One Line Pitch: Provides manufacturers with more affordable and cost-effective milk testing machines, water purity analyzers, and slurry analyzers for use in quality control.

Business Summary: Will sell milk testing machines to small dairy farms that would otherwise not be able to afford such a device. Will sell a water analyzer that is affordable enough to be purchased by even the smallest of water treatment plants. Will sell slurry analyzer for use in the mining industry.

Sector: Life Sciences

Virtual Dance Studios

One Line Pitch: Connects dancers with dance instructors from around the world to provide live virtual dance classes.

Business Summary: Sell dance lessons to individuals or groups to be taught at the Virtual Dance Studios self-renting studio or at partnered dance studios across Winnipeg. The studios will contain all equipment necessary to virtually connect the dance instructor to their students.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Active Metix

One Line Pitch: Research and development into the discovery and commercialization of new active ingredients for use in skincare products.

Business Summary: Our business focus is on exclusive distribution of high-quality functional cosmetic ingredients manufactured by world top level companies such as CODIF France, Phenbiox Italy, Linnea Swiss, etc. to the Chinese market.

Sector: Life Sciences/Fashion



One Line Pitch: A platform for connecting local experts with travelling visitors so that visitors can get authentic, niche, tours tailored to their specific interests.

Business Summary: Local experts make money by creating and leading their own tours, visitors get authentic tours, pay less, and support the local entrepreneurs.

Sector: Tourism



One Line Pitch: Biological control of fungal pests to control Early Blight Disease and citrus postharvest decay.

Business Summary: One of the most important goals of the project is to produce an organic substitute for antifungal chemicals that will lead to the production of organic crops.

Sector: Agriculture/Sustainable Food Production



One Line Pitch: Architi deploys AI to support architects and designers to develop more sophisticated and effective project plans.

Business Summary: Architi is developing AI-assisted software using a cloud-based platform (SaaS) to provide services to architecture firms that will 1) speed their development process; 2) enable more efficient and effective work with clients; and 3) through the machine learning process, open new vistas in architectural vision, supporting human creativity in ways that have not previously been possible using traditional methods of architectural drawing, including programs like AutoCAD.

Sector: Architecture & Engineering/Construction



One Line Pitch: ATSidekick is an online software as a service (SaaS) designed to help jobseekers know where they stand vis à vis job requirements and to ensure that their resume gets past recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS) systems as well as stand out in front of hiring managers/recruiters.

Business Summary: The job market is competitive and the better the job is, either in terms of compensation or hiring company profile, the tougher it is to get an interview or even a call from the employer. ATSidekick helps ensure that candidate resumes pass through the ATS system by making various checks on the resume. ATSidekick will also ensure high keyword match.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: Bookkeeping automation/account reconciliation for people who do not have time and/or cannot afford expensive 3rd-party service providers.

Business Summary: We develop smart AI-based solutions to help our users with repetitive, complex, and time-consuming tasks.

Sector: Business Automation



One Line Pitch: An automated estate and financial planning solution for individuals.

Business Summary: We focus on smart tools that simplify life and reduce the stress of complex and frustrating, but necessary, tasks.

Sector: Business Automation


Best Buddy

One Line Pitch: BestBuddy is a full digital solution and app for the management of proper, life-long pet care.

Business Summary: When an owner purchases or adopts a new companion, that pet’s information is input into the system. BestBuddy prompts users to input various details about their pet, the living conditions, and their own personal preferences with regards to pet care.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: Develop and manufacture buffers, cell culture media, DNA & RNA extraction kits, molecular kits for rapid diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases, and molecular enzymes.

Business Summary: CBSAlife is a company involved in developing and manufacturing cell culture media that has succeeded to achieve the technology of manufacturing diagnosis kits. The team of CBSA life is committed to providing customers with first class sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA and protein purification, clean-up and concentration for use in research applications as well as diagnostics, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to our customers and partners worldwide.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Provides senior citizens with an online environment for socialization and online classes.

Business Summary: Sales of health care and wellness-related products, online courses, leisure packages, medical travel packages, and advertising revenue.

