FAQ's for the SUV
Program Application

SUV program Q&A with Marshall Ring, CEO, MTA

Is MTA the Gold Standard for the SUV Program?

What does the acceleration program entail?

Who is eligible to get the letter of support?

What is the process to apply and get the letter of support?

What is the timeline for program approval?

How does MTA work with consultants or lawyers?

Do companies have to come to Manitoba?

What industry sectors does MTA focus on?

How does MTA leverage its network of clients?

What is MTA looking for in an applicant?

How much are MTA’s services?

What if the client has no company yet?

How many people are allowed on the application?

Does MTA help with raising capital funding?

Are interviews required to apply to the MTA SUV program?

Email Marshall Ring, mring@mbtechaccelerator.com to receive your application package!