Advisory Team

Expert guidance gives your business the tools to expand.

MTA’s SUV program aims to be the Gold Standard SUV program in Canada

The advisory services are delivered by a team of former and current business owners and entrepreneurs, who have an average of 20-30 years of experience. The aggregate advisory team experience spans across all industries, products & services that an SUV program member would likely want to enter. After a lead advisor is assigned to a new SUV program member company (where the advisor’s experience lines up in some form with the program members company), the entire pool of advisors are also available as specific skills sets might apply.

We employ a third-party screening committee to review and vet each application before MTA accepts the application.  This peer-review approach gives our applicants comfort that they have documentation to support their idea was welcomed to Canada by an independent, third party group with representation from business, community and government.  MTA runs three screening committees a month to review applications.  Once approved, an applicant is paired with a specialized business advisor to help the applicant build their business in Canada.  

Our business advisors also follow a standard protocol to ensure quality and consistency in service delivery which begins with a health assessment on the SUV company.  MTA’s advisor will review the status quo, look for risks and strengths, then produce a report.  From there the client and advisor begin to chart a path forward.

Our list of advisors can be found below:

Ab Freig

Ab is a results-oriented Senior Executive with a solid reputation for strong leadership in strategic planning, operational optimization, and manufacturing expertise. Transferable skills and proven success in navigating cyclical and dynamic commodity markets. Broad business capability in growth, expansion, mergers and acquisitions.

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Robert Hall

Robert is an accomplished capital markets professional and management business advisor, with onshore and offshore industry analysis experience with public and private sector companies. Robert has extensive experience as both a capital markets analyst and investor relations specialist. In those roles he met with several public companies and market analysts regarding business strategy and value discussions.

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Cal Harrison

Since 2001 Cal has advised hundreds of North America’s leading large and mid-size professional services firms and the government and private organizations that hire these types of firms.

Cal has presented at dozens of professional consulting and procurement conferences and university groups in Canada, the US, the Caribbean and Europe

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Ryan Klassen

Ryan is a senior executive leader with over 20 years’ experience in business and technology. He possesses a unique blend of experience, having held a variety of positions focused on delivering business outcomes in the telecom, IT and tech sectors across Canada.

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Dale Lacombe

Significant experience in Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Public sectors in Canada and the United States with Fortune 500, Nasdaq 100 and Big 4 consulting experience. Currently advising 4 CEO’s of established Canadian companies, and 2 CEO’s of Asian start-ups looking to enter the Canadian market.

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Ted Moorhouse

Ted is an operations leader specializing in the Information Technology sector, with focus on setting corporate protocols and ethical codes of conduct, determining opportunities for sales growth and enhancing corporate identities. He is the founder of Cordova Pacific Capital – a consulting firm with focus on marketing & sales strategies, new product development, branding, and change management.

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Jon Olsen

Jon is a global executive leader with extensive experience leading the commercialization of medical technologies that improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. His deep understanding of the medical technology industry and expert knowledge of healthcare systems enables Jon to provide expert insight on how to successfully take medical innovations from conception to commercialization.

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Denise Zaporzan

Denise, a fellowed Chartered Professional Accountant (FCPA) is the President of Denise Zaporzan and Associates. She supports clients across diverse business sectors in strategy formulation and integration, performance management, change leadership, and team development.

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Grant M. Zipursky

Grant is an accomplished sales executive in medical devices and health care technology. He identifies and capitalizes on emerging business ventures to propel an organization to the top tier of its industry. He is an innovative problem solver, who develops strategies for new technology acceptance growth in Canada and the United States.

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Gord Blaine 

Service Delivery Manager

Gord is an accomplished executive in Information Technology Management, with cross industry private sector leadership and management experience over a 35-year period. He is the founder and a managing partner of Capstone Ridge Group – a Management & IT Services consulting firm which focuses on helping the Digital Transformation of clients in the Canadian mid-market public and private sectors.

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