Sector: Life Sciences


Data Pitcher

One Line Pitch: DataPitcher has been started this year (2019) by a company that has been a pioneer in the start-up world in the last 6 years by building various products/platforms. They have worked over 40+ clients in the last 6 years for various AI/ML use-cases in the domain of Healthcare, Fintech, education, etc. 

Business Summary: DataPitcher is Blockchain and Auto-ML driven most secured marketplace to either get the best value for your data assets, Workflows or Algorithms or else solve your business use-case with the best possible solution with scientist or Auto-ML acting as solution miners.

Sector:Information & Communications Technology

TRL: 4

Dealership Pro

One Line Pitch: Dealership Pro provides full, SaaS-based customer lifecycle management solutions to car dealers.

Business Summary: The Dealership Pro platform is integrated with social media to generate sales leads and targeted marketing via rules-based AI and big data. Dealership Pro provides full customer lifecycle management with a mobile, user-friendly CRM platform, and with tools that streamline car dealership workflow processes.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


Dental Phobia Treatment

One Line Pitch: A Virtual Reality (VR) gaming software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biofeedback signals to address dental phobia.

Business Summary: In a worldwide survey of 18,000 people, 61% stated that they had a dental phobia. About 4% of the population had never been to a dentist because of the fear of the dental procedure.

Sector: Medical Devices/Life Sciences


Digital Rain Fission

One Line Pitch: Digital Rain Fission has developed a cloud based digital platform that is custom designed to assist water utilities simplify and improve operations by combining big data and machine learning technologies, alerting monitoring personnel of anomalies and streamlining problem isolation and diagnosis.

Business Summary: Digital Rain’s platform is a suite of software solutions that help water utilities reduce costs, boost efficiency, increase the accuracy of planning and improve day-to-day decision-making in an ever-changing landscape. Competitive advantages translate to identifying previously undetectable changes in system performance and unlocking new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


Drug Detail Establishment for Trade

One Line Pitch: A private Establishment which sells and promotes aesthetic products, food supplement, health products, Medical Devices and we work also in the pharmaceutical brokerage business.

Sector: Life Sciences/ Manufacturing

Easy Reg AI Solutions

One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent cloud-based software platform for manufacturers to manage all warranty services information. As well as intuitive APPS for customer’s warranty registration and management.

Business Summary: To create and easy way to help every end consumer to register warranty and manage the after-sale service. It is a third-party platform to offer technology-led warranty registration.

For Consumers, Easy Reg provides an intuitive APP that contains easy steps to register and manage warranty. On the manufacturer’s end, Easy Reg provides a cloud-based software platform to manage warranty info. 

Sector: Information’s and Communications Technology

Electrocompost Machine

One Line Pitch: The Electrocompost machine can turn 10 tonnes of organic waste into compost in a single day – 10 times faster than any competitor, saving time and real estate.

Business Summary: Significant value is being offered to municipalities, waste management companies, farming, fishing, and poultry associations, and large food production and restaurant chains across North America and Europe.

Sector: Manufacturing/Clean Technology


Energy Inspection

One Line Pitch: Energy Inspection has developed an AI-based method that analyzes thermal images and identifies leakage points of a building envelope.

Business Summary: The Energy Inspection solution incorporates previous records of the scanned location, captured data of neighborhoods and similar buildings, green energy standards and normalized information of the city.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: A digital platform that creates a revenue opportunity for owners to rent idle equipment.

Business Summary: Idle construction equipment only collects dust and rust!  Now, thanks to EquipShare, owners of idle equipment can rent out equipment and create a valuable new revenue stream.  On the flip side, no longer does a company have to buy expensive equipment for the next job. Thanks to EquipShare, a company can access available equipment to rent and return it when the job is done.  This unique digital platform brings owner and renter together in an easy to use application, where everyone wins!




One Line Pitch: Creation of online Chinese Character learning courses directed at the children of Chinese immigrant parents. To help support the student’s cultural heritage growth.

Business Summary: The application of AI aided technology with a web platform to provide Chinese students real-time live course teachings with real-time corrective feedback.

Sector: Services

Fire Damper

One Line Pitch: A paperless solution to fire damper inspections.

Business Summary: Development of digital solutions for complex maintenance and monitoring of building systems.

