Senior Business Analysts

Expert guidance gives your business the tools to expand.

MTA's SUV program is the Gold Standard SUV program in Canada

The lead advisors in the MTA SUV program are supported by senior business analysts who have collective experience that spans across all industries, products & services of the program membership. Senior business analysts can be assigned to a new SUV program member company where the senior business analyst's experience lines up in some form with the program member's company. The entire pool of senior business analysts is also available directly to the program member as specific skill sets might apply.

Our list of senior business analysts can be found below:

Diem Le

Diem’s background lies in Entrepreneurship, healthtech investing & Pharma. She bridges gaps and solves problems using creative tools while ensuring client’s business experiences strategic growth.

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Eugenia Aulestia

Eugenia’s background lies in Management Consulting, solving complex problems in creative ways, and ensuring that every client she works with is getting the absolute most out of their business.

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Zechariah Noiseux

Zech comes from an operations + product management background with a demonstrated history of execution while working at an international projects level. He is focused on solving complex problems in creative ways.

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Kourosh Ahrari

Kourosh is an accomplished executive in Information Technology Management, with cross industry private sector leadership and management experience over a 12-year period.

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