Easy Reg AI Solutions

One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent cloud-based software platform for manufacturers to manage all warranty services information. As well as intuitive APPS for customer’s warranty registration and management.

Business Summary: To create and easy way to help every end consumer to register warranty and manage the after-sale service. It is a third-party platform to offer technology-led warranty registration.

For Consumers, Easy Reg provides an intuitive APP that contains easy steps to register and manage warranty. On the manufacturer’s end, Easy Reg provides a cloud-based software platform to manage warranty info. 

Sector: Information’s and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Creation of online Chinese Character learning courses directed at the children of Chinese immigrant parents. To help support the student’s cultural heritage growth.

Business Summary: The application of AI aided technology with a web platform to provide Chinese students real-time live course teachings with real-time corrective feedback.

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Provides manufacturers with more affordable and cost-effective milk testing machines, water purity analyzers, and slurry analyzers for use in quality control.

Business Summary: Will sell milk testing machines to small dairy farms that would otherwise not be able to afford such a device. Will sell a water analyzer that is affordable enough to be purchased by even the smallest of water treatment plants. Will sell slurry analyzer for use in the mining industry.

Sector: Life Sciences

LeFu Health Products

One Line Pitch: Health Biotech products company.

Business Summary: LeFu produces and distributes nutrition supplements, including a collagen-based UC-II line to treat arthritis and joint pain, and kefir starters that are added to milk to produce a pro-biotic rich and healthy beverage. LeFu is also developing new innovative health products based on soybean fermentation.

Sector: Life Sciences

Max 9

One Line Pitch: Provides quality assurance on safety (non-tampered) and legitimacy (non-counterfeit) of products using technology for under two cents an application.

Business Summary: Sell a version of RFID chips attached to devices that are validated at point of manufacture.

Sector: Information and Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: A superior mobile app, connecting small African entrepreneurs to the developed countries through a cross-border communication platform and fraud-free cryptocurrency payment systems.

Business Summary: To promote seamless cross-border transactions using a combination of a Niche Messaging Platform, Fraud-Control Blockchain Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence “AI” Computational Cryptocurrency Payment Models.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Vacant Boards

One Line Pitch: Online marketplace for outdoor advertising.

Business Summary: Vacant Boards connect businesses and brands to available, low cost, and result-oriented outdoor advertising opportunities whilst tracking return on investment via their property mobile app. Aim to set up a Canadian top-level domain name that will house all the outdoor advertising inventory in Canada ranging from billboards, street light poles, transit, and digital out of the home.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Virtual Dance Studios

One Line Pitch: Connects dancers with dance instructors from around the world to provide live virtual dance classes.

Business Summary: Sell dance lessons to individuals or groups to be taught at the Virtual Dance Studios self-renting studio or at partnered dance studios across Winnipeg. The studios will contain all equipment necessary to virtually connect the dance instructor to their students.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

5 Second Marketing

One Line Pitch: Specializes in creating targeted Micro Commercials for Advertising on Social Media (Bumper Ads)

Business Summary: 5 Second Marketing specializes in bumper ads which are five-second, unskippable video advertisements commonly (but not exclusively) used on social media platforms. 5 Second Marketing will employ a unique combination of AI advertisement tools thereby allowing companies to provide focussed messaging to potential customers on a more frequent basis than traditional commercials which are 15 or 30 seconds in length

Sector: Social Media Advertising 


One Line Pitch:  7Rays is an innovative start-up offering new visual advertising technology using light-emitting points to display large transparent high-quality images, animations, or videos on flat, non-flat, two- or three-dimensional screens. This advertising method is innovative, cost-effective, and energy efficient

Business Summary: 7 Rays patented technology will allow businesses to get noticed. The business is based on a recurring revenue model that allows for the rental of the technology at different price levels, allowing flexibility for client budgets and needs. The technology can display video clips, still advertisements, and animation.  7Rays are capitalized to initiate the offering in Canada, and will fund future growth organically

Sector: Communication and Information Technology, Outdoor (visual) Advertising, Signage

ABC Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: A software that uses AI to diagnosis breast cancer

Business Summary: ABC Diagnosis has developed a software that uses AI to diagnose breast cancer and evaluate tumor grades from histopathology images in real-time. This tools introduces automation, accuracy, and standardization into the diagnostic process enabling remote diagnosis, increasing pathologist capacity, and decreasing in overall medical costs

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: In the current age of excessive noises, Acoustically is working to provide businesses and individuals the power of a quiet and calm environment.

Business Summary: Acoustically aims to provide customers with a high-quality, noise-isolating device using noise-cancelling and masking technology to reduce unwanted ambient noises in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Acoustically will help decrease people’s exposure to loud noises and its impact on their overall health and well-being

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Active Metix

One Line Pitch: Research and development into the discovery and commercialization of new active ingredients for use in skincare products.

Business Summary: Our business focus is on exclusive distribution of high-quality functional cosmetic ingredients manufactured by world top level companies such as CODIF France, Phenbiox Italy, Linnea Swiss, etc. to the Chinese market.

Sector: Life Sciences/Fashion


One Line Pitch: A multiplatform edutainment application for young learners to have fun while they learn.

Business Summary: AI-based eLearning educational application to motivate youngsters and anyone with a smartphone. With the AeeGee software application, young learners around the world can play games and complete tasks targeted at brain development.

Sector: Education / eLearning


One Line Pitch: Online designer marketing research to reduce market research costs

Business Summary: Agelon searches social media for the right audience to respond to your research

Sector: Information & Communications Technology, Business


One Line Pitch:  Agrice aims to design and develop a complete agricultural solution that detects, diagnoses and prescribes treatments for plant diseases across multiple plant types

Business Summary: Agrice is a technology company that designs solutions for the agriculture community. Agrice’s disease detection system utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an intelligent data base that will identify 99% of all crop diseases, and provide remedies directly to the farming community. The unique value proposition is the detection, analysis and prescriptive solution all at the fingertips of the farmer through a comprehensive mobile application

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Offering a detailed analysis of farmland soil and crops by using a multispectral imaging camera integrated in drones to provide efficient management of the land

Business Summary: AgroDrone provides an innovative way of monitoring farms. The company integrated multispectral imaging cameras sensors into drones that are able to provide a detailed perspective on the soil and crops on the land. The drone collects information on land leveling, soil condition and irrigation, showing the information in a user-friendly application powered by their own software. With the analysis, the company aims to help producers to improve the farm’s management

Sector: Agriculture, Drone Industry

AI E-learning Education

One Line Pitch: AI E-learning Education provides children the opportunity throughout their schooling to learn coding via an AI tutor

Business Summary: AI E-learning Education provides courses on coding to students from K-12 through the use of games and interactive classes taught by an AI tutor. Through the use of their program, children globally will be able to learn the basics of coding starting from code identification, up to participating in coding projects and competitions

Sector: Education/eLearning

AI E-learning Education

One Line Pitch: AI E-learning Education provides children the opportunity throughout their schooling to learn coding via an AI tutor

Business Summary: AI E-learning Education provides courses on coding to students from K-12 through the use of games and interactive classes taught by an AI tutor. Through the use of their program, children globally will be able to learn the basics of coding starting from code identification, up to participating in coding projects and competitions

Sector: Education/E-Learning


One Line Pitch: Leading edge laryngoscopy imaging system

Business Summary: Development of a laryngoscopy (throat area) imaging system to be used in medical devices to optimize procedures such as in intubation and controlling anesthetics.

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch: A platform for connecting local experts with travelling visitors so that visitors can get authentic, niche, tours tailored to their specific interests.

Business Summary: Local experts make money by creating and leading their own tours, visitors get authentic tours, pay less, and support the local entrepreneurs.

Sector: Tourism


One Line Pitch: Aktinax revolutionizes dental imaging making it smarter, safer and more affordable for both dentists and patients.

Business Summary: By combining AI and robotics with existing 2D X-ray imaging solutions Aktinax enables current low cost machines to capture high quality 3D X-ray images with 80% less x-ray exposure.  

Sector: Medical / Dental


One Line Pitch: A third-party provider of data-driven digital media rankings & insightful solutions of top global companies and brands based on their industries

Business Summary:   Alinsight uses BI and AI to deliver two insightful services to global companies and also to global investors who invest in the companies:

1. Data-driven digital media ranking of the companies based on their digital media presence by analyzing big text and non-text data in order for the companies and investors to be aware of the companies industry-based presence in digital media.

2. Insightful digital media solutions in order for the global companies and the investors to make effective and efficient management and investment decisions. 

Their team smart solutions are accredited and certified by ForestRim Technology, the leading company in the field of text data analytics managed by Bill Inmon known as the father of Data Warehousing.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Alpha Maintenance

One Line Pitch: A preventive and predictive approach to building maintenance using AI

Business Summary:   Alpha Maintenance aims to revolutionize building maintenance with their AI-powered maintenance management platform. Using barcode identification and smart device integration the platform can collect meaningful data. With the data that is collected, the system can then predict and prevent any foreseeable maintenance issues

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Alterner Solutions

One Line Pitch: Software solution for providing circular renewable ernergy services in remote communities

Business Summary: Alterner is a Product as a Service (PaaS) renewable energy provider and software solution for providing circular renewable energy servicces in remote communities. Alterner focuses on implementing strategies to reduce reliance on diesel consumption and reduce waste in the renewable energy sector

Sector: Information Technology, Renewable Energy


One Line Pitch: Biological control of fungal pests to control Early Blight Disease and citrus postharvest decay.

Business Summary: One of the most important goals of the project is to produce an organic substitute for antifungal chemicals that will lead to the production of organic crops.

Sector: Agriculture/Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Anuva Technologies is developing a cloud-based software solution to provide animal production and processing companies and live animal transporters with a simple, easy to use system that can automate their logistics planning.

Business Summary: The team has decades of experience in animal welfare, animal transport and biosecurity in the livestock transportation industry. Anuva Technologies will leverage this expertise to automate the manual process used today. This system will modernize the role of planning throughout the agriculture industry

Sector: Manufacturing

App Pop Up

One Line Pitch: Rethinking the way we access mobile applications.

Business Summary: App-Pop-Up is a unique mobile application which allows users to open snapshots of other apps without having to download them. This process unlocks a new way for users to interact with their apps and can help businesses to give their customers the app experience without requiring timely downloads.

Sector: Mobile Applications


One Line Pitch: Special Needs Patient and Provider connection App

Business Summary: Improves the physical and mental statuses of special needs individuals by connecting them to the best healthcare service providers and scheduling appointments online.

Sector: Health Care

Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary

One Line Pitch: A mega-dictionary global platform consisting of apps and a website which support 60 languages

Business Summary: Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary offers unique dictionaries, two-thirds of which are unrivaled, in the form apps and a website to clients around the world. It supports 60 living languages of the world

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Architi deploys AI to support architects and designers to develop more sophisticated and effective project plans.

Business Summary: Architi is developing AI-assisted software using a cloud-based platform (SaaS) to provide services to architecture firms that will 1) speed their development process; 2) enable more efficient and effective work with clients; and 3) through the machine learning process, open new vistas in architectural vision, supporting human creativity in ways that have not previously been possible using traditional methods of architectural drawing, including programs like AutoCAD.

Sector: Architecture & Engineering/Construction


One Line Pitch: Improving the hotel experience from the time booking is made to the time of check-out through a multilingual web-based communication platform.

Business Summary:   ArriveChat is a multilingual communication platform that provides tourists access to journey planning and hotel services in a central platform. A key feature of ArriveChat includes the built-in translation system to ensures guests receive support in their first language. Additionally, the app offers a task management platform to help hotel management rethink the way they solve guest problems and demands.

Sector: Hospitality, Communications, Task Management Platforms


One Line Pitch: ATSidekick is an online software as a service (SaaS) designed to help jobseekers know where they stand vis à vis job requirements and to ensure that their resume gets past recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS) systems as well as stand out in front of hiring managers/recruiters.

Business Summary: The job market is competitive and the better the job is, either in terms of compensation or hiring company profile, the tougher it is to get an interview or even a call from the employer. ATSidekick helps ensure that candidate resumes pass through the ATS system by making various checks on the resume. ATSidekick will also ensure high keyword match.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Auto Fresh Food

One Line Pitch: A technology that monitors the best-before dates and freshness levels of produce in small grocery convenience stores

Business Summary: By using fixed in-fridge cameras and barcode scanning, this innovative technology will monitor inventory levels of fresh produce in retail stores

Sector: Information Technology and Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Bookkeeping automation/account reconciliation for people who do not have time and/or cannot afford expensive 3rd-party service providers.

Business Summary: We develop smart AI-based solutions to help our users with repetitive, complex, and time-consuming tasks.

Sector: Business Automation


One Line Pitch: An automated estate and financial planning solution for individuals.

Business Summary: We focus on smart tools that simplify life and reduce the stress of complex and frustrating, but necessary, tasks.

Sector: Business Automation

Bani Zist Baspar Healda

One Line Pitch: Bani Zist Baspar Healda introduces modified polysaccharide composite with the ability to coagulate blood in liquid, films, pads and powdered forms. This compound is biocompatible and biodegradable and is applied directly to the bleeding area. The present composite quickly covers the wound surface by creating a hydrocolloid matrix and prevents arterial, venous and capillary bleeding.

Business Summary:   The Company is a professional group consisting of medical, food chemistry and fisheries products processing specialists which has been active since 2019 in the field of medical supplies production, including hemostatic agents and active and smart wound dressings based on biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds. Focusing on the required combinations of operating rooms and trauma, the company has succeeded in producing dressings and biocompatible and biodegradable hemostatic agent. With development of applied technologies, the company’s smart and active products effectively prevent bleeding and have a significant effect on wound healing. The first product of the company is “Vivify hemostatic powder”. This product was selected as the top technological idea in the field of medical requirements in Fars science and technology park (Startup Weekend of Shiraz University academic members). Currently, obtaining health permits for manufacturing this product is underway. Clinical, microbiological, toxicological and animal tests have been performed and the quality of the product has been confirmed.

Sector: Life Sciences

Best Before

One Line Pitch: Innovative food waste and environmental damage prevention software

Business Summary: Best Before helps support businesses and reduce food waste, negative environmental impacts, and helps consumers save money on groceries

Sector: Retail / Environment

Best Buddy

One Line Pitch: BestBuddy is a full digital solution and app for the management of proper, life-long pet care.

Business Summary: When an owner purchases or adopts a new companion, that pet’s information is input into the system. BestBuddy prompts users to input various details about their pet, the living conditions, and their own personal preferences with regards to pet care.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: Production of A revolutionary bio-cement

Business Summary: Using biological production of bio-cement to stabilize sand, strengthen infrastructure, and support inhabitation without any pollution while also stabilizing atmosphere CO2

Sector: Green construction


One Line Pitch: Birthgeonomics is a non-invasive prenatal testing involving a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy screening for genetic disorders

Business Summary:   Birthgeonomics introduces non-invasive prenatal testing that involves a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy. This screening analyses and detects the unborn baby’s risk for several genetic and other disorders, including Down Syndrome (DS), and the mothers’ health conditions, which may lead to birth defects

Sector: Life Sciences

BitCare Inc

One Line Pitch: Helping women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas

Business Summary:   BitCare is developing the world’s first blockchain-based Internet of Medical Things, iScope, to help women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas while protecting their privacy, taking control of AI, and capitalizing health data.

Sector: Life Sciences

Bitron Technology

One Line Pitch: Bitron Technology solves the problem of Wi-Fi connection issues through the use of an AI-based Wi-Fi optimization software

Business Summary: Bitron Technology has created an AI optimization software that solves several of the issues that Wi-Fi connections face today. Issues such as poor signals, signal interference, and blockage of connections all cause problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be a hassle to fix. This AI software they have develop will remove the hassle of this issue and provide an optimized connection for users

Sector: Utilities, ICT

BK Technology

One Line Pitch: Helping online business reach their full potential through effective marketing and management services.

Business Summary: BK Technology is an online business consultancy which provides high quality professional services to help businesses grow their virtual presence. Their core product is their short video marketing strategy which enables businesses to quickly reach viewers. Additionally, BK Technology plans to offer E-commerce and digital advertising services.