Sector: Construction/Life Safety Systems/Business Automation


FTA Canada

One Line Pitch: Production and sales of an innovative bio-disinfectant to kill resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Business Summary: Our compound kills bacteria, virus and fungus to be fully effective without leaving harmful residues and not exposing users, and health care givers to risk.

Sector: Life Sciences/Biomedical


Gas Inspection

One Line Pitch: Gas Inspection is a software solution for oil and gas facilities of all sizes to manage the maintenance of their equipment; plan, predict and schedule maintenance; manage their workforce; control their parts inventory; and track their assets.

Business Summary: Gas Inspection consists of a backend dashboard accessible in the cloud, and a field platform accessible by authorized maintenance workers through unique printed QR codes for every tracked asset.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences


GC Perfect

One Line Pitch: GC Perfect is a smart platform that helps contractors to:

  1. Professionally manage contracts
  2. Expectations 
  3. Payments online & on the go

Business Summary: GC Perfect focuses on contractor operational efficiency with ease of use, and full invoicing, payments, bank account, escrow, and email integration. 

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Affordable and global solution to current immigration consultants approach ensuring more people are serviced at a lower cost.

Business Summary: Have created a platform that makes things easier for the consultants and the clients, through their unique approach and addition of DSS. GIC has lowered the actual assessment time to an average of 6 minutes, which enables the consultant to access double the amount of profiles in a single workday, compared to their competitors.

Sector: Services

Heamac Healthcare Inc

One Line Pitch: We develop an intelligent newborn monitor to prevent babies from getting readmitted to hospitals within the first 30 days.

Business Summary: Jaundice & respiratory distress are the top two reasons why babies get readmitted within the first 30 days of birth. Heamac Healthcare developed an innovative patent-pending newborn discharge monitor that non-invasively monitors babies’ vital parameters at home via insurance providers to prevent early discharge. It uses a wide range of frequencies to achieve this monitoring and costs $299. The device is posed for home & hospital use by end of 2021.



Industrial Membrane Solution

One Line Pitch: Using multi-layered Nano-bubble technology to restore membranes in industrial water purification systems that enhance membrane cleaning. 

Business Summary: Membrane Solutions Pro uses its award-winning technology to restore the worn-out membranes and improve the effectiveness of the periodical cleaning for RO water purification systems. This advanced technology leads to a decrease in capital cost (membranes replacement) and operating expenses (membranes cleaning costs).




One Line Pitch: A platform that enables households to generate revenue simply by separating their wastes at source.

Business Summary: Mismanagement of waste is harming human health and local environments while adding to climate challenge. Even though we all know that waste management is the key to protecting the environment, we need new incentives and prompts to take action on recycling.

Sector: Clean Technology



One Line Pitch: The vision KidiHealth is to make every daycare an extension of the child’s home by creating collaborative circles of parents, dedicated daycare staff, and healthcare professionals around every child so they can reach their full potential.

Business Summary: While existing solutions attempt to automate some administrative tasks, KidiHealth’s cloud-based platform provides a single, easy to access place to manage daycare activities, automate government forms & compliance tasks, inform parents, and refer children to healthcare specialists when they need it most.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


LeFu Health Products

One Line Pitch: Health Biotech products company.

Business Summary: LeFu produces and distributes nutrition supplements, including a collagen-based UC-II line to treat arthritis and joint pain, and kefir starters that are added to milk to produce a pro-biotic rich and healthy beverage. LeFu is also developing new innovative health products based on soybean fermentation.

Sector: Life Sciences


Max 9

One Line Pitch: Provides quality assurance on safety (non-tampered) and legitimacy (non-counterfeit) of products using technology for under two cents an application.

Business Summary: Sell a version of RFID chips attached to devices that are validated at point of manufacture.

Sector: Information and Communication Technology


Miracare Medi Tech

One Line Pitch: Magnolia Medi Tech combines an affordable 3D image capture system and 3D printing techniques. Which deliver customized maxillofacial prosthetics with accurate skin colour with fine textures over a 3Dshape, with significant savings in both time and cost.

