The Start-Up Visa Program helps entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada. Manitoba Technology Accelerator is the only approved incubator for bringing businesses to Winnipeg through the Start-Up Visa Program.


Located at the geographic centre of North America is a land of economic and cultural diversity, where resources are plentiful, and the people have created a rich and vibrant society. This place is Manitoba, a province well-connected to global markets through fiber optics, air, road and rail.

Close to 62% of Manitoba’s population lives in Winnipeg, an economically strong and diverse metropolitan area.

With low costs for land and power (using 99% renewable energy from sustainable hydroelectric generation), and some of the most affordable housing in Canada, Winnipeg is a place where your dollar goes far. It is Canada’s most affordable city to do business in, and KPMG ranks the city No. 1 in cost-competitiveness in Western Canada and in all U.S. cities surveyed¹.

Winnipeg has the largest aerospace centre in Western Canada, and is home to advanced manufacturing market leaders.

Agribusiness has long nourished the city’s growth, due to its world-class agricultural infrastructure. Life science initiatives make Winnipeg a remarkable hub of discovery, housing Canada’s only Level 4 bio-containment laboratory and about 40 additional R&D institutions.

Flourishing industry sectors, geographic and time zone advantages, and transportation assets make Winnipeg an exceptional draw for business.

The city’s greatest strength, however, resides in its people, who retain the values of community and responsibility that built our province, while shaping a future through innovation, productivity and risk-taking.

Source: KPMG Competitive Alternatives, 2016.