Sector: Media & Entertainment, Advertising, E-commerce

Blockchain Online Pharmacy

One Line Pitch: Blockchain Online Pharmacy is a prescription and over-the-counter medication distributor that facilitates the ordering and delivery through a blockchain powered online platform

Business Summary: Blockchain Online Pharmacy allows customers to place an order online for delivery – saving them time and energy versus the traditional pharmaceutical model. The company aims to increase overall transparency in drug distribution using blockchain technology. This revolutionary technology provides the user visibility into the origination and delivery of their medications while also keeping a centralized log of information

Sector: Pharmaceutical distribution


One Line Pitch: Blood donation management

Business Summary: Bludate is a platform that enables people to find out which blood type is currently in urgent demand, by whom and where, so donor recruitment efforts can be managed accordingly

Sector: Healthcare

Boat Integrated Service System Company

One Line Pitch: Develop a diagnostic dongle with built-in software that accesses the data memory of the control units and provides the user with data and the ability to detect errors

Business Summary: This company is developing a diagnostic dongle specifically for boats that will have
built-in software to analyze and evaluate the data memory of the control units and
electronic devices. The data stored from vessel electronics will provide the individual
with error codes if there is something wrong, identifying the underlying problem as it
occurs. Beyond error codes, this software will also provide the user with real-time
engine information, general information, display the status and function of sensors etc.
A boat is an extremely costly investment, and the associated repair and maintenance
costs can accumulate over time. This company hopes to mitigate some of these
expenses with its adapter hardware and its integrated software

Sector: Integrated Marine Automation System

Boost Social Health

One Line Pitch: Boost Social Health is an AI-powered platform for monitoring and tracking social health issues using gamification. This platform aims to improve the lives of users by learning about their issues, providing help and earning points and rewards in the process

Business Summary: The company plans to tackle social health issues (substance abuse, obesity, mental illness etc.) through a sophisticated user-focused platform. This solution uses AI and machine learning to analyze user data and recommend solutions to their existing conditions. To further reinforce the progress of their users, they plan to offer points and rewards the more advancement they make. The company plans to launch initially in Manitoba before scaling out across Canada and internationally

Sector: Consumer Healthcare Technology


One Line Pitch: Auto Sensor of LPG gas containers triggering efficient and timely refill

Business Summary: A smart sensor and communication system that monitors the current inventory of LPG to detect low volume and automatically trigger the delivery of new gas cylinders.

Sector: Utilities


One Line Pitch: A self-learning AI that classifies bank-reported transaction data for corporate aggregation, forecasting, reconciliation, analysis, and reporting

Business Summary: Corporate treasuries, governments, and banks must classify transaction data as the foundation for tactical and strategic decisions in liquidity management, forecasting, budgeting, cash flow planning, and finance operations.  btClassifier specializes in automated classification and analysis of large, daily bank transaction data sets.  Products and services include integration consulting services, software implementation tools, and software modules

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Calmica is a technology start-up that aims to produce digital content and apply Virtual Reality (VR) as a pain and anxiety management method

Business Summary: Calmica offers an innovative virtual-reality-enabled platform that can act as a workable tool to distract adults and children who are undergoing painful medical procedures. We are also developing application software that allows users to order the VR headset and access digital content

Sector: Life Sciences, Information Technology, Communication Technology

Canadian Cloud Service Provider

One Line Pitch: CloudSelect promotes and sells Canadian cloud computing and ICT services to the fast-growing APAC region

Business Summary:  Currently there are no platforms for international corporations to analyze, compare, and select the right Canadian Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for their business. CloudSelect provides a comprehensive platform that allows clients to filter through hundreds of CSP providers, compare alternatives, and select the optimal provider based on their criteria. The platform allows Canadian CSP companies to export their services easily and helps APAC clients save on CPS solutions

Sector: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


One Line Pitch: An AI-based software solution to analysis of ECG signals

Business Summary: We are proposing a software which helps with the diagnosis and prevention of the cardiotoxicity by means of analyzing Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals through Machine Learning. Based on the result of this analysis, the clinicians will be able to diagnose cardiotoxicity in the early stages of the disease and plan the anticancer treatment accordingly

Sector: Life Science and Advanced Health/Health Care IT


One Line Pitch: Cardoze is a web and mobile app in which users create, share and play with flashcards to study vocabulary in the most effective way

Business Summary: Cardoze makes learning vocabulary in a new language fun, interactive and easy. The app utilizes crowdsourced flashcards to help language students internalize new vocabulary. Targeting the Canadian immigration market first, passing the language test for permanent residency will be a walk in the park with Cardoze

Sector: E-Learning


One Line Pitch: Device and software that optimizes power consumption in homes, offices, and industrial units

Business Summary: Carianloo has developed a device consisting of Low-power Current Transformers (LPCTs) that aids the user in reducing electricity consumption. This device uses energy more efficiently and can easily be installed without making any changes in the electrical switch board. The software is able to provide users with various required reports and suitable approaches to consumption reduction

Sector: Clean Tech


One Line Pitch: Develop and manufacture buffers, cell culture media, DNA & RNA extraction kits, molecular kits for rapid diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases, and molecular enzymes.

Business Summary: CBSAlife is a company involved in developing and manufacturing cell culture media that has succeeded to achieve the technology of manufacturing diagnosis kits. The team of CBSA life is committed to providing customers with first class sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA and protein purification, clean-up and concentration for use in research applications as well as diagnostics, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to our customers and partners worldwide.

Sector: Life Sciences

Charism Immersive Technology

One Line Pitch: Assisting the elderly through virtual and augmented reality-based therapy services.

Business Summary: Immersive Technology has developed a platform which can be used by mental health professionals to continue working with their elderly clients outside of therapy sessions. By merging VR/AR with tools to create physical sensations, their process serves to ease practitioner workload and speed up progress. What makes the solution so effective is that by incorporating the newest technologies, each patient receives a customized and personal approach.

Sector: Virtual Reality, Information and Communications Technology

Child Health Imprints

One Line Pitch: Saving children lives, the data way

Business Summary: Child Health Imprints is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in neonatal intensive care units across the world with the objective of making an early diagnosis of critical diseases and improving the overall quality of healthcare which is being provided to neonates.

Sector:  Healthcare


One Line Pitch:  The Disinfection of Drinking Water

Business Summary: It is a highly effective, safe, and quick sterilization agent against bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses and their spores, recommended by WHO, FAO and EPA. It has huge benefits for human health as it is not carcinogenic like other related disinfectants

Sector: Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Health

Claim Smart

One Line Pitch: AI enables automobile damage assessment technology.

Business Summary: The world’s first Automobile damage assessment AI. Connecting drivers, surveyors, and insurance adjustors. Adaptable to include government vehicle registration, fleet management, and ticketing capabilities.

Sector: Consumer Discretionary

Clarity Order

One Line Pitch: Clarity Order is a marketplace for premium furniture and design sourced from independent manufacturers, powered by AI and social curation.

Business Summary:   Clarity Order is a marketplace for premium furniture & design sourced from independent manufacturers, powered by AI and & social curation. The experienced team has backgrounds from computer science, to design, to civil engineering. This broad experience will enable the ease of online shopping for premium independent furniture manufacturers across Canada while ensuring the important elements of the high-touch experience that independent furniture manufacturers crave for their customers.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Click Travel

One Line Pitch: An online platform connecting travel providers, distributors and customers through a “one stop shop” system

Business Summary: Primarily designed to cover key market layers (Leisure & Corporate), Click Travel aims to correlate travel industry main segments and sectors. Practically called a Consolidator, the system is competitive in connectivity to global travel providers and GDSs on the top. Target customers fall under the B2C & B2B sector with a strong focus on targeting the B2B segment. Customers and end users have wide access to the ecosystem of all travel services ranging from air travel booking, accommodation, intercity rails and buses, cruise lines, travel insurance etc. at competitive prices and with a unique experience

Sector: Hospitality & Tourism Industry, mainly Online Travel Agency (OLTA)

Closet Love

One Line Pitch: Mobile application that uses artifical intelligence to plan your outfit and organize your closet

Business Summary: Closetlove Inc. has developed an AI-powered mobile application offering a modern wardrobe organiser and styling assistant, helping individuals organise their closets and plan their outfits. Closetlove Inc.’s goal is to help its users increase their productivity levels, shop more strategically, and decrease their textile carbon footprint

Sector: Information Technology, Fashion


One Line Pitch: High-end, integrated TV receiver system that utilizes a low-power single-chip designed to support 8K UHD TV requirements

Business Summary: CMOSART designed a chip that is able to stream terrestrial and satellite channels simultaneously. Their product can reduce the manufacturing cost by 30% – due to single-chip technology; And support high TV broadcasting standards such as 8K UHD TV required by some channels

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Cognorehab Ltd.

One Line Pitch:  Innovative, patented educational device for blind and visually impaired children.

Business Summary: A playground designed for indoor spaces, leveraging traditional playground design with advanced research and technologies designed to teach 20 prepositions of direction and movement to blind or low-vision children.

Sector: Education & Technology


One Line Pitch: Enabling people to confidently color their hair at home, saving time, money and effort

Business Summary: ColorFluent is developing an Al-based smart hair dyeing device to help women who regularly dye their hair to easily perform dyeing proceess smartly and in a healthy manner. Taking advantage of Near Infrared (NIR) and deep learning technologies, ColorFluent will result in leading customers to save lots of time, money, and effort

Sector: Information Technology, Fashion


One Line Pitch: Provides senior citizens with an online environment for socialization and online classes.

Business Summary: Sales of health care and wellness-related products, online courses, leisure packages, medical travel packages, and advertising revenue.

Sector: Life Sciences


Computer Training Boot Camp Inc.

One Line Pitch: CTBC is software that deliver programming boot camps that prepares tweens and teens to be ready for more lucrative career employment immediately upon graduation from high school

Business Summary: CTBC’s proprietary applications are designed to train students on the programming skills that will ready them for the competitive opportunities available to teenage students looking to advance their IT careers. Traditional degree programs are typically not an option for those under 18 years of age. CTBC will make tweens and teens ready for employment immediately upon graduation from high school, as well as provide them with skills that support part-time employment while they are still in school

Sector: AI / eLearning

Consera Pharmaceuticals

One Line Pitch: Consera Pharmaceuticals is a developer and manufacturer of nutraceuticals and natural immune support supplements

Business Summary: Consera Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of nutraceuticals which can be used to treat & prevent many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and arthritis thereby improving the lives of millions of people that are suffering from these chronic diseases

The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Sensor based cloud technology enables Consmart to optimize that concrete curing process through accurate monitoring and tracking of all variable changes

Business Summary: With the use of software and sensors, Consmart has enabled the creation of a cloud-based service that monitors and tracks all variables during the concrete curing process. This process is usually lengthy and expensive. With Consmart, the web-based displayed information will enable users to gain insight on the status of their curing concrete. The software will also suggest possible courses of actions to users based on the current state of the concrete

Sector: Construction, ICT


One Line Pitch: CryptoEye is an intelligent market insights provider with the aim of helping retail investors in the crypto sector to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the market via a variety of sources

Business Summary: CryptoEye gathers data from different sources like social media, news and crypto-specific channels. Then, using our natural language processing (NLP) & artificial intelligence algorithms, we extract and provide insights to our users so they can efficiently understand current trends, how the market works, and make informed decisions based on the flow of tweets, news, and all other text sources in real-time

Sector: Crypto Assets and Currencies

Cubed Skin Care

One Line Pitch: An organic skin care product specializing in helping people with eczema, acne, and sensitive skin

Business Summary: One of the first brands to incorporate CBD and herb medicines, their business focus is on the distribution of high-quality skin care to aid in the relief of eczema, acne, and sensitive skin. Cubed Skin provides high-quality raw materials in biodegradable packaging aimed at giving people with sensitive skin an all-natural solution as an alternative to steroids

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps Clients find experienced and trustworthy Caregivers in a safe and secure manner

Business Summary: Cura has developed and online platform that provides access to experienced, reliable and verified caregivers who have passed Cura’s qualification process.   Families provide Cura with health status, care requirements and other preferences and the Cura system will connect them to the most appropriate Caregiver.  The Cura system has been designed to provide ongoing quality control and real time feedback giving families the peace of mind they desire

Sector: Healthcare/Information & Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: CyberCover provides cyber insurance crafted for the small businesses using the underwriting method customized by AI

Business Summary: Sell cyber insurance to small businesses and connect third-party cybersecurity service providers to the customers. The provided end to end cyber insurance will enable small businesses with limited technical knowledge to get access to affordable cyber insurance. This will allow small businesses to expand their revenue from online sales and also manage their risk of online business

Sector: Insurance technology

Data Pitcher

One Line Pitch: DataPitcher has been started this year (2019) by a company that has been a pioneer in the start-up world in the last 6 years by building various products/platforms. They have worked over 40+ clients in the last 6 years for various AI/ML use-cases in the domain of Healthcare, Fintech, education, etc. 

Business Summary: DataPitcher is Blockchain and Auto-ML driven most secured marketplace to either get the best value for your data assets, Workflows or Algorithms or else solve your business use-case with the best possible solution with scientist or Auto-ML acting as solution miners.

Sector:Information & Communications Technology

TRL: 4


One Line Pitch: Drug Detail Establishment for Trade is a private establishment which sells and promotes aesthetic products, food supplement, health products, Medical Devices and we work also in the pharmaceutical brokerage business.

Sector: Life Sciences/ Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A digital city app for children that educates users on money management principles through real-life experience

Business Summary: A digital city app for children that teaches finance and money management principles through hands-on experience in a safe environment. Debican provides users with their own debit card and the choice to save, earn, spend, or donate money. Businesses are able to engage, advertise, and sell to users through the age-appropriate online marketplace

Sector: Fintech & E-Commerce


One Line Pitch: DecRisk is an AI-powered health risk assessment service created for insurance companies.

Business Summary: DecRisk is an AI-powered, intelligent, health risk assessment service created for insurance companies. It helps insurance companies to better analyze their potential clients and offer personalized offers considering their current and future health state/risks. DecRisk analyzes medical data, family trees, and other relevant inputs to assess and provide a personalized risk index for each individual which can be used to adjust premiums.

Sector: Life Sciences, Information Technology, Communication Technology

Deep Dent

One Line Pitch: Helping dentists do Predictive Analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses

Business Summary:   Deep Dent has developed a technology/software which helps dentists to do predictive analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses. Through Deep Dent software dentists not only can design implants or dental braces but can study short term and long term behaviour of such prostheses. This software allows dentists to understand how the treatment would affect a patient’s teeth, jaw bones and gums as well as predict any possible failure. 

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding.

Business Summary:   DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback-based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding. A combination of EEG and EMG sensors are used to detect and identify certain habits and functions, and a set of biofeedback systems are used to modify them through delivery of brain-state inspired feedbacks.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Demand Boost

One Line Pitch: Demand Boost develops demand planning software for supply chain management, by using a gradient boosting system

Business Summary:   Demand planning is a key link for sales forecasting, production plans and supply chain strategy. The software helps predict the optimum level of inventory based on the industry and market factors as well as forecasting sales level for consumers

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Deniz Computing

One Line Pitch: Deniz Computing through its Pattern Observation System (P.O.S) captures anonymized demographic data to predict and prevent epidemics and other potential community risks through proprietary AI and machine learning models.  

Business Summary: Deniz Computing provides solutions in healthcare on the basis of artificial intelligence and data mining. On the platform, information is collected, organized, and analyzed from private and public sources, all information is encrypted and hashed. The system then picks up patterns through its proprietary algorithms that identify abnormal health behaviors in the community.

Sector: Information Technology

Dental Phobia Treatment

One Line Pitch: A Virtual Reality (VR) gaming software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biofeedback signals to address dental phobia.

Business Summary: In a worldwide survey of 18,000 people, 61% stated that they had a dental phobia. About 4% of the population had never been to a dentist because of the fear of the dental procedure.