Business Summary: New and innovative methods for manufacturing facial soft tissue prostheses that prioritize accurate 3D color image reproduction have been developed and a framework and protocol for specific 3D processing designed. Additionally, color management processing has been developed and successfully applied to 3D imaging devices and manufacturing processes.

The overall plan is to integrate electronic sensors at the intersection between the prosthetic and the wearer’s tissue, which the prosthesis can gather information related to prosthetic function and comfort, such as the pressure, temperature, and light across wearer’s tissue, that can help improve further iterations of these types of prosthetics.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An Enterprise content services and communications platform for business automation.

Business Summary: Niotex Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a web-based platform, designed in a robust and user-friendly interface, providing organizations with the ability to store, share, archive and manage all types of corporate/business correspondence and documentation in an easy and secure way.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology


Outworks (BSJ tech Inc.)

One Line Pitch: On-demand solution for the provision of general home labour. Outworks allow for their customers to find contractors on the network (online platform) which can offer the required service.

Business Summary: What sets outworks apart, is the way in which contracted workers are integrated into the system. Contractors facing components of the system allow for workers to bid on work, collaborate with other workers, track and analyze performance over time, optimize performance and efficiency, manage their bookings and communications, and even record revenues and expenses in preparation for tax return submissions.

Service providers using Outworks can either offer services as individuals or as organizations. Any contracting or construction services may wish to augment their traditional business and marketing, by offering services and bidding on jobs through the Outworks platform.

Sector: Services

Polynix Technology

One Line Pitch:

Polynix has developed a breakthrough technology to overcome the problems of bone grafts by using an in-situ forming scaffold (IFS) which does not originate from humans or animals.

Business Summary: In bone grafts with human or animal sources, both detecting and eliminating viruses in the preparation procedure are not possible. This IFS solidifies in the site of the surgery within 2 minutes, with evenly distributed homogenous porosities resembling spongy bone.

Sector: Life Sciences


Posture Leader

One Line Pitch: A smart wearable posture corrector, which tracks the postures and identifies whether they are harmful to the neck and back in the long-term. It provides users with an AI-powered posture detection system, that alerts them to correct their postures based on minor targets, which will be defined after analyzing their postural habits.

Business Summary: A smart wearable posture corrector, that is connected to a mobile application. This device has high-performance fabric, which contains some sensors to record dentists’ postures, in order to analyze their postural habits at first, and monitor it afterward. The team has used machine learning algorithms to detect improper postures, specifically in dental practices. This AI powers the smart posture detection system, that updates the posture database based on users’ performance and feedback. This posture detection system alerts the users to correct their postures, whenever they have exceeded their specific threshold. These thresholds are minor targets that the device specifies for each user individually, so that the user get used to the standard postures step-by-step, through a personalized schedule. In addition, it suggests effective daily exercises to help them to prevent MSDs.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

TRL: 5


One Line Pitch: Our goal is to provide an Augmented Reality with the layer of Machine Learning based software to assist the Dental Aesthetics Industry so that expectations can be better managed from the start, to avoid any disappointments. We strive to make the dental enhancement procedure most effective, so the best option available can be chosen by the patient.

Business Summary: Our software combines technical and artistic work, as it allows users to superimpose their dental designs onto recordings of the patient in a natural motion. It enables the patient to see within seconds the result of the dental reconstruction. The Application software can import 3D models of patient-specific dental restorations as well as teeth from tooth libraries that contain natural-looking beautiful teeth. These digital models can then be viewed in real-time. This virtual try-in allows patients to see their new smile before they consent to the treatment. Also, visualization of the treatment goal facilitates the communication not only with the patient but also between the dental professionals. The software needs to access a database of 3-D models of naturally attractive sets of teeth to dynamically alter the virtual images.



Ramis (Agri-Bot)

One Line Pitch: Ramis is engaged in designing, making, and retailing agricultural robots. 

Business Summary: The current product is an autonomous insect hunter, specially designed to be used in a wide range of Canadian farms as a replacement to chemical insecticides, eliminating their side effects such as soil/water contamination and destruction of plant and animal ecosystems.

Sector: Clean Technology

TRL: 7


One Line Pitch: RSA offers a range of solutions to solve traffic issues for road users and road managers.

