolutionizing how clinicians interact and interpret and use dialogue with patients

Business Summary: Plain mind is a medical technology company that is using advanced AI and cloud computing to interpret patient clinician dialogue in real time. The ability to provide valuable insight to both the patient and the clinician to guide therapy and measure results, faster and more efficiently.  Improving outcomes, increasing capacity and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery.  Plain Minds initial target market are Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Sector: Life Sciences

Pleroma Inc

One Line Pitch: Pleroma has developed a cyber-security software that adapts via an algorithm to find the most suitable form of protection.

Business Summary: Pleroma has created an adaptative cyber-security software that uses an algorithm to improve itself. Instead of relying on several software’s, Pleroma has done away with this through the creation of their product that aims to cover all needed sectors of cyber-security and adapt specifically to the needs of the client.

Sector:  Cyber-Security, ICT

Plus Tree (FTA Canada)

One Line Pitch: Production and sales of an innovative bio-disinfectant to kill resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Business Summary: Our compound kills bacteria, virus and fungus to be fully effective without leaving harmful residues and not exposing users, and health care givers to risk.

Sector: Life Sciences/Biomedical


One Line Pitch: Full-service online pharmacy for the digital age

Business Summary: PlusVirtual is a full-service online pharmacy for North America. The platform allows patients to get and automatically refill their prescriptions through the mail with easy to use blister packs, and consult with a pharmacist around associated care plans, nutraceuticals, info on generics, as well as best practices and safety information. Launched in Canada, the team consists of experts with years of experience and investing their own capital, looking to scale this business through partnerships, and empowering pharmacists in local communities

Sector: Information Technology / healthcare

Pneumonia Early Detection Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: A novel Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based deep learning system to rapidly and accurately diagnose pneumonia from chest X-Ray images

Business Summary: Pneumonia is one of the diseases that causes the most fatalities worldwide, especially in children and seniors. Chest X-Ray images are one of the most readily available and common imaging modalities for the detection and identification of pneumonia. However, the detection of pneumonia from chest radiography is a difficult task even for experienced radiologists.  

PEDCanada Inc is developing a novel AI-based deep learning system for diagnosing viral, bacterial or mycoplasma pneumonia in real-time from chest X-Ray images. The software application generates a results-orientated radiology report that can easily be interpreted by any medical professional with very little training. This enables technicians and physicians to confirm a pneumonia diagnosis significantly faster with greater accuracy than current clinical practice, enabling treatment to start sooner, which is vital for patients that are severely ill.  The technology may be adopted by remote radiology clinics, globally, that are required to screen and progressively monitor patients that are at a high risk of developing the disease as the radiology report can be reviewed and interpreted by a qualified radiologist through telemedicine.  

Sector: Life Sciences 

Pocket BIM

One Line Pitch: An all-in-one DIY renovation management tool.

Business Summary: PocketBIM aims to bring a true Building Information Modeling experience to small home renovation projects. By cutting down the BIM process to its core elements, PocketBIM enables users to effectively manage their DIY projects. The company estimates that proper use of their platform could save ~30% of the project costs for the average user.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Home Improvement

Polyean Technology

One Line Pitch: Absorbable nanomaterial to prevent leachate and malodor of compost

Business Summary: Polyean Technology developeded a nanomaterial that absorbs not only garbage’s odor, but also the leachate of compost. The product prevents consumers from having to wash their trash bins. K-lean also prevents soil and underground pollution in landfills

Sector: Green Technology

Polynix Technology

One Line Pitch: Polynix has developed a breakthrough technology to overcome the problems of bone grafts by using an in-situ forming scaffold (IFS) which does not originate from humans or animals.

Business Summary: In bone grafts with human or animal sources, both detecting and eliminating viruses in the preparation procedure are not possible. This IFS solidifies in the site of the surgery within 2 minutes, with evenly distributed homogenous porosities resembling spongy bone.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing structural health monitoring with smart-dust technology

Business Summary:   Pontactive is a cloud-based bridge health monitoring system. The system uses smart-dust technology which will be placed strategically on structural points and within the concrete prior to construction. Pontactive can maintain safety, boost productivity, support analytics, and ensure quality

Sector: Structural Health Monitoring, Information and Communications Technology

Port Management Mobile App

One Line Pitch: Port management and logistics are paramount in providing efficient shipping of goods to market.  Port Management Mobile App provides smart technology that enables ports to increase their operational efficiency, allowing them to increase the volume of activities within their port, improve the customer experience and increase profitability

Business Summary: The app will provide an all-encompassing, ‘one stop shop’ to manage every logistical part of a sea shipment from departure to arrival. This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with optimizing port activities including scheduling, cargo management, customs, and all things relating to port operations

Sector: Green Technology

Posture Leader

One Line Pitch: A smart wearable posture corrector, which tracks the postures and identifies whether they are harmful to the neck and back in the long-term. It provides users with an AI-powered posture detection system, that alerts them to correct their postures based on minor targets, which will be defined after analyzing their postural habits.