Sector: Medical Devices/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A software platform integrating with accounting and other administrative software that translates contracts into code and allows users to monitor their outstanding contracts, receive alerts when terms have been met, and automate compliance by including legislation directly within the code

Business Summary: Contracts are translated into formal logic—at first by our staff, eventually by an algorithm.  Verification software is used to check for inconsistencies. Once the contract is verfiied, users can access a dashboard that shows their outstanding contracts, can receive notifications regarding upcoming deadlines, and can rate contractors’ reliability.  Users will also be able to view all outstanding contracts, and receive regular progress reports

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Design Solutions

One Line Pitch: A tablet that help patients describe pain to aid in clinical diagnosis

Business Summary: The core technology was developed for clinical research in collaboration with the Department of Medicine and Immunology at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine.  The technology autoimates a manual process and allows patients to electronically “paint” a body image to describe the location and level of pain.  The app also provides a secure and complicant date management system for data storage, analytics and access for physicians

Sector: Life Sciences

Diagnosis and Monitoring Cardiac Function

One Line Pitch: Helping doctors diagnose cardiovascular diseases in real time through an innovative Artificial Intelligence Software

Business Summary: DMCF is developing a technology that can identify heart abnormalities using artificial intelligence. Using machine learning methods and corresponding artificial neural networks (ANN), DMCF is able to provide a rapid and reliable diagnosis of abnormal heart pathologies without compromising accuracy

Sector: Healthcare, Medical Devices


One Line Pitch: An AI-based software solution assisting dentistry procedures

Business Summary: The business proposes introducing an Application, which employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist dentists in deciding whether to choose the best option in Dental prosthesis, either replacement procedures or reconstruction.

Sector: Life Science and Advanced Health/Health Care IT

Digital Build

One Line Pitch: Construction enhanced AI & VR enabling you to see the outcome of a project before its starts all the through to the end.

Business Summary: Provides visualization of construction services with AI and VR technology implied, from design and project management to construction.

Sector: Construction

Digital Rain Fission

One Line Pitch: Digital Rain Fission has developed a cloud based digital platform that is custom designed to assist water utilities simplify and improve operations by combining big data and machine learning technologies, alerting monitoring personnel of anomalies and streamlining problem isolation and diagnosis.

Business Summary: Digital Rain’s platform is a suite of software solutions that help water utilities reduce costs, boost efficiency, increase the accuracy of planning and improve day-to-day decision-making in an ever-changing landscape. Competitive advantages translate to identifying previously undetectable changes in system performance and unlocking new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


Disruptive Banking Technology

One Line Pitch: Drag and drop RPA mobile banking solution for Tier 2 banking institutions that don’t have in-house ICT development resources

Business Summary:   A configurable, scalable, and adaptive RPA “drag and drop” mobile banking platform for Tier 2 banking institutions. This cost-effective mobile banking solution incorporates AI learning and open API so that banks can offer their clients online banking without having to build it in-house. Smaller banking institutions become more competitive in the marketplace and can offer clients secured access to banking services at any time

Sector: Communications Technology/Banking, Mobile Applications

Domchain Technologies

One Line Pitch: A blockchain built for the trading of second hand domains

Business Summary: Domchain’s proprietary blockchain technology eliminates the key barriers associated with purchasing a second hand domain: Trust, time, and fees. With Domchain, you will use a smart contract to verify parties, transfer domains, and receive payments. All of this is done in a few milliseconds and at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Offering innovative, autonomous aerial monitoring technology to attain efficient and cost-effective security systems to asset protection to industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors

Business Summary: Drobotic Inc. provides an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video analysis for monitoring valuable assets. The company uses video content analytics (VCA) to automatically detect events, providing risk and data assessments services to identify threats. Drobotic’s operational system includes network video recorders (NVRs) and intelligent gateways that send recorded data to a cloud platform. Their objective is to reduce workplace risk, and to early detect compromised assets

Sector: Drone Technologies, Security


One Line Pitch: E-Bonds is developing a system that will fully digitalize the transaction related to Canadian and provincial bonds, making them more accessible by the industry, and thus creating a greater volume of transactions for the market

Business Summary: E-Bonds is creating transparency between selling prices and purchasing target prices, bringing confidence in the actual market value. International and smaller broker dealers will be able to trade Canadian bonds directly (not currently possible). Adding more broker dealers will also bring more liquidity into the Canadian bond market and facilitate transactions

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: E4Games develops mobile games with a unique focus on educational content. Our games target various social subjects that creatively inspire people in an educative way using machine learning

Business Summary: E4Games is focused on developing mobile games enhanced with ML. Our games are designed in a way that the player, whose character is a citizen, will navigate to solve real-world problems and receive educational lessons through them. We produce interactive, experiential mobile games that deeply immerse the player in the narratives. The immersion allows the player to explore personas, themes, and moral quandaries in a way that few other art forms can match. We take our imaginations to new heights that allow the player to engage with complex subjects and moral dilemmas

Sector: Gaming

Early Oral Cancer Diagnosis(EOCD)

One Line Pitch: An AI enabled tool to help screen and diagnose oral cancer in its early stages

Business Summary: Our platform helps dentists, pathologists, and oral surgeons screen and diagnose patients for oral cancer in its early stages. Our software uses AI and ML to identify cancerous behaviors in cells through the analysis of cytology images, allowing screening & diagnosis of oral cancer before patients may even have experienced symptoms

Sector: Healthcare, Medical Devices


One Line Pitch: EchoSim is a software company providing a solution to manage patients stress level and improve the quality of medical imaging

Business Summary: EchoSim is a software platform building an immersive solution for pediatric patients to get familiar with medical imaging. Through a game environment, the pediatric patient is trained and can practice each procedure step at home. The patient’s level of anxiety is measured through a standard wearable and their movements while playing the game. The platform also can correct images that are distorted by pediatric patient motion. Lastly, the medical imaging facility receives information about pediatric patients’ readiness and risk of failure

Sector: Health Care

ElectroBioTech Inc

One Line Pitch: Innovative hybrid, eco-friendly method to characterize and determine Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in energy industries

Business Summary: ElectroBioTech developed a new method of identifying and mitigating Microbiologically Influenced Corrosions (MCIs) in oil, gas, and industrial water cooling and wastewater treatment systems. Their techniques are environmentally friendly, hybrid, adjustable, and scalable

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Environment

Electrocompost Machine

One Line Pitch: The Electrocompost machine can turn 10 tonnes of organic waste into compost in a single day – 10 times faster than any competitor, saving time and real estate.

Business Summary: Significant value is being offered to municipalities, waste management companies, farming, fishing, and poultry associations, and large food production and restaurant chains across North America and Europe.

Sector: Manufacturing/Clean Technology

Emazh Co

One Line Pitch: Unlocking the true capabilities of drone technology with AI-based ecosystems

Business Summary:   Emazh has developed a drone ecosystem which increases efficiency using AI. The ecosystem is comprised of drones, charging stations, and an advanced task shifting system

Sector: Drone Technologies

Energy Driven Insurance

One Line Pitch:  Pay-as-You-Drive and Pay-how-You-Drive

Business Summary: Usage-based car insurance with the latest new technologies, including telematic devices, AI, cloud storage, big data analysis, and user behavior analysis, all packaged in a mobile App.

Sector: Technology/Transportation


One Line Pitch: Cloud-based server supported by various programming languages alongside database and web technology that offers users a multi-location connection on a global level with built-in validation security

Business Summary: ENLIXO Industries provides cloud-based services that runs with minimum load on servers, offering multilocation operations that can be used by any number of users. The server is implemented with various programming languages and web technologies making global connections possible. It also provides validations systems aiming to eliminate user errors in all applications

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Enterprise Smart

One Line Pitch: Enhancing the efficiency and productivity of an organizations tools, logistics and operations

Business Summary: Enterprise Smart is a software that is designed to help organizations improve their process workflow, logistics and management tools to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. This is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture and analyze data, to then provide an automated solution that maximizes a company’s workflow efficiency

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Remote control of water supply management by the use of innovative pressure reducing control valves, resulting in water and energy savings

Business Summary: Envotec has developed fully automated smart valves that enable a better water management process. They have three different types of valves: Pressure reducing control, modulating float control and pressure relief control valves. By combining them, they arrived to a system where water input and output is based on computer-aided technology, resulting in water and energy savings

Sector: Water Management, Environment


One Line Pitch: A digital platform that creates a revenue opportunity for owners to rent idle equipment.

Business Summary: Idle construction equipment only collects dust and rust!  Now, thanks to EquipShare, owners of idle equipment can rent out equipment and create a valuable new revenue stream.  On the flip side, no longer does a company have to buy expensive equipment for the next job. Thanks to EquipShare, a company can access available equipment to rent and return it when the job is done.  This unique digital platform brings owner and renter together in an easy to use application, where everyone wins!



One Line Pitch: Espiritmind is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve all sort of mental health issues exist with Company’s employees

Business Summary:   Espiritmind (EM) is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve mental health issues that exist with Company’s employees. Businesses can subscribe to different plans offered by EM and make it available to their employees. Espiritmind’s services range from therapy to personal mentorship. The platform uses a bot interface to communicate with individuals to understand their existing issues and suggest a variety of steps (including private and group meetings) while protecting and storing personal data

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: An anonymization software tool for the Health Care Industry that enables effective data de-identification (anonymization).

Business Summary: Building upon R&D work completed in 2015-2019 as a member of the Medolution healthcare innovation project under the EUREKA cluster ITEA3 program, we are developing software tools for data scientists, research organizations, and government agencies. The software tool will provide a secure platform to manage data sets, request and approval process for data access requests

Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Expentory is an exchange platform to sell and buy medicine with peers with particular goal in mind: Preventing expiry of medicine and their subsequent waste

Business Summary: Main target market of Expentory is small, medium, and large independent pharmacies though franchised pharmacies can also join and use Expentory’s exchange system. In particular pharmacies located in rural areas can significantly benefit from joining Expentory exchange network as these pharmacies has Signiant turbulences in their demand pattern which directly affect their inventory management

Sector: Life Science

Family Clinic EHR

One Line Pitch: EMR/HER which will be cloud based systems

Business Summary: EMR/HER designed by a GP for GP. This will be simple intuitive interface. Access to all functions and data through two main screens and hot keys. Access from any place or device. The cloud based outpatient(ambulatory) clinic ambulatory management administration susyems. It will be customizable, built in connectivity, integrated remote health, long term patient care path, no maintenance and high security standards

Sector: Life science / Medicine


One Line Pitch: Farcrowd specializes in collecting real-time analytical information about agricultural crops in a given area to help farmers increase production and reduce operational risks.

Business Summary: FarCrowd will use a combination of multispectral drone footage, crop sample data, and third-party information to assemble an accurate, up-to-date picture of the overall health of a given crop. This system will also employ warnings, such as pest outbreak forecasts, to assist farmers in addressing potential issues with their crops sooner and avoid further damage.

Sector: Agricultural Technology

Find My Parking

One Line Pitch: Find My Parking is an integrated online and offline app that lets drivers choose a specific spot in designated parking lots by using links to specialized sensors in the lot that update real-time availability

Business Summary: Upon arrival at a parking lot, the Find My Parking app guides the driver to their spot through adjusted location technology. The app also helps parking lot owners maximize the utility of their properties. Find My Parking has even created a unique indoor navigation system, which allows drivers and lot owners to determine the exact location of vehicles in places with poor GPS connections

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Fire Damper

One Line Pitch: A paperless solution to fire damper inspections.

Business Summary: Development of digital solutions for complex maintenance and monitoring of building systems.

Sector: Construction/Life Safety Systems/Business Automation


One Line Pitch: Blockchain E-Sports data services platform capturing scores, profiles, as well.

Business Summary: Provides gaming data service by leveraging blockchain technologies for e-sport SaaS platforms including, game scores, game betting, membership/clug.

Sector: Communication Services (Media & Entertainment)

Fish Token

One Line Pitch: To provide a modern approach to seafood traceability with blockchain technology

Business Summary: FishToken is designed to bring transparency and traceability into seafood markets. The application will offer multiple seafood products that will be divided into tokens and each token becomes shares. FishToken will offer the shares to customers and each customer will have the oppotunity to buy as many shares or tokens as possible.  All parties from harvester, distributor and customer can trust the accuracy of data including location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock and tilt.  Benefits include; trust throughout the supply chain, levels the playing field for suppliers and rewards good practices, saves time and reduces operating costs through automation, vendors and consumers know what they are getting and get what they’re paying for

Sector: Services

Floss Mobile

One Line Pitch: An online medical application (DrHAVEN) that provides on-demand video consultation for non-emergency healthcare and wellness from anywhere in the world

Business Summary: The online medical application (DrHAVEN) has been developed with Android, IOS, and Windows platforms compatibility, Video calling, GPS Locator and Clinical documentation features that will allow patients do a real time search for field specific doctors in their country or any other country around the world. Patients will get multiple opinions about a particular health issue they are having then ascertain the best intervention to take, all done from the comfort of their own homes.  Doctors will be able to schedule consultation meetings with patients, End-to-end chat, and audio-visual engagement from their homes/countries

The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases

Sector: Technology/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A contact-less software targeted at the hospitality industry to help them provide guests with a cloud-based, APP Free mobile ordering and payment solution.

Business Summary: FoneXTech provides Hotels, Restaurants, QSRs, and other establishments with an application that enables their customers to browse, order and pay anywhere in-venue using their own mobile device. This is a cost-effective solution, allowing users to plan further strategies based on real-time data.

Sector: AI/Hospitality


One Line Pitch: Forteage Voice is an AI-powered call centre QA platform that accelerates the QA process by up to 80% by AI-based evaluation of 100% of calls, which are then labeled and scored from pre-defined aspects

Business Summary: Forteage Voice accelerates the QA process by using AI transcriptions and a centralized QA platform. Customized evaluation forms, smart playback features and AI transcription are also generated.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Gas Inspection

One Line Pitch: Gas Inspection is a software solution for oil and gas facilities of all sizes to manage the maintenance of their equipment; plan, predict and schedule maintenance; manage their workforce; control their parts inventory; and track their assets.

Business Summary: Gas Inspection consists of a backend dashboard accessible in the cloud, and a field platform accessible by authorized maintenance workers through unique printed QR codes for every tracked asset.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

GC Perfect

One Line Pitch: GC Perfect is a smart platform that helps contractors to professionally manage contracts, expectations and payments online & on the go

Business Summary: GC Perfect focuses on contractor operational efficiency with ease of use, and full invoicing, payments, bank account, escrow, and email integration. 

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services


One Line Pitch:  Development and commercialization of acid-resistant (Enteric) soft gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries

Business Summary:

The focus of our business is providing the technology of enteric delivery of soft gelatin capsules which could be used by pharma/nutraceutical industries for their product development. The routine enteric delivery for softgels consists of applying an acid-insoluble coating on the capsules after encapsulation process. We have developed an intrinsically acid resistant gelatin formulation which could be used to make enteric softgels in one step to create clear soft gelatin capsules, avoiding additional time and cost for coating process.  Our technology provides an integrated enteric functionality in a softgel which could be easily used for rapid prototype development and formulation screening, avoiding different challenges of enteric coating such as high temperature associated with enteric coating process which could damage some of the ingredients in formulation

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical


One Line Pitch:  Using advance machine learning technologies, GenomicsMaster is an application for the analysis of genome sequencing sets

Business Summary: The GenomicsMaster technology will read, trim, assemble, annotate, and process different sequence data, and will then produce applicable information, including the name of the genes and the presence of any abnormalities. Deep learning is applied to find patterns in the data. The technology includes algorithm selection, data extraction, and transformation. Predictions can be determined and then, with cross-validation, comparisons can be made to predicted patient outcomes

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences



One Line Pitch: A first in kind proprietary and patent pending wound rinse and topical salve for the wound care market

Business Summary: GentoWound is an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative wound rinse and topical salve that comes in a pH neutral aqueous liquid. It is effective against antimicrobial resistance bacteria and has dermal layer regenerative properties

Sector: Healthcare

Giraffe Swap

One Line Pitch: Giraffe Swap is a company that provides a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows individuals to trade digital currencies with other assets in a secure manner

Business Summary: Digital transactions have become increasingly popular, thus leading to new opportunities for multi-currency exchanges in the digital space. Giraffe is a firm that provides a decentralized exchange platform, allowing individuals to trade their digital currencies with other assets and/or currencies in a secure, timely and efficient system

Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Portal

One Line Pitch: GACP provides SMEs with a portal to access information globally related to the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends

Business Summary: By creating a subscription-based portal with the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends across the globe, users can go to one location to receive the latest information by country, find the resources, and the technologies on how to better protect their brands, products and intellectual properties

Sector: AI/Security

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Affordable and global solution to current immigration consultants approach ensuring more people are serviced at a lower cost.

Business Summary: Have created a platform that makes things easier for the consultants and the clients, through their unique approach and addition of DSS. GIC has lowered the actual assessment time to an average of 6 minutes, which enables the consultant to access double the amount of profiles in a single workday, compared to their competitors.

