Advisory Team

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James Schellenberg

Business Advisor

James is a leading strategist and visionary in the technology field, with CEO and CTO leadership roles in medical imaging, surgical imaging and wireless access and meter reading companies over a 30 year career.

Primarily an innovator in young companies, James has 8 patents in diverse fields and has contributed to research, design and development in multiple companies.

He has invested in over 10 technology startups, has founded 3 technology companies, and has provided guidance and advice in his role as VC and investor.

He is a board member for the Bioscience Association of Manitoba, currently transitioning into the Chairman role with that non-profit organization.

  • Business development strategy planning and execution
  • Financial strategy via government programs, SRED, loans
  • Technology market analysis marketing
  • Team development and leadership
  • Strategic product management, build by assessment
  • R&D planning, staffing and execution
  • Development of university and partner ecosystems
  • Quality development within the ISO 13485 environment

Professional History


2011 - Present

Founded and helped grow a leading Medical Imaging company in a new market niche, with application both in preclinical disease research and clinical diagnostic imaging. Initiated Joint Venture in China, led R&D in the Chinese entity


2005 - 2007

VP R&D for IMRIS Inc, a leading medical imaging company listed. Provided transformative leadership as we moved into the public market, going from 1 sale to 10 sales


2002 - 2011

James founded James Schellenberg Inc. to provide advice and guidance for inventors wishing to patent their design and start a company. In this role, James invested his time for shares in ASI, Drinkme and a steel cleaning company


1990: Ha University of Manitoba - PhD, EE

1986: University of Manitoba - Master of Science, EE

1983: University of Manitoba - Bachelor of Science, EE