Advisory Team

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Laurie Gorenstein

Business Advisor

Laurie is an accomplished executive in Retail Management, with over 35 years of experience.

He is the sole owner and operator of an independent fur and leather house which focuses on providing all the fur and leather needs for indigenous and non-indigenous communities located across Canada and the far North.

Laurie also has ten years of volunteer experience with the APHA Hockey association and the Hockey Winnipeg Association, which has proven to be an invaluable lesson in communication, conflict resolution and organizational skills

  • General business plan development, deployment and execution
  • Market analysis, strategy, plan design and execution
  • Sales methodology, plan design, management and execution
  • Distribution channel strategies, negotiation and management
  • Service delivery and project management

Professional History

Owner/Operator Bill Worb

Furs Inc

2018 - Present

Owner and operator of one of the last independent fur and leather in Canada, selling all types of authentic furs, leathers, craft supplies and indigenous made products.  It continues to serve Indigenous and non-indigenous communities across Canada and it’s far North

Owner & Business Manager 


1992 - 2017

Managed all receivables, payables, inventory control and staff for four retail stores across Canada and one in the United States.  These retail stores specialized in selling high end giftware, women’s and men’s clothing


1989-1990:    Business Administration courses

1987:              University of Manitoba - Bachelor of Science, psychology