Sector: Services

Grand Win Inc

One Line Pitch: High quality windows, doors, and skylights manufactured using eco-friendly processes

Business Summary:   Grand Win Inc will manufacture, sell, and install high quality windows, doors, and skylights. The customers Grand Win Inc aims to target are homeowners, real estate developers, and retailers throughout Canada

Sector: Windows and Doors

Gravity Integrates

One Line Pitch: Procures and delivers official documents needed for emigration/studying abroad

Business Summary: Under the Worldwide Transcripts brand, we help individuals get the documents they need for studying, working or moving abroad. Using a combination of in-field representatives and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we are one-stop-shop to get documents from across India to institutions worldwide.

Sector:  Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: The functionality of GrayJay’s application is to help match service providers with customers in a timely manner. The app will allow people to match within a certain location and ultimately pay for the service with the integration of Stripe

Business Summary: GrayJay offers a smart platform for exchanging services, where the providers build a virtual shop, receive back-office support and help attract leads all while making sure the customers receive the best rates and services. GrayJay’s founders through years of experience in management, software development and digital marketing have identified a gap with the on-demand platform and will help users exchange services at their fingertips

Sector: Online on-demand home service provider

Green Chicken

One Line Pitch: Green Chicken has developed a unique organically produced feed supplement designed to improve chicken’s health and egg laying productivity

Business Summary: Green Chicken has made a significant improvement in feed supplements for chickens based scientific research performed using microalgae. As a result, Green Chicken will develop and market this natural feed supplement to the chicken industry in North America

Sector: Agriculture

Green Service Automation

One Line Pitch: Blockchain-based industrial automation systems for SMEs

Business Summary: Green Service Automation aims to help SMEs improve their operational efficiency with their blockchain powered automation systems. Through partnerships with multiple suppliers, Green Service Automation can provide design, installation, testing, and maintenance services

Sector: Automation, Manufacturing Solutions

Green Spiru

One Line Pitch: A one-stop shop for everything microalgae

Business Summary:   Green Spiru provides a range of microalgae-based products. As experts in microalgae, they offer strong customer assistance and fully customizable products

Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: Greenbox AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3D Modeling software program that allows it to create reality and virtual reality environments that will assist industrial and small-scale manufacturers, engineers, and the gaming industry in a more cost effective and efficient manner

Business Summary:   Greenbox AI Inc. is an artificial intelligence (AI) 3D modelling software that simplifies the process of creating high and low-resolution 3d objects in virtual reality environments and augmented reality. Greenbox’s patented software and services drastically improve ease of use in 3D modelling so that anyone can create digital 3D images. It streamlines production saving in the gaming and entertainment industries by both time and money. 

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

GreenHouse Energy

One Line Pitch: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. provides an integrated technology platform that delivers industrial automation to the North American greenhouse market

Business Summary: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. is developing a fully automated greenhouse management system that encompasses sensors, automation control systems, software and other technologies to automate irrigation, lighting, energy consumption, remote control and access, that will ultimately provide more cost effective and efficient management of greenhouses

Sector: Agricultural Automation


One Line Pitch:

Green Smart Sense is an agriculture technology company with a focus on the
industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence applications for the agriculture sector. We
offer a platform for monitoring post‐harvest agriculture products and a proprietary index for
measuring the quality of the products in the storage

Business Summary:  

We provide agriculture sensors plus software for analyzing the data
through artificial intelligence. Our patented technology “Green Quality Index “can detect the
hotspots by collecting data from wireless sensors in the stored grains and providing a
quantifiable index to evaluate the quality of the stored grains. In case of any anomaly detection
in the received data, the system sends a notification to the owners immediately. 

Sector: Information Technology

Greywater Recycling Solution

One Line Pitch: Greywater aims to replace today’s inefficient water management systems with a new smart recovery system in order to save water resources and provide analytical data to the user

Business Summary: Greywater Recycling Solution Company is developing a software based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to recover reusable water. The company will use smart valves to measure the water quality at each stage, providing the software’s user with important information in real time

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Protecting communities with real-time safety alerts and blockchain technology.

Business Summary: Guardaround is a mobile application designed to serve as an additionally emergency response system. The platform provides users with real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening in their community. What makes Guardaround so special is that is makes use of blockchain technology to decentralize its platform allowing for increased transparency.

Sector: Public Safety


One Line Pitch: An automated approach to virus screening and protection

Business Summary:   HABCO is an innovative assessment and PPE system which aims to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. To manage assessment, the system will be installed at the entrances of hospitals, laboratories, etc. and automatically read various personal infection indicators and assist with with full-body PPE made of wearable plastic

Sector: Personal Protective Equipment

Hana Mini

One Line Pitch: HANA Mini will be an evolution of the original HANA product. Designed to be smaller, less expensive to install, and integrated with a user’s smartphone

Business Summary: HANATM is a cloud based environmental control and accessibility platform specially designed for users with mobility challenges. Our HANATM platform fills the niche between hardware‐focused Environmental Control Units (ECUs) and technologically advanced but unspecialized Smart Home Automation solutions. Composed of a small IoT device that connects to phone, chair & bed, controlled by voice, sip+puff, or head array (configurable), connects to other IoT home automation products, and to other non‐IoT devices, requires a smartphone for configuration

Sector: Life Sciences

Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co

One Line Pitch: One of the largest suppliers of AOC (Active Optical Connection) solutions in China, supplying products to a variety of top tier consumer electronic manufacturers

Business Summary: Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 to commercialize PCIe over fiber products. Operating under the Mo-Link brand, the company uses innovative integrated circuit packaging technology to specialize in the development, design and manufacturing of optical cable products, and is committed to providing cost-effective solutions supporting higher-bandwidth, smaller size and lower power consumption

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Heamac Healthcare Inc

One Line Pitch: We develop an intelligent newborn monitor to prevent babies from getting readmitted to hospitals within the first 30 days.

Business Summary: Jaundice & respiratory distress are the top two reasons why babies get readmitted within the first 30 days of birth. Heamac Healthcare developed an innovative patent-pending newborn discharge monitor that non-invasively monitors babies’ vital parameters at home via insurance providers to prevent early discharge. It uses a wide range of frequencies to achieve this monitoring and costs $299. The device is posed for home & hospital use by end of 2021.


HLM Diagnostics

One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing the use of industrial sprays through affordable AI-based diagnostics and testing systems

Business Summary:   HLM Diagnostics aims to assist companies in improving the quality control and efficiency of their sprays. The core product HLM Diagnostics plans to offer is the “Spraycheck” droplet sizing instrument. Unlike other droplet sizing instruments, the “Spraycheck” is compact, affordable, and simple to use

Sector: Industrial Spray Equipment

Home Dream

One Line Pitch: Matching real estate developers with customers looking to build their dream home.

Business Summary: Home Dream is an online platform which connects real estate developers with prospective home buyers. Developers on the platform can post their recent builds, standard designs, and available projects. On the buyer side, they can view all documents posted by developers and also upload their own information such as personal preferences, budget, target community, etc.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Real Estate Advertising

Home Energy Map

One Line Pitch: Measuring home energy use, so that homeowners can better manage home energy use

Business Summary: A simple self-assessment of home energy use based on our unique algorithm and local market rates that allows utilities and clean energy companies to identify likely prospects for comprehensive energy audits leading to clean energy upgrades such as windows, doors, furnaces, lighting, and insulation. Based on the testing results, the algorithm will automatically link homeowners with local financial incentives and government programs to assist with identified home energy upgrades

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An innovative decontamination and recycling system made for medical waste

Business Summary:   HSZ enters the market with a more effective decontamination and recycling solution for the medical industry. Many of the current offerings focus solely on continuous microwave technologies (CMT). HSZ’s system uses CMT but has also augmented the process by adding other technologies. This new process is highly cost-efficient and is ready to meet the needs of a growing healthcare industry

Sector: Recycling & Decontamination


One Line Pitch: iDentCare aims to encourage people to improve their oral health by regular monitoring of their dental conditions by offering a solution to make intraoral imaging affordable and feasible for the public

Business Summary: iDentCare product uses an intraoral camera and cellphone camera equipped with appropriate optics for regular and fluorescent imaging. Usng image processing and machine learning, the product analyzes the captured images and recognizes the issues with the teeth. The deep learning methods provide an accurate and rapid analysis of the image. Additionally, iDentCare uses fluorescence‐based imaging method which is an effective, safe and accurate solution

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Scientific content management system (sCMS) to meaningfully publish content and verify the authenticity

Business Summary: Creation of a scientific content management system (sCMS) to catalogue published knowledge and assess the authenticity of new knowledge using in-built algorithms and Artificial intelligence technologies.

Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: A platform is designed to teach speaking and life skills to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), based on video modeling method. Our mission is to make sure that every child with ASD in the world has access to therapy resources at affordable price. IMUTISM video products will be available in English at first step, then in other languages in a few years

Business Summary: As an alternative program of regular occupational and speech therapy, our digital imitation- based videos and tasks, designed for different age groups and levels of autism, are available through a platform to teach life skills to ASD children and adults. IMUTISM also provide families with a place to communicate with other families and exchange experiences

Sector: Life Science

Industrial Innovative Hygeine

One Line Pitch: Real-time industrial safety monitoring

Business Summary: IIH has developed a solution that will improve industrial safety and reduce safety costs by taking a previously static, one-time process, and making it real-time with continuous monitoring and improved decision-making.

Sector: ICT, Healthcare

Industrial Machine Vision Inspection

One Line Pitch: Innovative hardware and software solution to replace human inspections in factories. The software analyzes objects and processes the data collected in real time, creating a more efficient and precise inspection activity

Business Summary: Industrial Machine Vision Inspection eased the inspection processes in industries by using their software and hardware. The company created a proprietary platform that analyses each object in its own environment then, processes images and data in real time to produce an automated activity of an inspection, replacing the need for human interaction. The company aims to increase the efficiency and lower the costs of factory inspections

Sector: Industrial Technology

Industrial Membrane Solution

One Line Pitch: Using multi-layered Nano-bubble technology to restore membranes in industrial water purification systems that enhance membrane cleaning. 

Business Summary: Membrane Solutions Pro uses its award-winning technology to restore the worn-out membranes and improve the effectiveness of the periodical cleaning for RO water purification systems. This advanced technology leads to a decrease in capital cost (membranes replacement) and operating expenses (membranes cleaning costs).



One Line Pitch: Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications.

Business Summary:   Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications. Expandable micro-motor bur (EMB) is a practical dental instrument proposed for removal of broken teeth roots that cannot be extracted by the routine closed methods.

Sector: Life Sciences

Intelligent ERP Software Solutions

One Line Pitch: Intelligent ERP is a customizable Enterprise Resource Planning business software system that integrates and streamlines data for an entire enterprise on a Hyperledger blockchain platform.

Business Summary: Intelligent ERP provides an intuitive ERP system that integrates with a Hyperledger blockchain and can be customized and configured with many plugins or modules based on buyer needs. Intelligent ERP is also scalable. With the added security of blockchain technology, users are able to better manage and protect their privacy, secure their data, and automate any workflow process in an efficient and sustainable way.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Intelligent Farm Management Company

One Line Pitch: Secure, user-friendly, comprehensive online platform and mobile application to disseminate innovative Smart Farming Technologies (STF) to agriculture industry workers

Business Summary: Intelligent Farm Management Company created an online platform that gathers different STFs. The application is uniquely interactive as users can not only get to know new technologies but can also connect with each other using communication portals to share experiences as part of an open community on a global scale

Sector: Agriculture, Information and Communications Technology

Intelligent HVAC System

One Line Pitch: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies a wireless intelligent HVAC system to reduce their cost of energy

Business Summary: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies an affordable service-based solution that wishes to invest in a wireless intelligent HVAC system. By offering a customized design, installation and continuous tech-support, Intelligent HVAC System Company offers homeowners and business owners an innovative, convenient and low-cost solution to Intelligent HVAC automation. This start-up will generate revenue by selling a customized HVAC design plan based on each customer’s needs and budget, and by installing and monitoring all components and smart sensors that are a part of an Intelligent HVAC System in residential and commercial buildings

Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform that enables households to generate revenue simply by separating their wastes at source.

Business Summary: Mismanagement of waste is harming human health and local environments while adding to climate challenge. Even though we all know that waste management is the key to protecting the environment, we need new incentives and prompts to take action on recycling.

Sector: Clean Technology

IoT Construction

One Line Pitch: Through the combination of cloud technology and AI, IOT Construction offers a way to handle construction projects more efficiently.

Business Summary: IoT Construction has developed a product that through the use of sensors and real-time monitoring, along with AI and cloud technology, allows for the improvement of construction performance. This technology reduces construction costs, improves equipment maintenance, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact.

Sector: Construction, ICT


One Line Pitch: A SaaS solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for SMEs implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001 in a very deep and fast but simple step-by-step process at a fraction of the cost of traditional processes

Business Summary: iSecureData is a management system for Information Security providing the highest standards and best practices in information security. iSecureData has over 20 years experience implementing ISMS in high security organizations including the banking and financial services sectors. iSecureData uses AI to provide the best structure and content for organizations to implement ISMS based on their unique security requirements. iSecureData provides very efficient documentation for the management team so they can monitor and manage the cyber security status of the organization.

Sector:  Information Technology

Juice Academy

One Line Pitch: Juice Academy is an online education academy that provides a comprehensive set of products and services targeted at learners that need to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) proficiency test

Business Summary: Juice Academy has been developed by certified experts with over two decades of experience in delivering IELTS training and preparing learners for the IELTS. The preparation courses are delivered in a blended learning environment providing learners with access to self-paced content supported by personalized teacher engagement. Self-paced learning is provided through access to online courses, recorded lessons, assessments, and other services all of which have machine learning capabilities. Ongoing student monitoring and one- on-one classes targeted at each student’s unique learning needs provides students with personalized education enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the learning experience. Juice Academy is available 24/7 allowing students to study from the comfort of their home

Sector: Education/eLearning

KAG Engineering Co

One Line Pitch: Oil and Gas safety solutions by way of remote monitoring of values.

Business Summary: Creation of leading sophisticated technology oil and gas safety solutions for remote monitoring of variables in gas and oil stations.

Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps match Personal Support Workers with Clients to ensure that the client gets the appropriate help they need as quickly and comfortably as possible

Business Summary: Kare Support has developed proprietary software that rates the compatibility of Personal Support Workers with potential clients based on the skills, availability and client feedback.  The Software system is continuously updated by both workers and clients to ensure the most current and appropriate match.  The KareSupport online platform provides healthcare organizations an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their Personal Support Workers to ensure they are providing appropriate support to people in need

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: The vision KidiHealth is to make every daycare an extension of the child’s home by creating collaborative circles of parents, dedicated daycare staff, and healthcare professionals around every child so they can reach their full potential.

Business Summary: While existing solutions attempt to automate some administrative tasks, KidiHealth’s cloud-based platform provides a single, easy to access place to manage daycare activities, automate government forms & compliance tasks, inform parents, and refer children to healthcare specialists when they need it most.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


Kids Robot Interactive

One Line Pitch: An interactive and intelligent robot toy designed to enhance children’s cognitive development and analytical skills through the reading of flashcard commands

Business Summary:   Kids Robot Interactive (KRI) is inventing a robot that can read flashcards and commands using a camera and software application. It is designed to enhance cognitive development in children aged 3-5 by providing an interactive experience that differentiates itself form the traditional screen-based games that today’s children are overexposed to

Sector: Education Technology

Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc

One Line Pitch: Low-cost polyelectrolytes for industrial use.

Business Summary: Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc specializes in producing various polyelectrolyte products which can be used in various industries such as water treatment, cosmetics, and medical. Thanks to their innovative production method, their products are inexpensive and easy to produce in high quantities.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An online virtual classroom that provides simulations and animations that increase engagement and learning quality in Canadian schools

Business Summary: Kokuban provides an innovative, responsive, and purpose-built virtual classroom environment platform for teaching math and science topics. Kokuban platform allows instructors to use predefined math, physics and chemistry problems, formulas, equations, and simulations to improve the virtual classroom experience and make the teaching engaging

Sector: Education/eLearning

Labour Crown

One Line Pitch:  Wearables embedded with IoT sensors to monitor working environments in real-time

Business Summary: Labour Crown provides wearables that are embedded with IoT sensors in order to help monitor working environments in real-time. Information collected through the sensors are used for worker activity & physiological monitoring, environmental sensing, location tracking and detection of construction hazards. Relevant information is used to ensure ultimate work-site safety, compliance, and efficiencies

Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: AI-powered language learning platform that offers faster and smarter solutions for learning

Business Summary: LanGeek is an e-learning platform that uses NLP and ML to provide a high-tech and dynamic path for language learners to accelerate learning a new language and make the process easier and more personalized for each learner

Sector: EdTech


One Line Pitch: Connecting lawyers with clients using a proprietary matching system.