Business Summary: RSA produces and develops high technology and modern systems to collect real time road data, manufactures high-tech systems and solutions to indicate road data to governments and road users, and offers integrated solutions of various systems to reduce road maintenance costs and increase road safety.

Sector: Artificial Intelligence/Information & Communication Technology



One Line Pitch: Platform-based bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management software integration.

Business Summary: SailBox is the boutique accounting firm of the future. Their team of accounting professionals will be trained to specialize in the use of the software that your company chooses to manage finances internally. Whether it be Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zoho, Xero, Wave, or one of the many other solutions.

SailBox provides three key benefits:

  1. Preparation of the books, using the software that you choose to run your business.
  2. The staff specializes in the use of leading-edge accounting software and is well-prepared to consult with your team to maximize the benefit your business receives form using an innovative approach to financial management.
  3. Using their services, engaging with our accountants, scheduling calls and meetings, and even paying contractors, can all be done through a single, centralized online platform. They can even assist your team in integrating their platform with your other productivity tools.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Services


One Line Pitch: Shadi is a network of experienced, exclusively trained and licensed therapists who deliver 24/7 mental health services through a high-tech, AI-equipped platform.

Business Summary: To establish a global analytics platform and online inventory of outdoor advertising opportunities whose services and brand will not only be accepted in Canada but also in other parts of the world. 

The clients provide basic data via questionnaires. In less than a few hours, the platform suggests several therapists based on the clients’ objectives, preferences, and the type of issues they are dealing with. The clients choose the favored therapist. They can start communicating through the dedicated private online room instantly using text messages, voice memos, scheduled phone calls, or live video sessions.

Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A communication platform to support people with hearing disabilities that assists them in communicating with people as well as service providers such as banks, health care providers and other businesses.

Business Summary: SignVid markets accessibility services for deaf people to services providers.  By leveraging code scanner technologies and on demand video calls with a sign language call center, SignVid creates communication platforms that help businesses communicate their products and services to deaf people. 

Sector: Information & Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: Implementation of Smart Shopping Based on a Patent Invention.

Business Summary: This system provides all necessary information for the customer, including guidance in finding the product location, offering several similar products and comparing them, teaching the use of new goods to the customer, as well as a short advertisement in relation to that issue. 
The customer can get out of the store without a queue. This system, in addition to the guidance of the client, can exclusively show ads for each customer, which are required and followed by the product. In hopes to make a breakthrough in advertising and make advertising meet individual needs. 

Sector: Manufacturing/ Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: SolidSense creates wireless concrete sensors for use by contractors to optimize concrete temperature and humidity during a project.

Business Summary: The SolidSense product is a combined sensor and software bundle that allows engineers on a construction site to precisely monitor the state of concrete as, and after, it is poured. This ensures that over the critical few days of curing, expensive concrete is not ruined due to changing environmental conditions, and so that the concrete settles with maximum strength.

Sector: Clean Technology/Information and Communication Technology



One Line Pitch: A superior mobile app, connecting small African entrepreneurs to the developed countries through a cross-border communication platform and fraud-free cryptocurrency payment systems.

Business Summary: To promote seamless cross-border transactions using a combination of a Niche Messaging Platform, Fraud-Control Blockchain Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence “AI” Computational Cryptocurrency Payment Models.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Study Guide Consulting

One Line Pitch: Study Guide is a destination portal for students and parents, overseas study agencies, local and international institutions, and English training centers.

Business Summary: Study Guide is a form of social network, as it brings together students and parents with a centralized education admission system. Using sophisticated AI tags, Study Guide is based on a master agent model that connects students to the post-secondary institutions in North America that are the best fit to the students’ interests.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: SURT is a cloud-based AI-powered, Analytics and Forecastingplatform focused on Small Businesses.

Business Summary: To bring radical growth by harnessing focused research, data analysis, and machine learning, aimed at small businesses in fashion, lifestyle, and the retail sector. Surt aims to create dedicated programs and tools to turn strategy into decisions and execute for the highest measurable results.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: A crowdsourcing translation platform focused on Persian and Arabic languages. 