Business Summary: A smart wearable posture corrector, that is connected to a mobile application. This device has high-performance fabric, which contains some sensors to record dentists’ postures, in order to analyze their postural habits at first, and monitor it afterward. The team has used machine learning algorithms to detect improper postures, specifically in dental practices. This AI powers the smart posture detection system, that updates the posture database based on users’ performance and feedback. This posture detection system alerts the users to correct their postures, whenever they have exceeded their specific threshold. These thresholds are minor targets that the device specifies for each user individually, so that the user get used to the standard postures step-by-step, through a personalized schedule. In addition, it suggests effective daily exercises to help them to prevent MSDs.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A automated irrigation and maintenance system for potted plants that’s remotely controlled from a smart phone, plus an interactive gaming system where users can earn rewards

Business Summary: POTSCOIN uses loT technology “smart pots” to manage potted plants intelligently including automated irrigation, soil temperature and light and also by using the app for proper instructions on how to grow healthy plants

Sector: Retail / Environment

PowerDream Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelligentautomotive power management system to provide maximum power efficiency

Business Summary: PowerDream is developing a system that can provide maximum power efficiency for vehicles while meeting daily use standards such as: protection of over-current and short circuit, state of charge (SOC) detection, vehicle quiescent control, and diagnostic functions of the power supply system

Sector: Automotive

Prairie Energy Inspection

One Line Pitch: Prairie Energy Inspection has developed an AI-based method that analyzes thermal images and identifies leakage points of a building envelope.

Business Summary: The Prairie Energy Inspection solution incorporates previous records of the scanned location, captured data of neighborhoods and similar buildings, green energy standards and normalized information of the city.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Producing Ganoderma in the Smart Greenhouse

One Line Pitch: Plant Ganoderma with new technology and clean energy

Business Summary: Develop a new agricultural process for producing Ganoderma and build local greenhouses across Canada for implementation of this Ganoderma process that will use the Internet of Things (IoT) systems for environmental control during production

Sector: Agriculture/Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Health diagnosis & preventive AI based application

Business Summary: AI based application to diagnose diseases with modern technologies of image processing and deep machine learning of mobile camera’s photos of face, eyes, tongue and nails supported by knowledge of tradition medical science

Sector: Life Sciences

Project Tracker

One Line Pitch:  An innovative app that plugs into your email application, auto generates project updates, and notifies only the team members involved. Forget the days of endless email threads

Business Summary:   Project managers need to send frequent progress reports to update teams. Many project managers use email to contact team members, but this often turns into messy threads of emails and wastes time and money.  ProjectTracker is a tool that allows a project manager to send automatic progress updates and assign tasks to their team members through email. ProjectTracker eliminates the need for external to-do lists or apps as it plugs right into your preferred email application. This makes it easier to collaborate with team members working externally to your company.

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Our goal is to provide an Augmented Reality with the layer of Machine Learning based software to assist the Dental Aesthetics Industry so that expectations can be better managed from the start, to avoid any disappointments. We strive to make the dental enhancement procedure most effective, so the best option available can be chosen by the patient.

Business Summary: Our software combines technical and artistic work, as it allows users to superimpose their dental designs onto recordings of the patient in a natural motion. It enables the patient to see within seconds the result of the dental reconstruction. The Application software can import 3D models of patient-specific dental restorations as well as teeth from tooth libraries that contain natural-looking beautiful teeth. These digital models can then be viewed in real-time. This virtual try-in allows patients to see their new smile before they consent to the treatment. Also, visualization of the treatment goal facilitates the communication not only with the patient but also between the dental professionals. The software needs to access a database of 3-D models of naturally attractive sets of teeth to dynamically alter the virtual images.


Prospective Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Prospective Solutions Inc. is an AI-based social media advertising and marketing management solution designed to enhance social media marketing through the creation of big databases of social media user accounts

Business Summary: Prospective Solutions Inc. is a web-based solution that links together all social media user accounts, leveraging the big data of customer characteristics and analyzing effective strategies to address different target groups (age, social status, common interests, etc.). Prospective Solutions Inc. produces automated in-product solutions to streamline the digital advertising campaign management to order to enhance operational efficiency

Sector: Information Technology

Psykon Consulting

One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps individuals diagnose early stage mental health disorders and matches them with a licensed professional most suited for their specific case

Business Summary: Psykon has developed a mental health assessment that allows for the diagnosis of mental health concerns at an early stage.  By leveraging their online counselling platform, users of the mental health assessment are matched with certified professionals most suited for their unique diagnosis.  The integrated scheduling system allows users to sign up for time sensitive online or in person counselling thus simplifying the scheduling process and reducing the resistance users may have in signing up for therapy

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Next generation, whole home, smart residential air purification technology

Business Summary: PUREAOX is bringing breakthrough material science from the Middle East to Canada, to produce ground-breaking air purification technology for the home. The underlying technology is a unique manufacturing process for Alumina, where by tweaking key properties, PUREAOX is able to produce highly effective filters for the smallest pollutants, without sacrificing airflow. These new filters are combined with a simple but innovative IOT solution for tracking air quality over time

Sector: Clean Technology,  IT

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