Business Summary: Lawyab is an online referral marketplace which uses an innovative matching algorithm and recommendation system. Users on the platform can browse through all available lawyers or upload their case information and be matched with a lawyer best suited for them. Additionally, Lawyab’s own in-house legal team will provide users with on-going support to ensure peace-of-mind.

Sector: Online Marketplace, Legal Services

Legal BOT

One Line Pitch: Legal BOT is an AI chatbot that will provide intelligent answers to common legal questions

Business Summary: Accessible on the web or on social media apps, the AI-based Legal BOT has learning capabilities that will answer users’ frequently asked questions, freeing up the time partners of law and paralegals spend so that they can attend to more specific, case-by-case questions

Sector: AI/Legal


One Line Pitch: A pediatric ketogenic diet monitoring software system for children with epilepsy and their families

Business Summary: Instead of prescribing children with anti-epileptic drugs, this is a platform to support families with children prone to seizures by providing them with ketogenic diet meal plans, seizure logs, and monitoring technology for diet, hydration, and weight. They are simplifying the transition to a ketogenic diet by providing a meal delivery service and increasing the ease of communication with pediatricians

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions which look great on any building

Business Summary:   Lumel aims to increase the use of BIPV products through producing their own high-efficiency panels. Unlike competitors, Lumel’s panels have modern styling and are fully customizable to meet design needs

Sector: Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Map Store

One Line Pitch: One-of-a-kind, fully customizable city artwork

Business Summary: Map Store provides beautifully crafted, custom city artwork. Using Map Store, customers can select the city/location they want printed, materials used to print the map and finalize the piece with a custom frame

Sector: Services

MBF Group

One Line Pitch: MBF provides the autobody, car-dealer, car rental and paint industry with a surface defect detection smartphone application that detects damage and surface defects better than the human eye. The application features AI and machine learning, providing a cost effective tool to record and report damage and imperfections of any painted surface

Business Summary: MBF’s mission is to provide industry with an affordable and reliable surface paint quality measurement system. The MBF app is user friendly and will allow easy capture and reporting of surface defects – saving operators time and money

Sector: Auto-body repair, car rental, car sales, and paint industry


One Line Pitch: McClick Technology Inc. designs, optimizes and develops Electrical Motor/ Generator with a proprietary Permanent Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor and outer rotor in special motor such as Switched Reluctance Motor and Synchronous Reluctance Motor. The motors and generators have wide range applications, from commercial retail products such as e-bikes and e-scooter to large scale heavy manufacturing products such as robotics, automotive and aerospace industries

Business Summary: The Company will provide engineering services in design, optimization, and manufacturing of electrical motors/generators and will directly distribute the special motors/generators in E-Bike and Scooter applications.  The novel compact structure offers higher reliability and energy and cost efficiency, with applications in automotive, rehabilitation products, E-bike, Scooter and home appliance manufacturing

Sector: 1. Commercial retail transportation such as e-scooters, e-bikes
2. Engineering services, Consulting
3. Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Using a peer-to-peer model, the MightyID communication platform brings together the features of high-end video calls with both the messaging and the task management abilities of social media.

Business Summary: MightyID is communication company with technology that combines video and conference calling with messaging and task management abilities. MightyID has been designed for individuals and small- to medium-sized companies. The app provides users with a messaging platform where you can also schedule calls or make them on the go.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A business intelligence platform powered by AI that utilizes market data to identify regional trends in order to identify and connect the best suppliers with SME’s in the construction industry

Business Summary: Mindelia offers an AI-powered Business Intelligence service to construction companies for maximizing their profitability. Mindelia application analyzes social networks and websites to identify regional trends and tastes in design and provides practical insight for construction companies about their consumer’s preferences and requirements. Additionally, our platform connects construction companies easily with the best suppliers in their region who are offering the best prices and shortest delivery dates

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Minfusion has designed and developed a medical grade beverage dispenser that purifies tab water, adds a measured amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours to the filtered water and carbonates the mixtures.

Business Summary:   Minfusion has designed and developed a medical grade beverage dispenser that purifies tab water, adds a measured amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours to the filtered water and carbonates the mixtures. Users can customize their drinking water based on their own desired amount of minerals, vitamins and flavours. Minfusion can track and monitor the micronutrient and water consumption and provides personalized reports. Each mixture formulation is designed to maximize the bioavailability and efficacy of each of the elements in the mixture.

Sector: Life Sciences

Miracare Medi Tech

One Line Pitch: Magnolia Medi Tech combines an affordable 3D image capture system and 3D printing techniques. Which deliver customized maxillofacial prosthetics with accurate skin colour with fine textures over a 3Dshape, with significant savings in both time and cost.

Business Summary: New and innovative methods for manufacturing facial soft tissue prostheses that prioritize accurate 3D color image reproduction have been developed and a framework and protocol for specific 3D processing designed. Additionally, color management processing has been developed and successfully applied to 3D imaging devices and manufacturing processes.

The overall plan is to integrate electronic sensors at the intersection between the prosthetic and the wearer’s tissue, which the prosthesis can gather information related to prosthetic function and comfort, such as the pressure, temperature, and light across wearer’s tissue, that can help improve further iterations of these types of prosthetics.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Mobilab is a mobile bovine semen collection facility offering on-site collection, freezing and storage of semen at the breeder’s location.

Business Summary: Mobilab is offering on-farm bovine semen collection, and has developed a unique, nanocomposite-assisted cryopreservation procedure, increasing the motility and integrity of sperm by as much as 20%. Traditional methods of semen collection and preservation lead to a high degree of oxidative stress, especially in the freezing and thawing operation. Traditional players often also require the bulls to be transported to collection facilities causing high costs and distress to the bulls.

Sector: Life Sciences/Agriculture

Modular Green

One Line Pitch: ModularGreen growing surgically clean food without soil, lighting and heating – all year round

Business Summary: ModularGreen has developed entirely self-sustained modular greenhouses that will help solve the problem of food security in non-agricultural climates. The modules will enable year-round production of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish using an aquaponics system, pyrolysis heater and solar energy.

Sector: Agriculture / Food

Mositto City

One Line Pitch: Mositto City is a neural network-based educational system that uses a graph-like structure and artificial intelligence to create better STEAM skills learning experience

Business Summary:  Mositto City is a neural network-based educational system that uses a graph-like structure and artificial intelligence, trying to encompass all interests and talent, for better STEAM skills learning experience which will lead to a more practical approach towards industry needs.

Sector: EdTech

My Little Explorer

One Line Pitch: My Little Explorer redefines immersive education through AI and augmented realities so children can enjoy a more interactive learning experience

Business Summary: By working with educators, this application uses machine learning technology to provide an alternate way for children to learn their course curriculum. The goal of gamifying the learning process is for greater engagement while children ages 4 to 8 learn about topics such as language, mathematics, and science

Sector: AI/ eLearning

My Patissier

One Line Pitch: My Patissier are tech “family bakers”, providing access to full bakery services through a ground breaking digital platform designed to deliver the most positive consumer experience

Business Summary: My Patissier provides a digital platform consisting of mobile app and omni-channel chat system using start-of-the-art technology to create a powerfully branded, high quality, on-demand  personalized bakery service to consumers. The proprietary offering is designed as a personal / family baker that connects customers directly to the digital bakery, conveying client  needs,  expectations, custom orders with delivery to the customers doorstep

Sector: Food/ IOT


One Line Pitch: Obesity Management Application and wearable device

Business Summary: Contributes to better informed decisions and healthier living for the individual through an Obesity Management Application and wearable device that monitors, analyzes, and diagnoses weight management protocols.

Sector: Health Care

Nano Bricks

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnological Bricks made out of fly ash, suitable for harsh Canadian cold climate

Business Summary: Nanotechnological Fly Ash Based Bricks Company utilized fly ash to create bricks for the construction of houses. Their product is resistant to freezing and uses nanomaterials to enhance the rate of pozzolanic reactions of the brick, increasing the product’s strength

Sector: Construction

Nano Purification

One Line Pitch: Innovative service to purify harmful leachate through the use of nanoparticles

Business Summary: Nano Purification developed an environmentally friendly, cost-effective service to purify leachate that comes from landfills and wastewater facilities. They have created a patented solution that can purify leachates using nanotechnology and nanoparticles. Their aim is to apply this product through the process of capturing, screening, disinfecting, and purifying the leachate with an end result of a clean liquid

Sector: Environment, Clean Technology

Nano-Con Monitoring

One Line Pitch: Nano-Con Monitoring is a Canadian construction technology company that is in the business of using smart-dust technology to aid in the monitoring of buildings to detect structural integrity issues or other building discrepancies before they become a larger issue

Business Summary: Nano-Con is looking to facilitate the construction and prolong the lifetime of of buildings by detecting structural integrity issues before they become major building threats. Nano-Con uses smart dust which is made of tiny sensors the size of grains of sand to collect data vital to engineers, safety personnel, and stakeholders. Technology will be integrated into buildings using two methods: embedding smart dust into pre-cast concrete for new buildings, and embedding smart dust on sheets of glass or tint to apply to existing buildings. Our technology will constantly collect real-time data, and information will be stored in the cloud, accessible by our well-curated software

Sector: Architectural and Engineering/Construction


One Line Pitch: A marketplace for natural, sustainable, and organic producers to sell to industrial manufacturers

Business Summary: An online marketplace using a unique matching algorithm so industrial manufacturers can find providers of innovative natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients for their cosmetic, food, supplement, and clothing manufacturing requirements.

Sector: Life science / ICT


One Line Pitch: A proactive machine learning-based solution for early detection of cognitive disorders in MS patients

Business Summary: NBNZ CAD software is designed based on a machine learning system by analyzing cognitive task-related functional MRI (fMRI) data at the very early stages of MS. The proposed software will be offered to neurologists specialized in MS disease analysis to assist them by providing automated tools for early diagnosis of cognitive dysfunction. Neurologists and their patients use this software as a trusted second opinion to diagnose and plan their treatment strategies earlier.

Sector: Life Science

NetEarth NS

One Line Pitch: A platform to deliver domain and related services to registrars and resellers

Business Summary: A product targeted for the B2B market, the NetEarth platform connects registrars and resellers, allowing the registrar to sell and fully automate their own services

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Neuron Technologies

One Line Pitch: Innovative new surgical tool

Business Summary: A new tool to make a common surgery faster, less invasive, and less expensive

Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: An online education academy that provides children access to math and science programs helping them to better grasp science concepts taught in school

Business Summary: Neutonium provides an online platform that provides junior-high and high school students access to math and science programs utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as animation, virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing.   Neutronium’s immersive technology enables easy production of VR-based learning environments for advanced topics and their “Real-World Skills Program” teaches students leadership skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving skills by using mentors, speaker series and real challenge projects

Sector: Education/eLearning

New World PPE

One Line Pitch: New World PPE is developing new technology Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks to help the public and health care workers eliminate bacteria from their masks with new innovations

Business Summary:  In addition to creating new ways to eliminate bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with your mask, we are also working to manufacture regular surgical masks and also begin production for Canadian made N 95 masks (NIOSH approved) for hospitals

Sector: Life Sciences/Manufacturing

NH Inclusive Learning Solutions

One Line Pitch: Using the latest technologies, NH Inclusive Learning achieves learning objectives while enabling the students who are visually impaired to have more fun in their learning experience.

Business Summary: This Software-as-a-Service based company provides students who are visually impaired with a mobile educational application. The app offers tactile graphics and simultaneous audio descriptions to experience touch and hearing at the same time.

Sector: AI/Education


One Line Pitch: An Enterprise content services and communications platform for business automation.

Business Summary: Niotex Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a web-based platform, designed in a robust and user-friendly interface, providing organizations with the ability to store, share, archive and manage all types of corporate/business correspondence and documentation in an easy and secure way.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Nonio Tech

One Line Pitch: Nonio Tech is a platform focused on the gamification of concepts in the business cycle to increase efficiency.

Business Summary: Intended for SMEs, this user-friendly and flexible web and mobile management tool is built to customize company workflow based on the gamification of concepts. This system provides a way to communicate goals and sharpen the focus on accomplishing tasks.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Nuwatech Inc

One Line Pitch: Nuwatech Inc provides full, SaaS-based customer lifecycle management solutions to car dealers.

Business Summary: The Nuwatech Inc platform is integrated with social media to generate sales leads and targeted marketing via rules-based AI and big data. Nuwatech Inc provides full customer lifecycle management with a mobile, user-friendly CRM platform, and with tools that streamline car dealership workflow processes.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: O.N.P. is an AI-based social media advertising and marketing management solution designed to enhance social media marketing through the creation of big databases of social media user accounts

Business Summary: O.N.P. is a web-based solution that links together all social media user accounts, creating big data of customer characteristics and analyzing effective strategies to address different target groups (age, social status, common interests, etc.). O.N.P. produces AI-based ad design ideas based on customer analysis and monitors competitors’ marketing strategies

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Connecting Immigrants with Employment

Business Summary: Occupify Global Inc. is an intelligent platform for facilitation and support of new immigrants’ integration into regulated occupations, providing important connections, services and information before, during and after landing in Canada

Sector: Immigration & Labour Technology


One Line Pitch: Ocusur has designed and developed an ocular speculum capable of safe eyeball fixation during both short and even lengthy fine ocular examinations and interventions

Business Summary: Ocular examinations and surgeries are the most frequent medical interventions in the world. Ocular interventions are also the most delicate and sensitive operations in which any unwanted movement of the eyeball can cause major injuries. The Ocusur invention is made of FDA-approved materials, and it provides fine fixation of the eyeball during the ocular interventions, and prevents unwanted injuries in ophthalmology surgeries. The device also prevents ocular post-operation ophthalmitis and infections by decreasing ocular injuries and rinsing disinfecting agents during the surgeries

Sector: Healthcare / Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A new Era in safe night driving by using cutting-edge technology of smart headlights

Business Summary: Our Smart headlight systems provide adaptive and glare-free high beam and adaptive light control. Automotive smart headlights are now growing in popularity. Our product is a smart automotive headlight system to be used by a wide range of vehicles regardless of their make or type. We have developed three products, the most advanced of which features glare-free high beam control, traffic signs detection,curves adaptive illumination, pedestrian detection and night vision

Sector: Automotive Industry

Origin Sources

One Line Pitch: Cloud based supply chain tracker using blockchain authentication and detection technology powered by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to validate the genuineness of suppliers

Business Summary: Origin Sources created a cloud-based supply chain tracker to validate its authenticity. Their solution is based on cloud computing, Blockchain Authentication, Bluetooth IoT, and GPS. Data points extracted from the GPS location, time, shipment, and delivery status are available to the consumer at any given time through a cloud platform created by the company

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Otse Optical

One Line Pitch: The Company will operate an optical goods store and offer eyewear and optometry service to individuals of all ages and requirements

Business Summary: The Company will sell optical lenses, frames, and other eyewear and offer professional support to clients. Through high-quality corrective and protective eyewear, the Company will provide solution to the increasing health conditions and support health and safety measures enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, through mobile delivery and reliance on online channels, the Company will reach clients in remote areas and enable them to receive quality support

Sector: Life science / Retail

Outworks (BSJ tech Inc.)

One Line Pitch: On-demand solution for the provision of general home labour. Outworks allow for their customers to find contractors on the network (online platform) which can offer the required service.

Business Summary: What sets outworks apart, is the way in which contracted workers are integrated into the system. Contractors facing components of the system allow for workers to bid on work, collaborate with other workers, track and analyze performance over time, optimize performance and efficiency, manage their bookings and communications, and even record revenues and expenses in preparation for tax return submissions.

Service providers using Outworks can either offer services as individuals or as organizations. Any contracting or construction services may wish to augment their traditional business and marketing, by offering services and bidding on jobs through the Outworks platform.

Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Software that maximizes the nutritional value of chicken feed while minimizing feed costs

Business Summary: Optimizing chicken feed is the most important area of innovation in egg farming as it represents about 65% of the average cost of production. Using artificial intelligence Ovaly can select and deliver the best possible feed composition throughout the hens life cycle. This is accomplished by optimizing the mix of feed nutrients to maximize nutritional value while minimizing costs. All while taking into account the environmental footprint and nutritional value of eggs

Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Pediatric Education Device System is a mobile application that curates user-friendly and age-appropriate content based on a patient’s medical needs

Business Summary: This application takes difficult and complex medical jargon and provides videos, infographics, and credible articles to simplify the explanation of procedures, making them easier for patients to understand. Created by a team of pediatricians, computer engineers, lawyers, and social scientists, PEDS uses AI to explain medical terminology to ease the fear and stress patients feel in the doctor’s office

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch: Let your kids evolve their academic skills and enjoy our metaverse world of fun-filled interactive learning activities while we, parents, earn and enjoy this play-to-earn platform

Business Summary: Penzil has developed a metaverse world with a fun-filled interactive learning platform for children that will not only enhance their academic skills which are essential to their studies. Although there are leading studios who have established their educational games, our platform has its own advantages as this is equipped with blockchain technology which will allow owners to have a peer-to-peer transaction on the items that they purchased in our games.

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: An affordable instrument for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently to monitor fetal health and make fetal pH data continually available in real-time, provide easy access for the clinical team with minimal stress on the fetus or mother

Business Summary: The importance of pH as a biomedical indicator is underscored by the fact that in all deliveries in North American hospitals, the pH of the umbilical cord is measured and recorded immediately after birth.  Fetal pH monitoring, as currently done, has several shortfalls.  In addition to being intrusive, awkward and uncomfortable for the mother, it can be difficult to collect the volume of blood required (30-50µL) and the sample is at risk of being contaminated prior to being analyzed.  The proposed solution is an instrument under development for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently through one integrated device.  With this design, PhProbe leverages the existing work flow practices. With this solution, the obstetrician uses a device that looks and feels the same, with the simple addition of the real-time, continual pH probe

Sector: Life Sciences

Pick up Pal Food Systems

One Line Pitch:

Pickup Pal Food Systems has developed a warming cabinet for restaurants and eateries to help
streamline delivery-app orders for a smoother front-of- the -house delivery experience

Business Summary: Pickup Pal Food Systems is a new company incorporated in the province of Ontario Canada that provides food warming and organization units which integrates with popular delivery apps
like Uber Eats, Foodora, DoorDash, Postmates, Skip the Dishes, Jumia foods etc. Our warming
units maintain temperature, eliminates mix-ups on order pickup, and streamline the pickup
experience for drivers. Pickup Pal Food Systems offers these services to restaurants and eateries for their online delivery. This is the only offering in the marketplace of this kind.

Sector: Online Food Delivery

Pitstop Canada PRND Inc

One Line Pitch: Pitstop Canada PRND Inc. is a technology driven automotive service company that provides maintenance, servicing, and installable products on-the-go using mobile servicing trucks

Business Summary: The company plans to utilize app-based technology and mobile servicing trucks to provide auto services at customer homes or places of business. By removing the need to take the vehicle to a servicing center, this solution will create newfound efficiencies and increase customer accessibility in the auto servicing process. This disruptive company plans to launch in the Greater Toronto Area before scaling to other large urban markets across Canada

Sector: Automotive Services and Technology

PKM Solutions Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: The PKM team is a start-up company and is going to design, develop, and commercialize an innovative facial mask with capabilities of high protection and killing pathogens

Business Summary: PKM has developed a face mask for the prevention of airborne pathogen transfer and distribution, which not only has high efficiency in trapping the pathogenic particles but also kills them rapidly after trapping

Sector: Healthcare

Placid Concept

One Line Pitch: Placid Concept is an innovative marketplace, connecting professional, highly vetted, independent cleaning staff, with homeowners, tenants and office managers

Business Summary: Placid Concept is building a marketplace that allows homeowners, tenants, businesses and others to hire vetted, professional cleaning staff. With a focus on the Canadian market, Placid Concept innovates the home service industry by offering an alternative to classified ads, which are currently used to find home service staff

Sector: Home Services

Plus Tree (FTA Canada)

One Line Pitch: Production and sales of an innovative bio-disinfectant to kill resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Business Summary: Our compound kills bacteria, virus and fungus to be fully effective without leaving harmful residues and not exposing users, and health care givers to risk.

Sector: Life Sciences/Biomedical

Pocket BIM

One Line Pitch: An all-in-one DIY renovation management tool.

Business Summary: PocketBIM aims to bring a true Building Information Modeling experience to small home renovation projects. By cutting down the BIM process to its core elements, PocketBIM enables users to effectively manage their DIY projects. The company estimates that proper use of their platform could save ~30% of the project costs for the average user.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Home Improvement

Polynix Technology

One Line Pitch:

Polynix has developed a breakthrough technology to overcome the problems of bone grafts by using an in-situ forming scaffold (IFS) which does not originate from humans or animals.

Business Summary: In bone grafts with human or animal sources, both detecting and eliminating viruses in the preparation procedure are not possible. This IFS solidifies in the site of the surgery within 2 minutes, with evenly distributed homogenous porosities resembling spongy bone.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing structural health monitoring with smart-dust technology

Business Summary:   Pontactive is a cloud-based bridge health monitoring system. The system uses smart-dust technology which will be placed strategically on structural points and within the concrete prior to construction. Pontactive can maintain safety, boost productivity, support analytics, and ensure quality

Sector: Structural Health Monitoring, Information and Communications Technology

Posture Leader

One Line Pitch: A smart wearable posture corrector, which tracks the postures and identifies whether they are harmful to the neck and back in the long-term. It provides users with an AI-powered posture detection system, that alerts them to correct their postures based on minor targets, which will be defined after analyzing their postural habits.

Business Summary: A smart wearable posture corrector, that is connected to a mobile application. This device has high-performance fabric, which contains some sensors to record dentists’ postures, in order to analyze their postural habits at first, and monitor it afterward. The team has used machine learning algorithms to detect improper postures, specifically in dental practices. This AI powers the smart posture detection system, that updates the posture database based on users’ performance and feedback. This posture detection system alerts the users to correct their postures, whenever they have exceeded their specific threshold. These thresholds are minor targets that the device specifies for each user individually, so that the user get used to the standard postures step-by-step, through a personalized schedule. In addition, it suggests effective daily exercises to help them to prevent MSDs.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A automated irrigation and maintenance system for potted plants that’s remotely controlled from a smart phone, plus an interactive gaming system where users can earn rewards

Business Summary: POTSCOIN uses loT technology “smart pots” to manage potted plants intelligently including automated irrigation, soil temperature and light and also by using the app for proper instructions on how to grow healthy plants

Sector: Retail / Environment

PowerDream Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelligentautomotive power management system to provide maximum power efficiency

Business Summary: PowerDream is developing a system that can provide maximum power efficiency for vehicles while meeting daily use standards such as: protection of over-current and short circuit, state of charge (SOC) detection, vehicle quiescent control, and diagnostic functions of the power supply system

Sector: Automotive

Prairie Energy Inspection

One Line Pitch: Prairie Energy Inspection has developed an AI-based method that analyzes thermal images and identifies leakage points of a building envelope.

Business Summary: The Prairie Energy Inspection solution incorporates previous records of the scanned location, captured data of neighborhoods and similar buildings, green energy standards and normalized information of the city.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Our goal is to provide an Augmented Reality with the layer of Machine Learning based software to assist the Dental Aesthetics Industry so that expectations can be better managed from the start, to avoid any disappointments. We strive to make the dental enhancement procedure most effective, so the best option available can be chosen by the patient.

Business Summary: Our software combines technical and artistic work, as it allows users to superimpose their dental designs onto recordings of the patient in a natural motion. It enables the patient to see within seconds the result of the dental reconstruction. The Application software can import 3D models of patient-specific dental restorations as well as teeth from tooth libraries that contain natural-looking beautiful teeth. These digital models can then be viewed in real-time. This virtual try-in allows patients to see their new smile before they consent to the treatment. Also, visualization of the treatment goal facilitates the communication not only with the patient but also between the dental professionals. The software needs to access a database of 3-D models of naturally attractive sets of teeth to dynamically alter the virtual images.


Psykon Consulting

One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps individuals diagnose early stage mental health disorders and matches them with a licensed professional most suited for their specific case

Business Summary: Psykon has developed a mental health assessment that allows for the diagnosis of mental health concerns at an early stage.  By leveraging their online counselling platform, users of the mental health assessment are matched with certified professionals most suited for their unique diagnosis.  The integrated scheduling system allows users to sign up for time sensitive online or in person counselling thus simplifying the scheduling process and reducing the resistance users may have in signing up for therapy

Sector: Information & Communication Technology/Life Sciences

QBS Space

One Line Pitch: Architecture and engineering proposal evaluation and selection tool

Business Summary: QBS Space allows clients to hire the best-qualified architects and engineers at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices.

Sector: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Construction

QudiCa Plant

One Line Pitch: Organic, eco-friendly fertilizer produced from human hair waste

Business Summary: Qudica Plant has developed an organic environmentally friendly fertilizer to enrich the soil with the healthy micronutrients present in human hair. Their product’s main ingredient is human hair waste

Sector: Agriculture, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Using a combination of drone flight control, image processing and artificial intelligence, Rad Agri-AI’s technology platform can assess plants’ condition through permanent real-time supervision

Business Summary: RAD AGRI AI has developed an SaaS-based comprehensive management system that controls drone flight using machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain data-enabling growth in agricultural production

Sector: Agriculture

Rad Petro AI

One Line Pitch: RAD Petrol AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program that is able to detect wildlife intrusion into sensitive areas near commercial industrial entities.

Business Summary: The artificial intelligence technology we have developed will enable commercial entities such as Refineries, Factories, Airports, Hydro Electric Producers to prevent harm to wildlife and the surrounding ecosystems in a more expedient cost effective manner with a higher level of accuracy.

Sector:  Information Technology, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Transportation

Rad Smart Smile

One Line Pitch: RAD Smart Smile AI Inc. provides a technology platform, based on an artificial intelligence / machine learning platform to enhance dental and oral health management

Business Summary:  RAD Smart Smile AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program that is able to detect oral and dental diseases in humans and animals much earlier than conventional methods thus enabling treatment to occur much more expeditiously and preventing further progression of disease and associated costs. Our Competitive advantage is the ability to provide a quicker and more accurate cost effective diagnosis that will allow dentists to provide more timely and accurate treatment to patients

Sector: Medical / Dental


One Line Pitch: Protecting wildlife and their sensitive ecosystems with AI-based detection

Business Summary:   RAD Petrol AI has developed an AI program which can quickly detect wildlife intrusion into sensitive areas. They aim have their system installed in various industrial entities such as refineries, airports, etc. Early detection will prevent damage to equipment and protect precious wildlife in the process

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Raha Sanat Arad

One Line Pitch: Cabin counterweights and elevator rails designed using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP), metal sheets, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and resin to resist fire in case of emergencies

Business Summary: RSA developed a reinforced fire-proof elevator rail design, using fiber glass, resin, FRP and metal sheets. Their project aims to reduce power consumption in the buildings, use materials that are currently abundant in the planet – reducing environmental damage, lower the cost of production and increase production speed

Sector: Transport Technologies, Utilities

Ramis (Agri-Bot)

One Line Pitch: Ramis is engaged in designing, making, and retailing agricultural robots. 

Business Summary: The current product is an autonomous insect hunter, specially designed to be used in a wide range of Canadian farms as a replacement to chemical insecticides, eliminating their side effects such as soil/water contamination and destruction of plant and animal ecosystems.

Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: Improving the sustainability of 3D printing using recycled filament

Business Summary:   RefilamenteR has designed a device which allows for the use of recyclable plastic as 3D printing filament

Sector: 3D Printing

REIS Future Canada

One Line Pitch: An artificial intelligence (AI)-based online platform for customers with any level of knowledge who can have the best resources to create a renewable power plant with different uses at the lowest cost

Business Summary: REIS Future Canada wants to provide an online platform for all customers, including: residential, industrials, asset developers and governments, based on input data of location or area and budget or amount of energy consumption by using artificial intelligence and decision-making algorithms to calculate all effective parameters for establishing of renewable power plant and finally offers the best resources, the best location to the user and provides a complete feasibility study reports. In addition, REIS Future Canada intends to offer an energy management tool that helps users have the best time to consume, store or sell energy to achieve the best economic efficiency

Sector: Renewable Energy / Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A storage space marketplace that connects storage owners with storage renters

Business Summary:   Rent@Me is a storage rental marketplace that connects homeowners who have extra storage space with users that are looking to rent storage space. Homeowners can make revenue through offering their empty facilities (garages, basements, etc.) while meeting the growing demand for affordable storage spaces

Sector: Communication Technology, Rentals

Robust Marketing and Communication Inc

One Line Pitch: An innovative event booking tool for hotel and venue managers to immediately assess what your costs/profit on booking an event will be in order to confirm the right bookings

Business Summary: Robust Marketing and Communication is an innovative event booking calculator that hotel and venue staff to input particulars from customers (attendees, dates, food, drink etc.) and quickly calculate if the event meets the minimum return on investment needed by the hotel/venue. No more guessing and hoping that events are profitable and customize the inputs to suit the specific venue/hotel.  Our competitive advantage will come from the deep industry insight we have with an industry co-development partner and technical experience to build a scalable software-as-a-service platform

Sector: Services

Roham Cell Teb

One Line Pitch: Roham Cell Teb (RC Teb), is a medical technology company focused on the field of regenerative medicine with its patented Black Pearl Technology. The technology stimulates human or animal blood cells to produce and release growth factors and regenerative cytokines that accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues

Business Summary: The Company plans to manufacture and distribute globally its branded Heila family of products suited and designed specifically for different remedies. The products will target MSK disorders in veterinary, MSK and sport related injuries, skin rejuvenation and wounds. Currently under development are products to target the management of endometrial related infertility and stem cell culture media. The company plans to distribute the products to health clinics and hospitals through specialized distribution partners initially once marketing clearance has been obtained in Canada and USA

Sector: Medical Device and Technology


One Line Pitch: Rookmind is a well-established Animation/Game studio based in Tehran, Iran with over 5 years of experience in building award-winning and top-quality Animated shorts and games. 

Business Summary: Rookmind is ready for making stylish animated films and unique story-based games for the international market. Besides these, we have built an automated animation generation tool that can help artists and game developers generate, order, and appropriate 2d animation frames from their sketches

Sector: Media & Entertainment, Application


One Line Pitch: Hardware and software Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile solution that provides automated elemental and mineral analysis of rocks replacing traditional lab tests

Business Summary: ROQ AI developed a hardware and software solution based on AI that enables on-site reservoir rock analysis. Their solution is composed of a testing platform that show consistent and accurate results in real-time; and of a software that is equipped with automate drill cutting imagery, petrophysical and geochemical data from various sources and precise reports

Sector: Information and Communication Technologies


One Line Pitch: RSA offers a range of solutions to solve traffic issues for road users and road managers.

Business Summary: RSA produces and develops high technology and modern systems to collect real time road data, manufactures high-tech systems and solutions to indicate road data to governments and road users, and offers integrated solutions of various systems to reduce road maintenance costs and increase road safety.

Sector: Artificial Intelligence/Information & Communication Technology


One Line Pitch:  A portable food contamination testing device

Business Summary: SafeFoodDetector is developing a portable food contamination testing device that is able to also track the quality of food over a period of time. The advantages of using this lab-on-a-chip are reduced sample size, shorter reaction & analysis time, increased throughput, automation, and portability

Sector: Life Science and Advanced Health/Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Platform-based bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management software integration.

Business Summary: SailBox is the boutique accounting firm of the future. Their team of accounting professionals will be trained to specialize in the use of the software that your company chooses to manage finances internally. Whether it be Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zoho, Xero, Wave, or one of the many other solutions. SailBox provides three key benefits:
1. Preparation of the books, using the software that you choose to run your business.
2. The staff specializes in the use of leading-edge accounting software and is well-prepared to consult with your team to maximize the benefit your business receives form using an innovative approach to financial management.
3. Using their services, engaging with our accountants, scheduling calls and meetings, and even paying contractors, can all be done through a single, centralized online platform. They can even assist your team in integrating their platform with your other productivity tools.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services

Sam Plas Co.