Business Summary: The translation platform has been developed to offer users the ability to translate daily conversations by leveraging an extensive language database accessed via an application downloaded to their smartphone.   As well, leveraging Transia’s extensive network of translators, users will also have the ability to upload text files to a server and have their files translated.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology



One Line Pitch: TwinLab is a solution company specialized in AI in healthcare. They have experts in IoT and AI, and have delivered several solutions in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

Business Summary: A healthcare solution named EasyDOC is a mobile app service having intelligent self-check-in and unified appointment system based on the unified medical data. Based on the collected data, EasyDOC will predict emergent patients when they check-in at the hospital. 



Vacant Boards

One Line Pitch: Online marketplace for outdoor advertising.

Business Summary: Vacant Boards connect businesses and brands to available, low cost, and result-oriented outdoor advertising opportunities whilst tracking return on investment via their property mobile app. Aim to set up a Canadian top-level domain name that will house all the outdoor advertising inventory in Canada ranging from billboards, street light poles, transit, and digital out of the home.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


One Line Pitch: Venta has created a highly user-friendly cross-platform application which encourages its users to take part in real life events by using psychological incentives and gamification.

Business Summary: Venta is a social networking platform which enables people to balance the “Digital Lifestyle” by using the magic of events. You do not follow people on Venta; instead, you simply follow your interests which eventually leads you to meeting new people in a real-world experience. These events cover the downside of the digital lifestyle based on a series of studies which indicate the impact of them on human beings. In addition, Venta provides event planners with instant access to a targeted audience based on mutual preferences by using Venta’s analysis of the existing audience.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


Vista Medical

One Line Pitch: A Biomedical Knowledge-based enterprise for fabrication and development of Biodegradable (resorbable) implants for Orthopaedics and Traumatology surgery using biodegradable polymeric filament and a 3D printers using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design /Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology.

Business Summary: Orthopedics and Traumatology surgeries of patients with bone fractures in the head and face area (Midface and orthognathic Pediatric craniofacial Cranial, Cheekbones, skull and mandible fractures) are needed to use some implants and/or fixators to restoration their bones. Currently, many Orthopedics and Traumatology surgery departments use metallic fixators, but, there is a need for degradable fixators to be absorbed in the body especially in head area fractures of injured or other orthopedics patients. In babes and children this issue is more crucial due to prevention of metallic fixators from their proper bone growth. Therefore, there is a need for fabrication and developments of this kind of implants.



VR Depares

One Line Pitch: VR Depares designs and develops interactive audiovisual content, for virtual reality systems, that distract patients’ minds from discomfort or pain normally experienced during dental / medical procedures.

Business Summary: The business has taken advantage of gamification methods to develop an interactive meditative application exclusively designed for the audiovisual distraction of patients during dental treatments.

Sector: Information and Communications Technology


VR Mighty

One Line Pitch: An online virtual social platform designed to address the widespread problem of the loneliness felt in old ages. Our dementia-friendly VR-based social network enables seniors and people in the early stages of dementia to enjoy life like social conversations more frequently and give them a chance to be heard in the form of virtual group sessions.

Business Summary: V.R. Mighty is a social virtual-reality world, which is accessible through VR glasses anytime and anywhere. This VR world is specifically designed for the demands of seniors and people in the early stages of dementia. This virtual world enables users to have real-time interactions with like-minded people. In the core of this world lies the so-called “Group sessions” where users can speak about their daily concerns and support their peers by sharing similar experiences, regardless of their physical location. Different groups are designed to target specific problems, such as depression, Alzheimer’s, social anxiety, LGTB, etc. The long-term plan is to develop a VR-based advertisement revenue model using branded virtual rooms (huts) to promote businesses, who target seniors primarily such as hydrotherapy centers, yoga centers, retirement communities, and even luxury brands.

Sector: Information & Communications Technology/ Life Sciences

TRL: 5


One Line Pitch: Zaymex is a novel high level disinfectant formulized in Zaymex Canada with a broad  scope of efficiency against different type of organisms like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and high end technical specifications.

Business Summary: Zaymex Canada will initially start with manufacturing 4 major high demand products in its site plant in GTA and in the scale- up and growth phases will add the new forms of products as well as new kinds of reagents like wound washers and sterilizers. In the first phase we will run the most part of the business with the minimum MOU agreements with contractors.