One Line Pitch: Sam Plas Co is developing a Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) technology to treat several dermatological conditions such as acute and chronic wounds, skin cancers, and post surgical wound closures

Business Summary:   The Company was originally founded in Iran in 2020 and planning to relocate to Winnipeg. The company will continue to prototype and develop the product in Iran while awaiting the relocation to Winnipeg where the verification, validation, and clinical evaluation will take place. The company plans to manufacture the product in Canada, where they will obtain regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA, Health Canada, and CE Mark. The first clinical application will be for veterinary dermatological wounds then seek progressive indications for human dermatological skin conditions. The company is currently investigating the ideal business model for the product and is considering opening and operating dermatology clinics or sell directly to vet clinics and large hospitals

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A newly designed, patented, marine floating platform that is lighter in weight, easy to install, and can be customized in different sizes  and applications

Business Summary: The modified lightweight reinforced material is a game changing technology that opens new opportunities in light marine floating platforms. Current floating systems are either expensive or shape-limited; our technology provides a variety of customizable, economical platforms for different uses and applications; this technology saves businesses between 20-40% of cost inclusive of material and installation. In addition, it is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Also, experts are not required to install these systems; a large surface area can be assembled within a few hours. The applications are many – residential and commercial dock, swimming pools, restaurants, fish farms and many other service-based businesses

Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: Sapphire is a company that provides IT risk assessment services, corporate employee training, systems testing, and related consulting services focusing on human elements to find and eliminate both technical and behavioral vulnerabilities of the data custody chain

Business Summary: Sapphire is a company that helps businesses deal with the growing need for data security. The company’s core area of expertise is the human element in IT security. The company renders IT risk assessment services, corporate employee training, systems testing, and related consulting services to find and eliminate both technical and behavioral vulnerabilities of the data custody chain

Sector: Information Technology Services/Cybersecurity

Satellite Negotiator

One Line Pitch: Satellite Negotiator will provide collision avoidance and space traffic management services for satellite operators who operate in low‐earth orbit

Business Summary: Satellite Negotiator initial product is a technology‐backed service for satellite operators. The long‐ term vision is to develop the technology into a global traffic management service provided to all operators in collaboration with the Canadian Government

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: SeedAR Inc. is building Indiroot, an augmented reality (AR) based Customer-to-Customer (C2C) online marketplace dedicated to indigenous peoples’ art, handicrafts, and traditional non-perishable foods

Business Summary: To build a C2C online platform to both sell indigenous created products and to showcase their rituals, ancient knowledge, and languages with AR marketing methods. Our goal is to empower the indigenous people financially while revitalizing their culture and languages

Sector: E-Commerce/Augmented Reality

Sell My Threads

One Line Pitch: Online system to enable individuals to use social media to easily sell their gently used clothing and accessories without setting up an online store

Business Summary: A peer-to-peer online system using a unique and innovative matching algorithm enabling individuals to sell and ship their gently used clothing online without having to set up their own online store or ship their clothing for consignment sales

Sector: ICT / Retail


One Line Pitch: Shadi is a network of experienced, exclusively trained and licensed therapists who deliver 24/7 mental health services through a high-tech, AI-equipped platform.

Business Summary: A network of experienced, exclusively trained and licensed therapists who deliver 24/7 mental health services through a high-tech, AI equipped online platform.

The clients provide basic data via questionnaires. In less than a few hours, the platform suggests several therapists based on the clients’ objectives, preferences, and the type of issues they are dealing with. The clients choose the favored therapist. They can start communicating through the dedicated private online room instantly using text messages, voice memos, scheduled phone calls, or live video sessions.

Sector: Life Sciences

Shahjee Enterprises

One Line Pitch: Connecting sellers and buyers in real-time via a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace

Business Summary: Shahjee Enterprises is developing a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that tackles the numerous difficulties traders face when selling goods online. The proprietary platform includes AI-based localised shopping and real-time live shopping, reducing pain points through face-to-face interactions between seller and buyer

Sector: E-Commerce


One Line Pitch: Sightvet provides a Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Tool That Quickly and Accurately Differentiates Between Primary Brain Tumors in dogs and cats using MRI image data

Business Summary: Sightvet software is sold to veterinary radiologists that want to increase the accuracy and thoroughness of their patient diagnosis and analysis. Both dogs and cats with brain cancer benefit from MRI imaging.  We use the MRI images and apply our image processing software to quickly and accurately determine the type of tumour between gliomas and meningiomas. The radiologists use this software as a trusted second opinion for their diagnosis

Sector: Veterinary Radiologist Tool using Artificial Intelligence


One Line Pitch: A communication platform to support people with hearing disabilities that assists them in communicating with people as well as service providers such as banks, health care providers and other businesses.

Business Summary: SignVid markets accessibility services for deaf people to services providers.  By leveraging code scanner technologies and on demand video calls with a sign language call center, SignVid creates communication platforms that help businesses communicate their products and services to deaf people. 

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

SK Technology

One Line Pitch: Professional internet digital reading company

Business Summary: SK Technology is a digital book reading business providing mobile application, online web bookshop, audible book reading including animated books, comics and novels. This includes recommending books to readers through algorithms

Sector: Information and Communication Technology

Smart Beekeeping

One Line Pitch: Specializes in finding an ideal site for bee colonies in a given area to optimize profit by increasing the quantity and quality of honey produced.

Business Summary: Using a combination of drone footage, GIS, and AI, Smart Beekeeping will assist beekeepers in determining which sites to use for their bee colonies. This technology incorporates the weather history, plant species, road maps, and hydrographic mapping of the area to determine the best possible location.

Sector: Agricultural Technology

Smart Medical Diet

One Line Pitch: An application for mobile devices to provide a personalized approach to health and diet.

Business Summary: This application will provide users with a personalized diet based on results from blood tests and other health assessment data. From this data, the app will create a unique diet based on specific health needs. With multiple subscription offerings, price points, and diet plan options within this app, Smart Medical Diet provides flexibility based on the clients’ individual needs

Sector: Health Care

Smart Qaushi

One Line Pitch: Smart Qaushi is the manufacturer of the next generation of smart floors equipped with sensor technology and machine learning to monitor, analyze and predict movement

Business Summary: Customizable tiles with accelerometer sensors detect movement on the floor and collect the movement data to be processed in an artificial intelligence trained program to monitor and predict falls and abnormal behavior and also analyze crowd movement patterns to improve the efficiency of the space and well being of its inhabitants

Sector: Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence

Smart Quashi

One Line Pitch: Smart Qaushi is the manufacturer of the next generation of smart floors equipped with sensor technology and machine learning to monitor, analyze and predict movement

Business Summary: Customizable tiles with accelerometer sensors detect movement on the floor and collect the movement data to be processed in an artificial intelligence trained program to monitor and predict falls and abnormal behavior and also analyze crowd movement patterns to improve the efficiency of the space and well being of its inhabitants

Sector: Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence

Smart Solar

One Line Pitch: Smart solar panel system that provides real-time feedback on energy consumption and habits

Business Summary: Smarter Solar is a smart solar system that integrates multiple solar power generation systems together, and provides real-time feedback on energy generation and consumption habits. Users can optimize energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and decrease their energy expenses

Sector: Renewable Energy


One Line Pitch: Smart-HVAC is an Internet of Things (IoT) system with embedded sensors, software, and connectivity that enables HVAC system to exchange data with other connected devices

Business Summary: Smart-HVAC improves preventative maintenance by sensing data on air quality and equipment status, making it significantly easier to gain insight across a range of equipment such as Rooftop air-handling units, Air-handling units, Make-up air units, and Variable air volume reheat systems

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Smart Lift as a Platform is built to enable users to easily and safely lift and move heavy equipment in numerous environments, minimizing the risks associated with doing so manually

Business Summary: Smart Lift introduces a robotic manipulator which is thoroughly controlled by hand. It is able to be implemented in a variety of applications as well as workplaces. Smart Lift simply lifts and moves loads in various shapes, packages, and also weights. In other words, the system is designed to make the mind of the user as it is part of his/her own mind through touching for moving any object to desired directions and angels

Sector: Industrial Robotics


One Line Pitch: Implementation of Smart Shopping Based on a Patent Invention.

Business Summary: This system provides all necessary information for the customer, including guidance in finding the product location, offering several similar products and comparing them, teaching the use of new goods to the customer, as well as a short advertisement in relation to that issue. 
The customer can get out of the store without a queue. This system, in addition to the guidance of the client, can exclusively show ads for each customer, which are required and followed by the product. In hopes to make a breakthrough in advertising and make advertising meet individual needs. 

Sector: Manufacturing/ Information and Communications Technology

SMP Materials Inc.

One Line Pitch:

SMP Materials Inc. developed a tunable biodegradable shape memory polymer (BSMP) which has extensive applications in different medical devices

We offer multiple products and operate in the biomedical segment of the market. Our shape memory polymer has an excellent shape memory recovery

Our product portfolio contains surgical splint, sutures and staples, dental wire, embolization coil and stents

Business Summary: We have developed a novel tunable Shape Memory Polymer that activates around body temperature, has excellent and reliable shape memory properties, and is biocompatible and biodegradable. Our strategy is carefully orchestrated to take into account the regulatory barrier that surrounds any medical applications. We will start with a low regulatory barrier product to generate positive cash flow and slowly climb the regulatory barrier ladder to capture the most profitable segment of the biomedical market

Sector: Life Science and at the TRL 7 stages

Soft Technology

One Line Pitch: Enabling companies to access the power of big data

Business Summary:   Soft Technology Co. aims to provide data analytics services for medium and large sized businesses to cleanse, classify, cluster, and mine data

Sector: Data Analytics


One Line Pitch: Connecting software development teams with expert testers

Business Summary:   SofTesting is an online crowdsourcing platform for testing software. Through the platform, developers can upload their testing requests and are then matched with expert software testers

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Promoting the use of solar power implementation by optimizing power consumption

Business Summary:   Solaristic has developed a software which can be integrated with solar panel systems to spread power across multiple households. The software can learn, adapt, and predict residential electricity usage providing a highly optimized experience. On top of being a clean energy solution, Solaristic offers the additional benefit of cost savings

Sector: Solar Energy Technologies


One Line Pitch: SolidSense creates wireless concrete sensors for use by contractors to optimize concrete temperature and humidity during a project.

Business Summary: The SolidSense product is a combined sensor and software bundle that allows engineers on a construction site to precisely monitor the state of concrete as, and after, it is poured. This ensures that over the critical few days of curing, expensive concrete is not ruined due to changing environmental conditions, and so that the concrete settles with maximum strength.

Sector: Clean Technology/Information and Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: SolRadiance technology allows the accurate 3D analysis of all surfaces of existing or conceptual buildings to understand the exact amount of solar energy that can be captured

Business Summary: Architects, engineers, and developers need to quantify the solar energy potential of the exterior of buildings as requirements for sustainability and distributed energy generation increase, but there is no cost-effective or accurate way to do it. At present, this type of calculation is done at great expense by high-cost engineering resources and with no standard for calculation accuracy.  The proposed solution is a Software as a Service plug-in for industry design software to model and calculate the amount of solar irradiance for existing and conceptual structures

Sector: Clean Technology

SOSD Group

One Line Pitch: SOSD has developed a technologically superior medical device to help treat a variety of respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma, and Cystic Fibrosis

Business Summary: The Company will initially design, manufacture, and distribute an ultrasonic inhalers to be prescribed by global health care practitioners to their patients with respiratory diseases. The product to be manufactured by the Company offers better and more effective therapy to the patients suffering from respiratory diseases (COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis) and decrease the total amount of aerosolized medicine wasted by the current products on the market

Sector: Medical Devices

SR&ED Helper

One Line Pitch: SR&ED Helper uses trusted technology and innovative, realistic solutions to help businesses maximize SR&ED tax credits

Business Summary: Approximately 50% of eligible Canadian companies are not filing for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits. Millions of free funding dollars are lost each year. Currently, businesses struggles to accurately track and compile the information needed to submit their SR&ED tax claims. In some cases, employees are asked to retroactively dig through old files and messages to write a report that will satisfy the CRA and may result in an audit. The process is stressful, expensive, and inaccurate. The proposed solution is a digital assistant as an app offering services and tools for businesses to effectively track, organize, and submit accurate SR&ED claims. SR&ED information is organized into categories and sections, making it easy to sort, review, and submit each claim at the end of the year

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A centralized platform for restaurant delivery order management

Business Summary:   Straight2K is an order management platform to help restaurants avoid delivery mishaps. The platform’s key feature is that restaurants can integrate various 3rd party services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and more. Orders that enter the system are automatically ordered, tracked, and prioritized for a seamless delivery process

Sector: Restaurant Management Tools

Straight2k Inc

One Line Pitch: Food delivery aggregator.

Business Summary:

Restaurants will be able to manage their menu directly from ONE single administration portal instead of one for each food delivery platform. Our portal will then update each channel automatically.

Sector:  Hospitality, Restaurants, Information Technology

Study Guide Consulting

One Line Pitch: Study Guide is a destination portal for students and parents, overseas study agencies, local and international institutions, and English training centers.

Business Summary: Study Guide is a form of social network, as it brings together students and parents with a centralized education admission system. Using sophisticated AI tags, Study Guide is based on a master agent model that connects students to the post-secondary institutions in North America that are the best fit to the students’ interests.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

Super Hydrophobic Products

One Line Pitch: Super Hydrophobic Products will provide a superhydrophobic coating to protect asphalt, walls and surfaces where corrosion occurs

Business Summary: Hydrophobicity, in various sciences, is the ability of a substance not to get wet. The purpose of making superhydrophobic materials in civil science is to prevent corrosion of building foundations, enhance the mechanical properties of concrete and steel structures and prevent damage to asphalt roads and highways. According to a study by Data Bridge Market Research the Market for superhydrophobic coating is projected to grow by 10.1% between 2021 and 2028 and is expected to reach USD $39.6 million by 2028. Super Hydrophobic Products will provide an innovative product and service offering for this market in Canada

Sector: Architectural and Construction/Engineering


One Line Pitch: An online software as a service (SaaS) RFP management software supporting IT services, buyers, and vendors managing service transactions

Business Summary: A software platform enabling vendors to find and manage relevant request for proposals (RFPs), automate RFP responses, build credit, and match with buyers. As the first end-to-end solution for both vendors and buyers, with a focus on IT services, Suppli will search the web to collect and combine RFPs

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution to reduce human errors, solve challenges in metal and non-metal defect detection by using image processing techniques and thermal images

Business Summary: The company developed a cost effective and accurate solution based on AI and thermal images to improve material defect detection. The product is able to detect cracks, corrosion, and welding defects. Surfvision use thermal images combined with visible-light images to analyze each piece of material ensuring a wide range of defects to be detected

Sector: Information and Communications Technology, Artificial intelligence


One Line Pitch: Uses an IoT based surgical model that involves a virtual reality based user interface and predictive analytics

Business Summary: SurgicalVR is a sophisticated virtual reality infrastructure that allow doctors and doctors in training to practice and test out ideas for surgeries virtually. Our product allows doctors to access a safe, repeatable, realistic and immersive environment to master and test out procedures

Sector: Life Sciences / Medicine


One Line Pitch: SURT is a cloud-based AI-powered, Analytics and Forecastingplatform focused on Small Businesses.

Business Summary: To bring radical growth by harnessing focused research, data analysis, and machine learning, aimed at small businesses in fashion, lifestyle, and the retail sector. Surt aims to create dedicated programs and tools to turn strategy into decisions and execute for the highest measurable results.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Easy to use custom tile kiosk for residential and commercial clients to produce ecofriendly tiles with endless choice of custom designs.

Business Summary: A easy to use environmental favourable Kiosk for placement in home improvement retail stores, which provides an antimicrobial tile and mosaic printing kiosk to produce green, environmentally friendly, hygienic, and custom designed tiles and mosaics.

Sector: Manufacturing

Talent Scan Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Talent Scan Technologies Inc is developing a tool that analyses text in CVs and can identify likely signs of fraud. Recruit and hire the best talent. Save money and time

Business Summary: Human resource professionals and recruiters are sent fraudulent CVs on a regular basis. The process of reading through and sorting out fraudulent CVs wastes a huge amount of time, effort and money. Talent Scan Technologies will be an ultra-lightweight tool that allows hiring managers and recruiters to read through CVs and detect whether a CV is fraudulent. Talent Scan Technologies can select sections of text and compares it against other sources and commonly used fraudulent text

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Teresa Health

One Line Pitch: Teresa Health’s mission is to achieve the highest standard of early high-risk pregnancy detection and care using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Business Summary:  Teresa Health is a company in the eHealth industry, is in the business to bring new technology into maternal healthcare, specifically to combat high-risk pregnancy. Teresa Health utilizes state-of-the-art technology that will take all collected data of the expecting mother and assess the information through artificial intelligence for early stage diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy, its’ effects on the mother and baby, and formulate a care plan suitable for the patient’s needs

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Thermonalysis will offer an innovative technology solution that reminds restaurant workers to capture food temperatures and automatically record them for compliance and safety reporting

Business Summary: Many restaurants keep key ingredients out in room-temperature and must record temperature and time readings to ensure customer safety. The current process to do this is manual, costly, and prone to human error. There are huge potential risks for owners, franchisees, and public health.  The proposed solution is a SaaS app and connected device that allows restaurant workers to quickly and easily record and submit food temperature readings and connect the key data to compliance/reporting software

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Travel and Leisure for people with ASD and their families

Business Summary: It is a platform to evaluate travel and leisure services, recreational centers and resorts to list eligible autistic-friendly destinations, transportation solutions, and certified agents to accompany people with ASD and their families.

Sector: Tourism/Health Care/Information and Communications technology


One Line Pitch: Real-Time & Accurate Preview of Cosmetic Surgery Results

Business Summary: TiTech is an application that acts as a private cosmetic advisor. It employs AI technology to let patients and surgeons view and compare all their options for any facial procedures by uploading photos or interacting with the camera and virtually testing various options. TiTech combines imaging tools, communication tools, and 3D simulation tools in one fully integrated solution for image management, visual communication and aesthetic simulation. Patients can view their pictures, chat, get treatment recommendations, and treatment progress in the privacy of their own home. It generates instant results

Sector: Information and Communications Technology/Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: TMS is the component conductor that creates real-time orchestration between all of your heating and cooling components to optimize reliability, savings, and performance

Business Summary: TMS is a manufactured HVAC solution that is delivered by a smart controller, that intelligently connects all of the elements of a heating and cooling system in real-time. The patented TMS system collects environmental data and reacts to select the appropriate function of each component to improve efficiency and comfort in an absolutely reliable way

Sector: HVAC commercial and residential


One Line Pitch: Enabling farmers to utilize their animal waste by converting it into clean fertilizer

Business Summary:   TMT has developed a high-efficiency animal waste conversion system which costs significantly less than competitor offerings. Their flagship product will be the 6T/day Animal Waste to Fertilizer Converter Machine. As the company grows, TMT hopes to offer a 12T/day machine for larger farms

Sector: Industrial Machinery

Tooth Secret View

One Line Pitch: TSV uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help dentists diagnosis dental problems more accurately and automate client interactions

Business Summary: TSV have designed and developed a new generation of dental diagnostic software based on Computer-Aided Detection through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Convolutional Neural Networks. The system provides the dentist with highly accurate diagnostics on early caries lesions, plaque formation and other anomalies. The system also provides scheduling information to patients according dentist recommendations

Sector: Healthcare/ Software

Touba Sources

One Line Pitch: Touba is an international B2B marketplace with an innovative approach to achieving the maximum & optimum market capacity by managing the excess capacity of production units

Business Summary: The Touba platform offers multifaceted solutions to its users using AI tools and market behavior analysis.
In addition to offering their products and services, suppliers can use their excess capacity at different intervals and conditions to meet the needs of demanders.
Touba puts the most constraints in the matching process between suppliers and demanders to find the most optimal solutions.
Touba has chosen the agricultural and related industries market as a niche market in Canada

Sector: SaaS / Agtech

TransCanada Minerals

One Line Pitch: An environmentally friendly approach to tailing management

Business Summary:   Tailings are what is left after a target mineral is extracted from an ore. TransCanada minerals aims to provide a tailing management alternative called ‘bioleaching”. Bioleaching is a process in which microorganisms are used to extract target minerals. This leaves behind less waste and is a more natural process

Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: A crowdsourcing translation platform focused on Persian and Arabic languages. 

Business Summary: The translation platform has been developed to offer users the ability to translate daily conversations by leveraging an extensive language database accessed via an application downloaded to their smartphone.   As well, leveraging Transia’s extensive network of translators, users will also have the ability to upload text files to a server and have their files translated.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology

TTK/Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd

One Line Pitch: Providing high quality R&D and laboratory materials

Business Summary:   Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd is a high-biotech company which will produce and sell various materials which are used in research laboratories. The two main product lines are immunoassay products and cyto-pathology products

Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: Tuffshell is the first Canadian makers of the Smart Hard Hat, bringing artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology into the construction industry to promote improved safety, hazard protection, and practice

Business Summary: Tuffshell consists of two components; the smart hard hat, and the Tuffshell software. The smart hard hat is a hard hat that will have functions of GPA location, transmittable audio and video, and a visor that comes down to showcase the feature of augmented reality. The Tuffshell software will analyze all relevant data and send information to the smart hard hat accordingly. Furthermore, managers will be able to communicate remotely with their workers, track their location, and send them information for the job site

Sector: Augmented Reality


One Line Pitch: TwinLab is a solution company specialized in AI in healthcare. They have experts in IoT and AI, and have delivered several solutions in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

Business Summary: A healthcare solution named EasyDOC is a mobile app service having intelligent self-check-in and unified appointment system based on the unified medical data. Based on the collected data, EasyDOC will predict emergent patients when they check-in at the hospital. 


Ultra Attention

One Line Pitch: Ultra attention alerts computer users of when they are distracted and helps them remain focused on the work at hand through helpful techniques.

Business Summary: Ultra Attention tracks user’s eye movements through their webcams while also monitoring the user’s interaction with apps, in real-time. Once a distraction is detected, the software sends a notification, and If the distraction is confirmed by the user, the software then helps revert the user’s attention by listening to mini guided meditation sessions and other helpful techniques. Comprehensive daily reports on a user’s progress will help the user remain conscious of their attention levels and decide on the appropriate frequency of support

Sector: Information and Communication Technology


One Line Pitch: An innovative UV curable coating with long-lasting anti-microbial/antiviral effect

Business Summary: Sale of sanitizer equipment and coating

Sector: Healthcare / Bioscience

Urban Modeller

One Line Pitch: Urban Modeller is developing a 3D urban context model creation SaaS software that can produce files in a multitude of design software formats and with a variety of features such as a topography and roads

Business Summary: Architecture and engineering firms need to create context models for urban design projects but are faced with two bad options. They rely on context models that are built manually by junior staff. This can range from a day to a week of effort. There are very limited software options to aid in context model design. They are either very expensive, incomplete, or both.  The proposed solution is 3D urban context model creation SaaS software that can produce files in a multitude of design software formats and with a variety of features such as topography and roads

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Vector Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: A software program to diagnose the presence and predict the severity of various diseases through blood tests and urinalysis

Business Summary: Using machine learning, this software provides an analysis of patterns characteristic to a given condition for the highest possible diagnostic accuracy. The data obtained from blood and urine test results will aid in disease severity prediction to help doctors assess the health status and the appropriate treatment of patients

Sector: Health Care


One Line Pitch: Venta has created a highly user-friendly cross-platform application which encourages its users to take part in real life events by using psychological incentives and gamification.

Business Summary: Venta is a social networking platform which enables people to balance the “Digital Lifestyle” by using the magic of events. You do not follow people on Venta; instead, you simply follow your interests which eventually leads you to meeting new people in a real-world experience. These events cover the downside of the digital lifestyle based on a series of studies which indicate the impact of them on human beings. In addition, Venta provides event planners with instant access to a targeted audience based on mutual preferences by using Venta’s analysis of the existing audience.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: VERTA is a unique start-up that has developed a flavourful cherry tomato which is both high in yield and disease resistant

Business Summary: VERTA has created a uniform one-sized cherry tomato with a yield of about three times the current production levels. These very tasty tomatoes are pretty coloured and highly durable for shipping to market. The tomatoes are produced using limited greenhouse methods with gene transition to increase efficiency, disease resistance and taste. The taste of this cherry tomato, production yield and the overall low cost of production are competitive advantages to entering the consumer market through chain stores, restaurants, and local markets

Sector: Agriculture

Vista Medical

One Line Pitch: A Biomedical Knowledge-based enterprise for fabrication and development of Biodegradable (resorbable) implants for Orthopaedics and Traumatology surgery using biodegradable polymeric filament and a 3D printers using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design /Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology.

Business Summary: Orthopedics and Traumatology surgeries of patients with bone fractures in the head and face area (Midface and orthognathic Pediatric craniofacial Cranial, Cheekbones, skull and mandible fractures) are needed to use some implants and/or fixators to restoration their bones. Currently, many Orthopedics and Traumatology surgery departments use metallic fixators, but, there is a need for degradable fixators to be absorbed in the body especially in head area fractures of injured or other orthopedics patients. In babes and children this issue is more crucial due to prevention of metallic fixators from their proper bone growth. Therefore, there is a need for fabrication and developments of this kind of implants.


Viyana Care

One Line Pitch: Identifying patient injuries and providing customized movement therapy programs to treat injuries

Business Summary: Viyana Care is building an online public health platform that uses innovative technology to assess an individual’s injuries, after completing a full body scan, and recommends treatment opportunities of the diagnosed injury. This software is able to help reduce costs in injury treatment, providing reliable and effective online treatment programs and access to specialists

Sector: Healthcare

VR Depares

One Line Pitch: VR Depares designs and develops interactive audiovisual content, for virtual reality systems, that distract patients’ minds from discomfort or pain normally experienced during dental / medical procedures.

Business Summary: The business has taken advantage of gamification methods to develop an interactive meditative application exclusively designed for the audiovisual distraction of patients during dental treatments.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

VR Mighty

One Line Pitch: An online virtual social platform designed to address the widespread problem of the loneliness felt in old ages. Our dementia-friendly VR-based social network enables seniors and people in the early stages of dementia to enjoy life like social conversations more frequently and give them a chance to be heard in the form of virtual group sessions.

Business Summary: V.R. Mighty is a social virtual-reality world, which is accessible through VR glasses anytime and anywhere. This VR world is specifically designed for the demands of seniors and people in the early stages of dementia. This virtual world enables users to have real-time interactions with like-minded people. In the core of this world lies the so-called “Group sessions” where users can speak about their daily concerns and support their peers by sharing similar experiences, regardless of their physical location. Different groups are designed to target specific problems, such as depression, Alzheimer’s, social anxiety, LGTB, etc. The long-term plan is to develop a VR-based advertisement revenue model using branded virtual rooms (huts) to promote businesses, who target seniors primarily such as hydrotherapy centers, yoga centers, retirement communities, and even luxury brands.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

VR Tecture

One Line Pitch: VR Tecture app empowers architects and designers to take designing to the next level, allowing their clients to experience a walk-through in a house, building or a space before it is actually built

Business Summary:   VR Tecture is developing a VR architecture app that can be used on mobiles, tablets and laptops or any VR headset. The VR Tecture app empowers architects and designers to take designing to the next level. The app allows clients to experience a walk-through in a house, building or a space before it is built. Using the app, architects can create a space based on blueprints, select exterior and interior finishes and all the furnishing details and transmit not just what a building will look like, but providing a experience as close to reality as can be!

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Slow-release fertilizer to improve plant cultivation.

Business Summary: WealthoGreen plans to offer an innovative fertilization solution like no other. The more potent solution requires less water, can withstand harsher conditions, and promotes plant growth at a much faster rate. It is WealthoGreen’s hope that their product can help combat the effects of climate change.

Sector: Fertilizers


One Line Pitch: WinWin is an AI-powered loyalty and payment platform that combines business and customer intelligence with advanced marketing automation.

Business Summary:

WinWin offers payment and customer loyalty features such as Personalized Marketing, Fast & Secure Payment, Seamless and Digital Loyalty, Personalized Promotions, Gamified Rewards, and much more by the means of a fully automated core engine called “AiWin” which is powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms.
This engine classifies, quantifies, and predicts customer behavior across key business lifecycle stages to discover a unique customer engagement and loyalty pattern that has the highest impact on increasing revenue opportunities and customer lifetime value.

Sector: Informational Technology


One Line Pitch: Woodsmyth has developed an eco-friendly material made from mycelium to be used as an alternative to traditional construction materials

Business Summary: The Woodsmyth fungal-based mycelium boards are used for a variety of applications due to their lightweight, strong, decorative, and heat insulating properties. The boards deliver the same quality and reduce the negative environmental impact traditionally seen with current alternative materials for construction

Sector: Sustainable Construction Materials

wwRobots Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: wwRobots provides innovative climbing robot solutions to replace humans from dangerous environments, such as in the wind power industry and building façade cleaning market

Business Summary: wwRobots is focused on the wind energy industry. We R&D robots for the Wind Turbine Generator(WTG) blades inspection and repair, and provide these services based on the advance robots. The blades robots perform these hazardous tasks instead of people, and act as an extension of a human being. They also reduce the cost of operators in the wind energy industry and create safer operations than traditional methods


XR Medical

One Line Pitch: XR Medical is a medical technology company focused on measuring the amount of chronic heavy metal poisoning in-vivo in a non-invasive manner. The technology is also capable of measuring the amount of bonne mass and density

Business Summary: The Company plans to manufacture and distribute globally its product targeted to measure chronic heavy metal poisoning in humans, in addition to measuring bone mass and density. The product is establishing a new capability not yet available in a non-invasive manner that will provide a measure at the Point of Care for clinicians around the world

Sector: Medical Device and Technology


One Line Pitch: XYMPAT has designed an affordable, compact, and powerful AI-enabled disinfection robot to help combat viral infections in private and public environments such as households, nursing homes, and office spaces.

Business Summary: The XYMPAT disinfection robot freely navigates private and public spaces by using AI and motion detection technology, it’s designed to safely and efficiently disinfect a given area by using UV light. XYMPAT is also capable of air filtration, sanitizing small hand-held items such as cell phones, small toys, and keys while also encouraging social distancing through gentle audible alerts.

Sector: Household Robotics Technology

Yazd Kian Cable Manufacturing

One Line Pitch: Eco-friendly and Innovative low voltage power cables which are ready to address the increasing demand for smart power

Business Summary: Yazd Kian Cable Manufacturing aims to produce high-quality, low voltage power cables which are insulated using nanocomposite cross-linked polyethylene (NanoXPLE). This innovative insulation material improves cable durability, weather resistance, and DC conductivity. Upon launch the cables will be ready for use in residential, commercial, and industrial projects

Sector: Utilities, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Smart Enabler Optimizes CRM Implementation Strategy for SMEs with Tailored Online Solutions. 

Business Summary: Through our Smart Enabler, we help small-medium enterprises (SMEs) evaluate their customer relationship management (CRM) needs and provide optimal CRM implementation strategy balancing costs, time to implementation and modularity for future growth.  We also provide tailored online CRM solutions to SMEs through our Technology Resources Management Platform (TRMP)

Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Zaymex is a novel high level disinfectant formulized in Zaymex Canada with a broad  scope of efficiency against different type of organisms like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and high end technical specifications.

Business Summary: Zaymex Canada will initially start with manufacturing 4 major high demand products in its site plant in GTA and in the scale- up and growth phases will add the new forms of products as well as new kinds of reagents like wound washers and sterilizers. In the first phase we will run the most part of the business with the minimum MOU agreements with contractors.



One Line Pitch: Helping to build a zero waste future by monitoring organizations ESG metrics

Business Summary: ZeroBin is an online software platform that tracks and reports a company’s environmental footprint by measuring the level of carbon emissions and waste production that a company produces. Through the platform, corporations can set target goals and through gamification, employees are incentivized to help the business reach these goals and reduce the overall environmental footprint of the company

Sector: Information Technology, Clean Technology

Zibo Votaisi Petrochemical Equipment

One Line Pitch: Industrial flow value design to switch on and off without sealing surface contact

Business Summary: Newly designed valve for industrial flow applications, which switches between on and off without sealing surface contact.

Sector: Manufacturing